21 Bon Voyage Gift Ideas That She’ll Actually Want

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Whether she is moving out of town, taking a semester abroad, or she’s decided to travel for an extended period of time, you need to find the best Bon Voyage gift ideas that she’ll actually want. This list is for you and we’ll go over some awesome Bon Voyage gift ideas she’ll love!

bon voyage gift ideas

Bon Voyage parties are a tricky bitter-sweet moment where she is so excited to be trying something new but it is so hard leaving all her loved ones behind. By finding some perfect Bon Voyage gift ideas, you can help send her off with a little bit of both of those emotions.

We’ll go over the best Bon Voyage gift ideas, travel gift ideas for her, gifts for travel lovers, gift ideas for someone moving out of state, and more!

After leaving for school, study abroad, and for our world travels, I have had my fair share of Bon Voyage parties and gifts. I know what she really wants and what she will really use.

This post is all about the best Bon Voyage Gift Ideas that she’ll actually want! 

Bon Voyage Gift Ideas For Her: 



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A suitcase is the perfect bon voyage gift idea because you know she will actually use it! Even if she already has a checked bag or backpack for her trip she could still use a carry-on bag or duffle! Good quality suitcases are hard to come by and this Thule Luggage is one of my favorites!

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Luggage Tags


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Whether she will be checking her bag on flights or taking buses, anything can happen while traveling. These brightly colored Luggage Tags help in case your bag is lost or misplaced and can help you distinguish your bag from another’s bag.

Passport Cover


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Passport Covers are an easy travel accessory that not only makes your passport cute and easy to find in a bag but also protects them! Protecting your passport during your international travels can be stressful and having a protective cover over it, helps immensely!

Carry On Accessories 

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I know it’s not just me, but I always sleep on planes and I am never comfortable. These carry-on accessories are definitely something she will appreciate when she comes to that long 12-hour flight! A sleep mask will help when they turn on the lights randomly at 2 am whether on a plane or in a hostel. This awesome travel neck pillow will keep her head propped up for a comfortable nap.

Chest Bag

travel essentials list
Source Kapten and Son

> Buy on Kapten & Son

My absolute favorite travel accessory. I am so happy that these Kapten & Son’s Chest Bags are back in style because they are so handy to carry around. They keep everything close to your body and in view so there is a much lower risk of petty theft. It also keeps the essentials easily accessible. Travel days can be crazy and it’s nice to have your wallet, passport, boarding passes, and phone all in an easy-to-reach spot.

Toiletry Bag


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Toiletry bags are the most beat-up bags in the suitcase and having a nice one will help keep her organized and stylish! This simple toiletry bag is perfect for her shampoos and toothbrush or her makeup. Plus the shape makes it much easier to pack than the hard-shelled ones.

Travel Journal


> Buy on Amazon

One thing I wish I had been better about during our travels was writing down all of our experiences! We do a great job with photos and videos but writing about the feelings sometimes can be so different! This Travel Journal is the perfect companion for her to keep track of all her crazy new memories!

Beach Towel

married couples gift ideas
Source Sand Cloud

> Buy on Sand Cloud

Oddly enough not every hotel will have pool or beach towels. And if she is backpacking or staying in hostels, she may not even have bath towels. The Sand Cloud towels are a perfect multiuse beach towel that works as a bath towel, cozy blanket, picnic blanket, and seat cushion! It’s small enough for any traveler and comes in so many cute styles!

Travel Jewelry Case

> Buy on Amazon

If she loves jewelry, the travel jewelry case is a perfect way to bring it with her. It’s crazy thin so will easily fit into a suitcase. It also has a holder for necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets. It will keep her jewelry safe and not knotted (the worst).

First Aid Kit


> Buy on Amazon

Keep her safe with a travel-friendly first-aid kit. These small kits fit nicely into a day backpack or carry-on so she can bring them with her wherever. Complete with sting kits, burn cream, bug bite relief, bandaids, and antibiotic cream, it has everything she may run across for minor injuries.

Oh Shit Kit


> Buy on Amazon

I personally made my own “Oh Shit Kit” that is in a small bag that I bring everywhere with me! Mine has a collection of medicines (ibuprofen, allergy pills, antacids, and motion sickness pills), Tide To-Go stick, mini tool kit, eyeglasses repair kit, emergency money, emergency contacts, pads, tampons, nail file, and antibacterial wipes. You can buy premade kits as well such as these super cute Emergency Kits.

Box of Letters

gifts for travel lovers
Source Etsy

> Buy on Etsy

If she is leaving for an extended period of time or especially if she is going someplace with little or no internet reception, this personalized box of letters is just the thing she will appreciate. You can DIY this or buy a premade set of envelopes and just write your own letters. For each circumstance you can think of, you will write her a letter that she will read when it comes up. Here are a few travel examples:

  • If you miss a flight
  • You are missing home
  • If you get food poisoning
  • You make it to your 10th country
  • If you get lost

Long Distance Mugs


> Buy on Amazon

These long-distance mugs are always so cute! When I went off to college, I totally wanted some but my family only lived a few hours away so the hearts were practically in the same place! But they work perfectly for someone studying abroad or moving abroad for an extended period of time!! It’s such a sweet reminder of home or friends with each morning coffee. They also have canvas designs or pillows with the same idea!

Photo Book

gift ideas for someone moving out of state
Source Shutterfly

> Buy on Shutterfly

I am always a huge proponent of these photo books. Every time I have given them as a gift, they have gone over so well. People love having tangible photos now that most of our photos end up in the cloud never to be seen again. This will be a great addition to her new apartment or home and one that she will be able to look back on and share with new friends! Plus they are so easy to put together with their premade templates.

Wanderlust Necklace


> Buy on Amazon

She loves adventure and travel and she is moving or traveling now and this is an accessory she can actually bring with her. This Moutain Adventure Necklace is the perfect accessory that goes with anything and is actually true to her style and sense of adventure. Plus it is small so she can pack or wear it without adding any extra luggage!

Instant Camera


> Buy on Amazon

I am so happy that instant cameras are back in style! I love the idea of having a printed photo the second you take it. It makes you so much more intentional with your photos and they will last forever. This Fujifilm Instax Mini is perfect for her to take photos of people she meets, crazy sights she sees, and all the new foods she’ll try! She can give them to others or make a book for them and you can get a color that matches her style!

Power Adapter


> Buy on Amazon

I stand behind this BESTEK Universal Power Adapter fully. It has been such a great travel accessory for us throughout Asia and North and South America. The adapter has 3 3-prong outlets and 4 USB outlets so she can charge everything at once. It also is a surge protector so she doesn’t need to worry about blowing a fuse. And lastly, it comes with all the outlet options around the world so she can always use it!

Portable Charger


> Buy on Amazon

The number of times this has saved my butt while traveling or even just while out for a really long date, is unbelievable. This Anker Portable Charger will last her 6 phone charges and can charge two devices at once (maybe a phone and headphones or camera batteries). It’s small enough to fit in a purse and is something she will 100% carry with her everywhere. Seriously, life-saver.

Bluetooth Speaker


> Buy on Amazon

This comes in so handy so often whether you are just at home or out and about. This Bose Bluetooth Speaker is waterproof, shockproof, and portable. The charge lasts forever and it comes in a few cute colors. This is the perfect gift for anyone whether she is a huge music junkie or just likes to listen when she’s hosting.

New Local Currency

travel gift ideas for her

If you know she is traveling light, ie backing the world, get her something you 100% know she can use. She probably already has at least one country in mind for her travels and getting her the local currency will help so much. Having local currency on hand when you arrive in a country is so helpful and the smaller the bills the better so she can tip when needed!

Gift card box

best bon voyage gift ideas
Source Greetabl

> Buy on Greetabl

These gift card boxes from Greetabl are always so much better than just a gift card. They have tons of popular options for the gift cards and let you add a few goodies in there as well. You can easily make your own with some items like a gift card box and a deck of cards from Amazon if that’s more your style. Whether you get her a gift card for a huge international brand like Starbucks or something she can use before she goes like Target, she will definitely find a use for this!

This post was all about the best Bon Voyage gift ideas for her! I hope these were helpful for you, let us know if you have any suggestions to add to the list!

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