20 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Costa Rica Right Now

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Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries with lush nature and sandy beaches. These 20 photos are going to make you want to visit Costa Rica right now! 

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We visited Costa Rica and had one of the best times. Over two weeks, we drove to 4 different cities and explored nature and some great food! And now we want to share the beauty of this country with you!

We’ll cover why you will want to visit Costa Rica, the best places to visit in Costa Rica, Costa Rica vacations, and more!

This post is all about just how beautiful Costa Rica is and that these 20 photos will make you want to visit Costa Rica right now.

Visit Costa Rica:


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Waterfalls are everywhere in Costa Rica. Many have opening times and tickets, but for some, you will just drive down a gorgeous road and find a giant beautiful waterfall on the side. These waterfalls are some of the most powerful we have ever seen. We got lucky by visiting Catarata Río Fortuna at the end of the day and having the whole place to ourselves.

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Driving in Costa Rica

visiting costa rica san jos costa rica

Driving in Costa Rica was one of our absolute favorite activities. It is unbelievably gorgeous in every direction. We loved driving through the never-ending mountains and even though it was so steep at times, it brought on some insane viewpoints.

Costa Rica Hot Springs

visit costa rica now why should i visit costa rica

Since there is tons of volcanic activity in Costa Rica, there are tons of thermal baths or hot springs. We visited Los Lagos Hotel & Spa in La Fortuna to enjoy the many different hot springs there. They have three different temperatures freezing cold (quite nice for mid-day in the heat), burning hot (nice for 2 seconds), and the perfect Goldie Locks pools that you’ll spend most of your time in!

Unique Accommodations

visit costa rica during covid visit costa rica in march

There are tons of unique accommodations in Costa Rica. These tee-pees are at the Selina La Fortuna and make for the cutest accommodations. There are also treehouses, bubble hotels, and just plain gorgeous mountainside cabins where you will be able to kick back and relax in nature.

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Lake Views

visit costa rica covid costa rica extends travel restrictions

Another find while driving, but the views over Lake Arenal were just stunning. We stopped at a small turnout and met a local selling handicrafts. Talk about a great backdrop. On a clear day, you can also see a great view of Arenal Volcano.


is costa rica open for travel

One of the top activities in Costa Rica and one that was on our bucket list. Surfing along the Pacific Coast is just plain beautiful. This was at Espadilla Beach in Manuel Antonio with waves perfect for beginners. The best part is there are beaches for every skill level.

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Hanging Bridges

reasons to visit costa rica visit costa rica in july

There are tons of hanging bridges throughout the jungles of Costa Rica. They offer fantastic views, unique modes of crossing valleys, and an up-close look at some incredible wildlife. We visited the Místico Arenal Hanging Bridges and spent the morning running around like little kids.

Coffee Farms

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Central and South America are known for their incredible coffee. Costa Rica is no exception. They have tons of different coffee farm tours you can go on and even taste the incredible coffee they make on the property. We visited the Hacienda Alsacia – Starbucks Coffee Farm near San Jose and learned so much about the coffee industry and process. Plus they have an adorable cafe overlooking the valley to grab a cup of coffee at after your tour.


visiting san jose costa rica

Volcanoes are a huge part of the adventure in Costa Rica. The most popular volcano to visit is Arenal Volcano. This volcano is located in La Fortuna and has tons of activities to do in or around the Arenal National Park.


costa rica vacations best time to visit costa rica

Costa Rica is one of the adventure capitals of the world. You can’t visit Costa Rica and not take on one of the many adventures they have to offer. We decided to zip-line and were so happy we did. We took the El Santuario Canopy Adventure zip-line, home to the longest zip-line in Costa Rica and it was incredible! The best zip-line we have ever been on by far.

This post was all about the best 20 photos we have to make you want to visit Costa Rica right now! Are you convinced?

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