The Most Unforgettable Tulum Jungle Tour

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As time has gone on, Alicia and I have realized we love to incorporate adventure into our travels. We have tried our hand at zip lining, ATV rides, and more. With that said, never have we ever had so much action packed into one day until we took a tour with Edventure Tours. The Xtreme Tour with Edventure Tours is the most exciting Tulum jungle tour. 

tulum jungle tour

There are some amazing things to do in Tulum, from beach days to bike rides, to delicious food. One thing that we knew we had to do while in Tulum was a Tulum jungle tour. We wanted to zipline, rock climb, swim in cenotes, ride ATVs, see sea turtles in the wild, and snorkel in freshwater. This tour gave us ALL of these!

This post is all about a truly unforgettable Tulum jungle tour. 

Tulum Jungle Tour: 

Before We Even Took the Tour

Edventure Tours Office Entrance at the Plaza, Tulum Ruins

Edventure Tours was very organized from the very beginning. They sent a confirmation email letting us know what we could expect for our tour day, what to bring, and notified us of the extra measures they were taking as a result of the current world pandemic of Covid-19.

They also asked about our choice of beverage. Options available were water, soda, or beer. Beer for two, please.

Service with a Smile

We were one of the few that did not rent a vehicle when we were in Tulum. Thankfully, Edventure Tours came to our rescue and picked us up at our Airbnb. Punctuality is key and they were early.

Julio, our guide for the day, greeted us upon arrival at the tour office. Hospitality is in Julio’s DNA. He instantly made us feel like long-lost friends. He fitted us for our life vests and fins. Julio offered us wet suits, but we declined (we thought we were tougher than we actually were). Snorkel gear was also included, but we had recently purchased our own so it wasn’t necessary.

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As soon as all parties arrived for the tour, we were huddled up in a van and transported to our first adventure of the day.

Adrenaline Is the Most Important Meal of the Day

Alicia & Nate in Zip Line Gear on Adventure Tour Alicia & Nate Repelling Wall on Adventure Tour

Once we were all in the van, Julio conducted his politically correct version of the pre-flight announcements, and then followed it up with a short, succinct, stand-up like version. It was hilarious.

Julio noted that we could get comfortable as it would be a few hours before arriving at our first stop. Five minutes later, and much to our surprise, we were already there. Fooled once again and he kept us on our toes like this all day long.

Several of the tour participants had booked ATV’s for the tour, but we did not. Instead, we hopped in with the crew on a Super ATV and headed deep into the jungle (they may or may have not let us both drive the Super ATV).

First up, zip-lining, wobbly bridges, rock climbing, and repelling at Selva Maya Zipline Eco Adventure Park. You would think that would be an entire day, but it was just one facet of this Xtreme Day. In total, we crushed 9 zip lines and crossed 5 extremely challenging bridges. It was truly exhilarating. We went forwards, backward, no hands, and upside down. The more we all went on, the braver we all seemed to become.

After completing the zip line course, we tried our hand at rock climbing. Alicia gained a band of support as she proceeded to scale the wall faster than I could. I was struggling so much I was actually on her side of the wall trying to figure it all out. Once we reached the top, we then repelled down the other side. Leaning your body weight completely backward (trust fall anyone?), even though we were supported, it took a little self-convincing.

In all, we screamed, we laughed, some cried. No matter, it was time to carry on. We worked up a sweat and now it was time to cool off in the cenotes.

Cenotes, Cenotes, Cenotes

Alicia Under Cenote Light on Adventure Tour

Well, we actually only visited two cenotes and they too were at the Adventure Park.

When we arrived at the first Cenote, Julio had us all repeat a tribute, or sign of respect to the Cenote, aloud and together. None of us understood what we had said, but Julio translated afterward that we had agreed to sacrifice ourselves to the cenote. He was killing us.

The first cenote was simple, but beautiful, and was a swimming test for the activities that would follow. It was deep enough that you could jump in, swim, and do some snorkeling. Alicia and I veered off on our own path for a bit until we were all called back to head to the second cenote.

The second cenote was quite different. Cenotes have different stages and this cenote had not yet “caved in.” We were equipped with flashlights and cautiously walked down the steps into the very dark cave system. We took a quick swim around the cenote, snorkeled, and took some pictures.

After our cenote explorations, we were all pretty hungry. We fired up the ATVs and super ATVs and cruised over to the outside patio. Everybody enjoyed some delicious Mayan inspired tacos and ice-cold beers. We wanted to stay all day and play, but there was still so much more to do.

Swimming with the Sea Turtles

Alicia Recording Sea Turtles on Adventure Tour

Alicia Swimming with Sea Turtles on Adventure Tour Sea Turtle Feeding off of Ocean Bottom

At long last, we were going to check off a major bucket list item that Alicia and I were both very, very excited about. This was not an aquarium, but in the ocean just outside of a protected area for the turtles off the coast of Akumal. This is how we always wanted to do this. In the wild, in their natural habitat, where they are protected, and from a safe distance. We saw a total of five turtles. Some were swimming effortlessly past us, some were feeding on the sea bottom, and others briefly coming up for a quick bit of air. It was everything we had hoped for; a moment we will never forget.

While the day was drawing to an end, we had one more stop, and were it not for the sea turtles, we would have considered this as “saving the best for last.”

Yal-ku Lagoon

Yal-Ku lagoon is a snorkeler’s Paradise. With over 3,000 reviews on Google and Tripadvisor each, this place is not a secret either. With that said, we went towards the tail end of the day and pretty much had the place to ourselves. We only spent about 45 minutes here, but we could have spent all day there. It was stunning in every way and I joked with Alicia that I want our backyard to look like this lagoon one day. Not likely, but we have to dream, right?

This was the perfect end to the day and we will definitely be heading back there for half a day or more on a future trip to Tulum.

The End

Reeling from our most action-packed day of travel yet, we headed back to Tulum… utterly exhausted in the best possible way. We were dropped off at our Airbnb and for that, we were so grateful.

As tired as we were, we could not bear the thought of cooking dinner. So we didn’t. We went out to dinner and talked endlessly about the incredible day we had.

We want to personally thank Edventure Tours for the best night’s sleep we have had in a long time. If you want to book the most exciting adventure tour in Tulum, Mexico, reserve your spot on Edventure Tours next Xtreme Tour on their website, via email, or by phone at (984) 871-2209.

If we missed anything, or you have any questions, please comment below.

This post was all about a perfect Tulum jungle tour. 

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