25 Perfect Ideas for A Wedding Gift For Traveling Couple They’ll Love

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It’s wedding season and your friends love to travel together, but you have no clue what to get them, this post will help! We’re talking 25 perfect Ideas for a wedding gift for traveling couple that they’ll actually love. Not an easy task, but we got this. 

wedding gift for traveling couple

Wedding season can be hard thinking of a perfect gift that means something to the couple. This list is perfect for that couple that loves to travel together. They may be a full-time travel couple where you need to get them something practical they will actually use or they’re just getting their first home and need to decorate with all their special travel memories.

We’ll go over the best ideas for a wedding gift for traveling couple, unique wedding gifts, gifts for outdoorsy couples, wedding gift travel vouchers, and more.

This post is all about the 25 perfect ideas for a wedding gift for traveling couple that they’ll love!

Wedding Gift for Traveling Couple Ideas: 

Airlines Voucher

travel wedding gift

> Buy on American Airlines

What better gift for a traveling couple than airline vouchers. You can get them for a few domestic airlines, American and Southwest being our favorite airlines to fly. These are great options for the couple to use on their own time and for anything including flights, lounge access, baggage fees, upgrades, or even a cheeky glass of champagne or two on the flight.


> Buy on Amazon

Luggage is needed by any traveling couple especially one that is just starting out their life together as a married couple. You can likely bet they will be going on a honeymoon (or 2) over the next year and what better way to get them set up than with a brand new, quality set of luggage that they can use for years. Samsonite Luggage is a great brand for a traveling couple as you can customize exactly what pieces you get them so they can have his and hers!

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Personalized Travel Journal

> Make their Travel Journal on Etsy

These travel journals are customized for each couple and are so cute! What a perfect, personalized gift for a newlywed couple so they can start to record their journey together. You can personalize the new couple’s last name or their first names (key if she is not changing her last name). And there is an especially perfect cover page for those couples living in their van! #vanlife

Airbnb Gift Card

gift ideas travel wedding destination wedding gifts

> Buy on Airbnb

Airbnbs are a much more popular option amongst travelers due to their flexibility in property type. You can rent homes, condos, glamping sites, treehouses, even castles! An Airbnb gift card is the perfect gift for the newlyweds to enjoy their time traveling with the comforts of home or an over-the-top unique experience.

Groupon Activities

travel trip gift ideas

> Buy on Groupon

Every newlywed couple can appreciate some uninterrupted date-time given as a gift. A Groupon Gift Card or an actual Groupon activity that you’ll know they’ll enjoy and use before the expiration date is a perfect option as a wedding gift. My favorites are ones like a wine-making class in New York or a romantic dinner cruise in San Diego. You can even choose the Give as a Gift option when you are purchasing to give even more flexibility.

Ski Resort Tickets

wedding gift ideas

> Buy on Ikon Pass

If your couple loves to hit the slopes every year for skiing or snowboarding, then getting them an Ikon Pass is something they will definitely be able to use. The Ikon Pass is a season pass that can be used at over 43 resort destinations and some resorts abroad (Switzerland, Chile, Japan). If they like to travel and are keen on the cold, this is a great wedding gift for the couple to make use of!

National Park Pass

travel couple gifts romantic travel gifts

> Buy on US Parks Pass

The America the Beautiful Pass is a great option for a newlywed couple that loves to take advantage of the weekends for the USA National Parks. This is essentially a season pass to the National Parks that works at all the National Parks and even XX. You only need one per car (or up to 4 people on foot) and it’s good for an entire year. If your couple is living in a van or loves domestic travel, this is a great option to help them get outdoors even more!

A Donation (with a Prize)

gift trips for couples

> Donate & Enter on Omaze

Lots of couples are asking for donations instead of gifts, especially those that travel full-time as they can’t carry all those gifts with them everywhere. I am sure they will give their own charities of choice, but donating through Omaze could step up the donation and potentially win the couple a trip of a lifetime! There are so many fantastic prizes on Omaze and all the money for entry is donated to some incredible causes. Check out the most current Omaze Travel Experiences and see for yourself the awesomeness of Omaze.

Travel Photographer

travel photographer gift

> Buy on Flytographer

A Flytographer Gift Card is a super unique gift that a traveling couple could absolutely use! Flytographer is a company that will help people on vacation get a local photographer for a photoshoot. Usually, the shoots are an hour long and include multiple locations. This is perfect for the couple to use on their honeymoon to get some great shots and remember the occasion

Coffee Explorer Kits

travel couple home gifts his and hers travel gifts

> Buy on Driftaway Coffee

These Coffee Explorer Kits from Driftaway Coffee is a really unique gift for a couple that loves to travel and loves coffee. These coffee sample packs come from all over the world giving a taste of somewhere new in each sip. If your couple loves coffee (which, who doesn’t?) they will definitely enjoy this unique gift!

Travel Photo Book

travel gift ideas for couples
Source Shutterfly

> Make their travel photo book on Shutterfly

If your couple is anything like Nate and me, they take a ton of photos during their travels. If they also upload those epic travel photos to a website or social media, you may be able to make them a travel photo book. Shutterfly has some awesome options and pre-made templates where you just have to insert the photos. This is best if you are crafty and love this sort of thing. Also, it’s only really possible if you have access to their photos and preferably some higher quality photos. If you have been on a trip with the couple, you could also make a book of your trip together!

Framed Print of Photo

travel couple gift ideas

> Make their framed print on Shutterfly

This is similar to the one above but requires much less work. On Shutterfly, you can blow up one of their gorgeous travel photos or even a photo of the couple for their home. You can get it printed on canvas, metal, or glass and get framed or not framed. You choose the size and photo and send it off with very little work from you. This will be a great reminder of their travels for those times where they are home.

Shutterfly Credit

gift ideas travel wedding

> Buy on Shutterfly

If you can’t tell, I love Shutterfly. They honestly have so many great options for personalized. My family loves them every time! (Side note: this is not sponsored but I so wish it was!) If you aren’t able to get your hands on the right photos or enough high-quality ones, you could always get a Shutterfly Gift Card so they can spend the time to make their own print or travel book for their home. This is also a great option if the couple doesn’t have a traditional home at the moment (living in a van or traveling full time).

Monthly Beer Subscription

travel couple unique gifts

> Buy on CraftBeerClub

If your couple likes beer (like we do), then this fun monthly subscription service will be a welcome addition to their time at home. Each month CraftBeerClub will put together a 12 pack of 4 different types of beer and send it out to the happy couple to enjoy and share. A perfect reason to have friends over and a way to get a taste of new places without leaving home.

Wine of the Month Club

travel wedding gifts

> Buy on Wine of the Month Club

Maybe your couple is a little more classy than the craft beer scene and wine is a better option for them. The Wine of the Month Club offers a similar monthly subscription service and your couple can get new bottles of wine from all over the world to try out and of course share!

Watercolor World Map 

> Buy on Amazon

Beautiful art is always welcome for any homeowners and this Watercolor World Map is the perfect home accessory for any world-traveling couple. Minted is a great resource for plenty of art and customized pieces.

Sustainable Pearl Necklace

personalized travel gifts for couples
Source Olivia and Pearl

> Buy on Olivia and Pearl

These sustainable pearl necklaces from Olivia and Pearl are a perfect option for those sea-loving brides. Every pearl is sustainably gathered and used in a beautiful piece of jewelry, making it a come-back for the pearls.

The Only Way to Give a Gift Card


> Make this Gift Card Box on Greetabl

Giving gift cards is sometimes the easiest option for a couple that travels since they may have fewer belongings than most. With Greetabl, you can design a gift package around your gift card of choice so the happy couple is opening more than just an envelope. These Gift Card Boxes come with plenty of options and even customizable notes and photos!

Coffee Table Book

his and her travel gifts
Source Jasyson Home

> Buy on Jayson Home

This Wanderlust USA Coffee Table Book from Jayson Home is a perfect option for any traveling couple with a coffee table. Keep the wanderlust alive with these epic landscape shots and plenty of maps and travel tips and tricks for their US Adventures. Truly a beautiful and useful coffee table read!

Scratch Map


> Buy on Amazon

For home-owning world travelers, a scratch map is a fun way for them to mark off each new country and state they visit. There are plenty of options out there and this Scratch The World Travel Map on Amazon has some great reviews so you can ensure it lasts them a lifetime!

Travel Towels

married couples gift ideas
Source Sand Cloud

> Buy on Sand Cloud

These Sand Cloud travel towels are the perfect accessory for any trip. Easy enough to pack in a suitcase or backpack for international travel and useful enough to bring on every road trip. These double as romantic picnic blankets, beach towels, and star gazing blankets. They even have bath towels for new homeowners!

GoPro Gear


> Buy on GoPro

If you are buying a wedding gift for a traveling couple that loves adventure, a new GoPro Action Camera or GoPro Accessories are the perfect wedding gift for your couple! They may already have an action camera so GoPro accessories are always a welcome addition to the collection. These are especially perfect for couples into adventures like water sports (kayaking, surfing, etc.), skydiving, dirt bike riding, and so so much more!

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Costco Ticket Packages

traveling wedding couple gift

This is one you are going to have to visit the store for, but it will be so worth it (as long as it’s not the weekend). Costco has some great packages on site for activities like the local State Fair, bay cruises, or even just movie tickets. No matter what the wedding couple likes to do, they will be able to make use of these tickets on their own time and get so much out of a fantastic experience! A gift that is more than just an object, if you can’t tell, I love those.


gifts for couples that travel together
Source SimpliSafe

> Buy on SimpliSafe

SimpliSafe is an award-winning home security company and a perfect option for frequent travelers. If your couple has a home and is often out traveling the world, SimpliSafe has some fantastic options to ensure their home is safe while they are gone. They have packages depending on the size of their home and what they would like protected from glass break monitors to carbon monoxide detectors and 24/7 monitoring and the ability to check everything on their app.

Disney World Tickets

destination wedding gifts

> Buy on Disney

Trust me, every couple in the world will be able to enjoy a trip to Disney World or Disneyland. If you really want to go over the top for them, you can get them some park passes as a gift and they can use them when they are able to plan a trip! This is especially great for Floriday or California residents that don’t already have Disney Annual Passes but really would be an awesome gift for whoever can use them!

This post was all about the best ideas for a wedding gift for traveling couple!


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