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we sold everything & quit our jobs to travel the world full time! We are over a year in and still going. read on to get to know us a bit more!

The Passport Couple - About Us

The Passport couple

Thanks so much for visiting our travel blog! 

We are so excited to be traveling the world full-time and sharing our adventures with you all! Our journey started at the beginning of 2020 when we decided to pick up and leave our comfortable little apartment in San Diego, California to see the world. This meant selling everything we own and quitting our jobs, and leaving all our comforts behind. 

 At the time, we both worked in hotels (that’s how we met!) and although we had a passion for hospitality, we have been able to fine tune that passion with the actual travel aspect. 

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  • I was born & raised in Southern California and only headed a few hours south to San Diego for college (so glad I did because that’s where I met Nate). 
  • I love to sleep and can fall asleep anywhere which is helpful for all our travel days. 
  • My younger brother, Matty will hopefully be showing up more in our travels soon but I love him most of the time and want to strangle the rest of the time (I kid… mostly). 
  • I am the planner of the two of us and have all of our travels planned to a tee in Notion. 


  • I can’t stand cold weather and grew up in Madison, Wisconsin (go figure). I moved out to Arizona and then to San Diego to ensure I never shoveled snow again. 
  • My passion to learn about personal finance allowed us to save a huge amount of our income in order to start this journey. 
  • All animals (especially dogs) are absolutely mesmerizing to me and some of my favorite parts of travel. 
  • I am constantly looking for ways to goof off and play pranks on Alicia (even if she doesn’t always want me to). 

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