1 Week in Spain Travel Cost – Our Budget Breakdown

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Discover our budget breakdown and what our one-week Spain travel cost us through Madrid and Barcelona, including accommodations, transportation, food, and more!

spain travel cost

Spain was our first destination in Europe and has eternally stolen our hearts for being so magical. From tapas and sangria to dining at midnight and sunrise at 8:00 am, we absolutely adore Spain.

We don’t necessarily have a set budget, but we try to keep costs down as best as we can. Here is the cost breakdown for our entire trip to Spain.

We’ll cover what our Spain travel cost: cost of food in spain, cost of accommodations in Spain, and more!

As a quick note, we are not backpackers; we rarely stay in hostels and are very cautious with street food. We like to save money where possible, but we certainly spend it on what is important to us.

This does not represent your spending in Spain, even for the same period or season. This is merely an overview of what we spent, some of our budget tips, and explanations of the amounts spent.

. Please use it as a guide to your future trip to Spain!

This post is all about what our Spain travel cost us for two people for one week.

Spain Itinerary: 1 Week

10 days trip to spain
spain travel

With one week in Spain, we decided to split our time between the two major cities – Madrid and Barcelona. Since we were flying into Madrid, we decided to spend an extra day there and we are so glad we did. Although most people will argue this the other way, we LOVED Madrid. Even more than we loved Barcelona, Madrid was gorgeous; the people were so friendly to us, and the energy on the streets was electric. We enjoyed both cities and could have spent several weeks in each destination alone. And these are not the only popular spots in Spain. There are many more that we hope to visit in the future.

7 nights, 8 days

Madrid – 4 nights

Barcelona – 3 nights

Spain Travel Cost


Total: $0

We flew from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, to Madrid with points through one of our favorite travel credit cards. However, looking at an average flight from the US, you can estimate anywhere from $200 – $500 per person (one way), depending on the season, airline, and number of stops.

Madrid and Barcelona offer great hubs for international travel, so this is a great spot to fly into for the start or end of European travels.

>> Find the best Travel Credit Cards to get deals on travel (like this)! 

Entry Fees

Total: $0

Luckily for us, we did not have to pay any entry fees to Spain. As a part of the Schengen Area, US citizens do not need a visa ahead of time for any stay up to 90 days within a 180-day period. This can (and does) change, so be sure to research before your trip. We usually search “entry requirements Spain” and find a government website for the most accurate information.


trip to spain package
spain travel packages

Total: $400

Average: $57 per night

We visited Spain during their off-season in November. Although I dream of a European Summer one day, that is not in the cards for our budget right now. Prices skyrocket throughout Europe between June and September. We like to travel during the off-season in spring or fall.

That said, we secured an average of $57 per night at hotels in great central locations with high ratings. They were nothing special, but with only one week in Spain, who is spending time in their room?

Food & Drink

spain travel itinerary

Total: $500

Average: $62 per day

Average: $31 per person per day

We found food and drinks fairly affordable in Spain (and all of Europe, really). Here are a few tips to save some money but still eat all the deliciousness. First, the Spanish don’t eat a big breakfast. We recommend you eat the hotel-provide breakfast, if it’s included or grab something light from the grocery store (bread, cheese, fruit) to eat in the mornings – like the Spanish do. And avoid eating in touristy areas. Walk a few blocks out, and you’ll find more local dining options at more local-friendly prices. If the menu is translated into multiple languages, shows photos of the meals, or has every cuisine imaginable, go elsewhere. Google Reviews are your friend! 

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trip to spain cost from usa
barcelona trip package

Total: $110

Average: $14 per day

Overall, we walked wherever we could or used public transportation. Only on a few occasions did we have to get a ride share, and that was because we were traveling really early in the morning or late at night when the trains didn’t run. You can use Uber or Cabify in Spain, and their prices are fairly reasonable, but beware, they also have surge pricing during peak times.

Our biggest expense was traveling between Madrid and Barcelona on a bullet train. This was a really easy way to get from one city to the other. And we still got to see a ton from the train.


honeymoon in madrid spain
how much does it cost to go to spain for 2 weeks

Total: $200

The majority of our activities were free or very low cost as we explored Madrid and Barcelona. Our only major expense was to attend a Barça game at Camp Nou in Barcelona. This place is huge, historic, and crowded. Our tickets cost us $165, and we had a pretty good spot with all the locals.

Top Activities in Spain

SIM Card

Total: $12

We prefer to get all our data via e-SIMs, now. If your phone supports it, you can purchase and download the e-SIM before you even leave for your trip. This will allow you to have data when you land, and you can top up for more data at any time. They have options for just Spain (or the European Region) starting from $4.50.

We got our SIM card with Vodaphone since we were traveling as a part of a larger European trip. It cost us $25 for one month, but you could get a plan for $12 for one week with 12 GB of data. 


cheapest time to travel to spain
spain tour itinerary

Total: $250

We really enjoy shopping for our friends and family while we travel and Spain has some wonderful options. They also have an excellent VAT program that is actually easy to use. They call it Tax Free, and some stores can even do it for you right at the store. Ask for “Tax Free” and they will help you with the proper steps. You can get up to 20% back on select purchases. Nate bought a new pair of running shoes and ended up saving over $20 on just the Tax Free Refund and we didn’t even have to leave the store. 

Our laundry is also included in this as we were traveling as part of a larger European trip. It cost us around $10 to have one load of laundry washed and dried at a local laundry mat in Madrid.

Travel Insurance

Total: $20

We always purchase travel insurance for every single trip we go on and recommend everyone to do the same. The cost of the insurance itself is incredibly cheap and can cover thousands of dollars in medical or travel expenses. Our preferred insurer is SafteyWing as they have flexible plans, great customer service, even cover some adventure sports, and is affordable! They cover both medical (accidents, evacs, etc.) and travel-related claims (cancellations, delays, lost luggage, etc.). 

Total Spain Travel Cost

Total: $1,450

Average: $207 per day

Average: $103 per person per day

Overall, for a one-week trip through two major cities in Spain for two people, we spent under $1,500. That averaged about $200 per day. Our expensive excursion and personal shopping put us over the edge since food, accommodations, and transportation were extremely affordable!

spain travel cost - 1 week

Our Total:

$1,450 for 2 people

Daily Total:

$207 per day for 2 people; or
$103 per person per day

Value for Money:

This post was all about what our Spain travel cost us for two people!

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