Honest Review of Vialand Rides in Istanbul

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Get ready for an exhilarating adventure as we delve into an honest review of all the Vialand rides in Istanbul, from roller coasters to boat rides.

Vialand is located just outside Istanbul city center and is complete with roller coasters, a mall, a high ropes course, and a 4-star hotel. There are over thirty different attractions at Vialand Theme Park ranging in intensity levels.

This is an honest review of all the rides we rode at Vialand, including the roller coasters, dark rides, and classic carnival rides. We wanted to share our reviews of the Vialand rides as two adults with no kids so you can best explore Vialand yourself. This park is not one of the nicest in the world, but it does offer a great entertainment center right in the heart of Istanbul.

We’ll cover our reviews of the Vialand rides, Vialand roller coasters, and more!

vialand rides

This post is all about our review of all the Vialand rides we rode.

Review of Vialand Rides

Vialand Nefeskesen

vialand istanbul ride review

This is the highlight of Vialand Theme Park in terms of rides. This is the massive red roller coaster that sits on the top of the hill. It claims on their website that this is the fourth best roller coaster in the world. While I am not buying that statement, it was an awesome roller coaster. Super high-intensity, adrenaline inducing roller coaster. The start of the ride is the best since it shoots you out from 0 to 110 kph (68 mph) in just 3 seconds. It reaches up to 660 meters high (2,165 ft) and has tons of drops, turns, and even goes upside down.

We were lucky and got to ride it a few times in a row since there was no line. It’s right by the entrance at the castle so it makes a good first ride of the day.

Vialand Drop Tower

This is another high-intensity ride. The Vialand Drop Tower is a different take on a classic drop ride. They take you up inside a building in silence through the roof and you get a sprawling view of Vialand and the surrounding area. The top is 50 meters high (165 ft).

The ride is manually operated so you the time varies on how long you sit at the top. It also varies on how the drop will happen. For us, the wait was short and we had a small fake drop before the real drop. It is only a single drop and then you are done. The line would get long at times, even on a slow day in November. It was a fun ride for sure, but I wouldn’t wait too long for it since it is so short.

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Vialand Boat Dark Ride

This is a chill, slow-paced boat ride through a historical narrative of Istanbul. The entire ride was narrated in Turkish so we weren’t able to understand fully what was happening. It’s quite long at 8 minutes and was a nice way to get indoors for a bit while still on an attraction. Overall, it’s nothing special but we took it for what it was and had fun being “scared” of bullets and admiring the animatronics.

Vialand 360 Plus

This ride is super high-intensity and super spinny. I get motion sickness driving in a car so I was not made for this ride. Even so, I rode it and was wrecked for a good 30 minutes. This ride spends a ton of time upside down and spins you every which way you can imagine. There were multiple times I hoped the ride was over, but it lasts a whopping 150 seconds. I was not a fan, but Nate loved it.

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Vialand Water Coaster

vialand istanbul rides
vialand istanbul roller coaster

This was one of our favorite rides at Vialand. The Vialand Water Coaster is a classic log ride. And yes, you do get wet. There are multiple big drops and depending on where you are sitting, you will get wet at different points in the ride. It’s actually quite long, too, at 7 minutes.

Once you are done, you can pay for the human-sized dryers just outside the entrance of the ride. They are super cheap for only 1 Lira for 5 minutes of drying and they worked well. It was actually pretty cold that day, so it was a nice place just to warm up.

Vialand Family Roller Coaster

This ride surprised us. We thought since the main Vialand roller coaster, Vialand Nefeskesen had already been so much fun, the Vialand Family Roller Coaster would not be. We were wrong! This ride shoots you off at up to 80 kph (50 mph)! It’s a classic climbing coaster and then drops you downhill to catch your speed. This was the longest line we waited in all day, but it was a maximum of 15 minutes.

Pro tip: ride this at sunset to get gorgeous views of the castle while speeding around the track!

Vialand World Tour Boat Ride

This is another slow-paced, indoor boat ride. However, it’s not a dark ride. It’s super kitschy and cute. Basically it is the same as “it’s a small world” from the Disney parks. They use cute dolls to highlight different areas of the world as you float through a boat to a catchy tune. Luckily the song was in Turkish, so we couldn’t get it stuck in our head all day. The ride is around four minutes long and is a perfect way to get out of the rain or heat for a bit.

Vialand Family Swinger

A classic carnival ride. The swings are always fun and is a low-intensity spinning that my brain can actually handle. It spins you are varying heights and lasts a good 90 seconds.

Vialand King Kong Ride

istanbul vialand
vialand theme park

This is probably the ride you saw photos of before visiting Vialand Theme Park. And for good reason, it’s super cool looking. A massive King Kong animatronic is picking up a full-sized tram car with people inside! But unfortunately that’s where the excitement ends. This ride was only 90 seconds and is so slow that we barely even knew the ride had started. While you are in the tram car, you can’t actually see King Kong so it takes some of the fun out of the animatronics of the ride. Maybe this ride is fun for kiddos, but we found it to be a waste of time.

Vialand Aladdin

Vialand Aladdin is a themed 4D ride where you go on an adventure with Aladdin and the Genie. I am not 100% sure how legal it is for them to have an Aladdin themed ride, but who am I to say. Overall, the storytelling did a good job since they didn’t rely on talking too much so people of every language could understand what was happening.

This is an attempt to make you feel like you’re on this adventure with the speed, jerks, turns, wind and even water splashing on you. However, the “magic” is not well hidden and you are in a pretty large dark room with the ride sitting in the middle. It was six minutes long, so a decent length and it was indoors so nice to get out of weather.

Lastly, this is probably just me, but I didn’t love the story they told. It was pretty stereotypical of gender roles and clearly favored the male’s side of the story. But not my country, not my culture.

Vialand Carousel

roller coaster istanbul
istanbul theme park

Our last ride of the day was the gorgeous double-decker carousel located by the castle. Carousels are just an iconic amusement park ride that bring a level of refinement that the other rides lack. I love the music and picking a which character or animal or vehicle to ride. This one is 90 seconds of pretty spinning. My biggest tip here is ride the carousel at sunset and feel like you are on a magical movie set.

Rides We Didn’t Ride

There were a handful of larger rides that we did not ride either by choice or they were closed. We outlined the major ones below. And as a note, there is an entire kiddie section with rides for the young ones that we did not explore. We don’t have kids and I don’t think adults can even fit on some of the rides.

Vialand Rapid Ride

The Vialand Rapid Ride is a five-minute long intense ride down the “rapids of the Black Sea.” It looks like it would be fun since you are spinning around on the tube before hitting each rapid so every ride is different. It was closed in November when we visited. I’m unsure if it was closed due to the season or if it was just down for maintenance. Don’t forget, they do have the human dryers available if you get wet and want to dry off!

Vialand Bumblebee

This was a high-intensity spinning carnival ride. It looked similar in sensation to the Vialand 360 Plus, so we decided not to ride. I don’t love going upside or staying upside plus erratic spinning. But if you do, this could be a really fun ride for you.

Vialand Jet Ski Ride

The Vialand Jet Ski Ride lets you sit on a jet ski-like seat and hit high-speeds in a small circle. It’s a 90-second ride and is actually on water. We honestly didn’t even see this ride, but would have tried it out.

Vialand Savannah

Another classic, upside-down, spinning carnival ride. You either love them or hate them. I don’t love them, so we didn’t ride this one.

Vialand Cloud Express

The Vialand Cloud Express is a train that rides around the park from entrance to entrance. It’s a nice 10-minute ride that helps cut out the large hill. It was not operating when we visited, but otherwise, we definitely would have utilized this to get back to the entrance at the end of the day.

This post was all about our honest reviews of Vialand rides in Istanbul. We hope you have fun and don’t get as motion sick as me!

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