4 Packing Tips & What to Pack For a Month Long Trip

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Traveling for a month long trip can be very different than a normal weekend or week’s vacation. This is what to pack for a month long trip.

what to pack for a month long trip

After traveling for over a year and a half, we know exactly what to pack for a month long trip. XX

We’ll cover what to pack for a month long trip, our favorite travel essentials, long term packing tips, and more!

This post is all about what to pack for a month long trip.

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What to Pack for a Month Long Trip:

Weather Changes

what to pack for a 3 week checklist what to pack for a 2 month trip

For a week-long trip, you are able to get a pretty good idea of what the weather will be like for your entire stay. That is not necessarily the case for a month long trip. You may have a general idea of the seasonal norms, but that can always change in an instant. I would be prepared with a sweater, pants, and a thin rain jacket to throw over whatever you are wearing. Even if it is insanely hot out, you could be inside a freezing restaurant, mall, or even a hotel room. A sweater is always a must for any trip.


Access to Laundry

travel packing checklist

This is a huge factor in what you can bring. If you have no access to laundry for your entire month, you will either need to bring a ton of clothes (I don’t even own enough to get me through a month with no laundry) or figure how to get laundry done.

Likely you will be able to get laundry done. Many countries have services where you can drop off your dirty clothes, pay a fee per pound or kilo and pick it up later that same day. For all of our clothes, we can pay anywhere from $10 to $30 depending on the location. It’s a great way to get everything cleaned, dried, and folded and takes very little time out of your exploring.

If you are going off the grid, you could also bring a laundry bar XX to do your laundry yourself. This will only require a sink and some water (or even a stream) and a place to hang dry your clothes. The back of a chair or shower door works wonders.

Comforts of Home

A month away from home can be a long time, especially if this is your first time away from home. It can be easy to get homesick, honestly, it happened to me the first time I went abroad. If you set yourself up for that potential ahead of time, it can make the trip a ton easier. Bring some of your favorite things from home or from friends and family with you. It might seem weird to be packing a photo for a month long trip, but it doesn’t take up much space and it will make a world of difference if you really need it. Some other ideas could be a pillowcase, t-shirt, gifted jewelry, book, or anything else you can fit in your suitcase that isn’t too valuable if something happens to it.


Top 10 Recommendations

Now, as to what to pack for your month long trip. This is what you are really here for. These are our top 10 recommendations for a month long trip. They will all make your trip easier and bring some level of convenience to your travels!

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Power Bank


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This Anker PowerCore Slim Power Bank is a must-have for any long term trip. If you are heading off the grid for any period of time, this larger Anker PowerCore Power Bank is perfect to charge your phone up to 6 times. This is great for camping trips or even group days to the beach! We carry a small one with us everywhere to ensure we never run out of juice.

Universal Adapter


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This BESTEK Universal Adapter comes with us on all of our trips, even domestic ones. It’s an extension cable with 3 three-prong plugs and 4 USBs so you can charge everything at once. It also doubles as a surge protector so you never have to worry about your devices during power outages. The adapters work for any plugs around the world and all packs up to a small package.

Deck of Cards


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A month is a long time and you will likely find time to play some cards. Whether you are on a long flight or train or just have a simple night at the hotel or apartment. A deck of cards takes up no room at all and is perfect for any moment. Our personal favorite game is Sh!thead. Any deck of cards will do, but these ACELION Playing Cards are actually waterproof which is very helpful when traveling and playing cards.


Snorkel Gear

Aqua Lung Snorkel
Source Leisure Pro

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If you are traveling anywhere tropical or on the ocean (or even lakes), you should definitely bring your own snorkel gear. Even though it’s fairly easy to rent and usually included in most snorkel tours, having your own is infinitely better. For one, you have no clue how well the borrowed snorkels are cleaned or who has used them. You’ll often get broken gear and spend forever trying to get the mask to fit properly. With your own gear, you know where it’s been and it’ll fit you perfectly every time. This Cressi Frameless F1 Mask is perfect for travel as it comes in a box that fits nicely in a backpack or suitcase. And if you get the Aqua Lung Nautilus Foldable Travel Snorkel, it rolls up and even fits inside the mask case so you can carry it all together.

Travel Towel


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We personally love these super soft Sand Cloud towels. They are great for travel as they don’t take up much room. Made with 100% Turkish Cotton, they are incredibly soft, making them perfect as towels and blankets.

Medicine Kit


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Having a medicine kit with you while traveling will be a lifesaver. You are likely going to get a headache, upset stomach, allergies, or motion sickness. This handy TravelPak RX medicine kit comes with just about everything you’ll need but can just as easily be made at home before you go! I carry a bigger first-aid kit with all the medicine and a smaller emergency kit with a few of the essentials in our day pack.


Bluetooth Speaker


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This tiny Bose SoundLink Micro Speaker has been such a key player in our travels. It allows us to get pumped up after a long travel day, jam out on the beach and even watch movies from our computer with slightly better sound. It’s also crucial for really noisy places where we can play white noise all night to cover up the street or neighbors. It’s waterproof, shockproof, and fits just about anywhere.

Workout Gear


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If you are going to be going on a month long trip, you should probably work out a bit. When we are traveling a lot and moving every day, I 100% consider our walking as exercise. It’s the days on the beach or just at the hotel that are nowhere close to being any sort of workout. Whatever you do to work out, you should bring something to help you facilitate that. If you like running, bring running shoes. If you like yoga, try a travel yoga mat. Be sure to pack a workout outfit and shoes and you’re already one step closer.

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Rain Jacket


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As I mentioned before, you should be prepared for any type of weather. It could just as easily be sunny one day and storming the next. I hope in your case, that doesn’t happen. But it’s best to be prepared if it does. We bring our rain jackets with us everywhere and are always so happy to throw them on when we need them. Also, it’s super helpful for waterfalls or boat rides!

Sun Hat


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Last but not least is a sun hat. These Wallaroo Sun Hats are great for ensuring you are protected while out in the sun. Even on overcast days, or just walking around a city center, you can be getting a lot of sun. Especially if you aren’t normally outside for a month at a time. These hats are stylish and they have tons of different styles. They not only shade you but protect you from harmful UV rays.


Long Term Travel Packing List

long term travel packing list.

> Download your free Long Term Travel Packing List!

These are just a few of the things we recommend to pack for a month long trip. If you are looking for a full-on travel packing list, check out our free long term travel packing list to get all the goodies!

This post was all about what to pack for a month long trip. Let us know in the comments what you bring with you on a month long trip!

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