29 Useful Travel Accessories You’ve (Probably) Never Heard Of

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This collection of 27 useful travel accessories you’ve never heard is more than your packing cubes and suitcases. It has EVERYTHING.

useful travel accessories

As full-time travelers, we’ve tried and tested countless travel accessories and gadgets to make our journeys more efficient and comfortable. We know what works and what doesn’t; these are cool and useful!

In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of the top useful travel accessories you may not have heard of before. Whether you’re a frequent traveler or planning your first big trip, these gadgets and gear will become your new favorite travel companions. We’ve covered everything you need, from smart packing cubes to portable water purifiers, to make your next adventure a breeze.

We’ll cover these useful travel accessories, unique travel accessories, travel must-haves, the best Amazon travel items, and more!

This post is all about useful travel accessories you’ve never heard of!

29 Useful Travel Accessories

1. Hat Clip

This magnetic hat clip hooks on to your purse or backpack to keep your hat in tip-top shape even while traveling. It’s also strong enough to stay put even in the wind! 

2. Drink holder

Have you ever been walking through the airport with a coffee, your phone, your boarding pass, and your suitcase, and then you need to show your passport, but you are out of hands? Well, this pops on your carry-on and is perfect for holding your coffee, phone, or water! 

3. Refillable Perfume Bottle

These are actually kind of perfect, even for everyday use. You can refill them with your favorite perfume and bring it with you. It’s only 5mL so perfect for going through TSA and ensuring you always smell like you. 

4. Lit Compact Mirror

I have been in countless bathrooms with horrendous lighting or someplace where I can’t even get to the bathroom but need to check my appearance. This is the perfect, tiny solution. 

5. Portable charger (with cables)

I am definitely the person that brings the charger but forgets the cable. Or worse. Brings the wrong cable. This solves all that. Plus it tells you how full it is! 

6. Cable ties

Keep your cord bag organized (for once) with these color-coded ties. It makes it easier to find what you are looking for! 

7. Bluetooth Headphone Adapter

This is my favorite thing on the list. This device plugs into the airplane headphone jack and connects to your wireless headphones. Meaning you can watch movies with noise canceling!! 

8. Plane phone Holder

For those unfortunate flights without an inflight entertainment system, grab this accessory to hook on your tray table and watch a downloaded movie or TV show without cramping your neck down or having your arm fall asleep. 

9. Portable washing bag

Just add water and soap (see below), and you can wash your clothes with this bag. It’s ideal for those traveling remotely or hiking! 


These laundry sheets are great for the environment, take up so little space in your bag (think: dryer sheets), and are adjustable to how much laundry you are doing (just tear them in half). 

11. Reusable Makeup Remover Wipes

You are forever done with leaking makeup remover bottles and wasteful makeup remover wipes. These microfiber cloths only need warm water and they can take off your makeup so easily. 

12. Reusable Ear Plugs

We’ve all had those nights where our hotel was louder than we wanted or a baby was crying on a plane. These ear plugs wear like headphones and are so much more comfortable than sleeping in your AirPods. Plus, you can reuse them, less waste! 

13. Toiletry Sleeves

Instead of messily pouring your shampoo into smaller bottles and running out after a few days. Bring your large bottle. But ensure it doesn’t leak with these handy bottle covers! 

14. Portable Apple WAtch Charger

I always forget to charge my watch while traveling. This little charger is perfect for making sure I still get my steps counted! 

15. UV Filtered Water Bottle

This water bottle filters out all the gross stuff in the tap water. I wouldn’t use it when the tap water is unsafe to drink (like in Mexico) but it is perfect for using at the airport or other public refill stations! 

16. Jet Lag Pills

These jet lag pills honestly seem sketchy, but the reviews are crazy. So many people swear they work… maybe it’s worth a try?? 

17. Gel Lint Roller

No time for dry cleaning on the road, but when your scarf sheds all over your jacket, you need something. Save the one-use paper rollers and try this gel lint roller. It just needs water to wash off, and it’s good to reuse! 

18. Air Tag Fabric Sticker

If you don’t already have AirTags in your luggage, purse, and backpack, start with that. It helps you keep track of all your stuff in case you forget it or someone else grabs it. These fabric stickers go inside your suitcase to help you keep tabs on the AirTag. I swear I have lost a few because they fall out or I forget where they are. 

19. Portable Door Lock

This is a super useful travel accessory, especially for solo travelers. You can add this extra level of protection while you are in a hotel room and ensure that no one will accidentally open your door in the middle of the night. 

20. Pee Funnel

Okay, we’re getting weird. But haven’t you ever wished you could pee standing up like the guys? Now you can! These single-use pee funnels are perfect for using in those sketchy bathrooms where you don’t want to touch anything. And you can use the reusable one for camping or van life! 

21. Compression Packing Cubes

No vacuum is required of these compression cubes. Pack in that extra shirt and stuff it down so you can still fit it all. 

22. Travel toilet paper

Another life saver when you are traveling abroad. Honestly, so many bathrooms don’t even have toilet paper holders let alone useable toilet paper. I always carry this in my purse to use on the go. 

23. Makeup Sponge Holders

Keep your makeup sponges and brushes clean while traveling with these silicone cases. They keep your bag clean and ensure your brushes stay together nicely! 

24. Microfiber hair towel

I am unsure why every hotel I have ever checked in to is adamant about only giving us two towels. Even if I use the hotel towel, it’s usually 50 pounds and way too heavy for my head. These lightweight towels are easy to pack, quick to dry, and perfect for drying your hair on the go. 

25. Travel Mat for Flat Iron

This mat doubles as a pouch for your flat iron or curling iron and is heat resistant! 

26. Soap Paper Sheets

Soap can be hard to come by in busy bathrooms. So, bring your own! No worry about leaking; these sheets turn into foamy soap once they get wet! 

27. Portable Water Flosser

Don’t neglect your teeth while traveling. This water flosser is perfect as it’s battery-operated, works with built-in retainers, and is super lightweight for travel. 

28. Travel Sink Packets

Another option for doing your laundry on the road. These small packets have just enough laundry detergent in them to wash a sinkful of clothes! 

29. Travel Butt wipes

Single-packed, flushable wipes. Enough said. 

This post was all about these awesome, useful travel accessories you’ve never heard of (probably).

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