25+ Travel Resources That We Can’t Travel Without

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Find out exactly what you need to travel the world with this comprehensive list of all our favorite travel resources.

Travel Resources

Whether you are heading out on a quick trip abroad or planning your long-term travels, these are the best travel resources for every aspect of your travels. We have been traveling full-time for over a year and have slowly learned what we needed and what works best for us and our travels. Now we want to share them all with you!

We’ll cover our favorite travel resources, travel insurance, travel booking sites, travel planning resources, travel essentials, travel photography essentials, and more!

This post is all about the top travel resources that we can’t live without and highly recommend for any travelers!

Top Travel Resources:

Travel Insurance

travel insurance

> Check out SafetyWing Travel Insurance!

No trip should ever go without travel insurance. As long-term travelers, we have a special need for health insurance coverage worldwide. But we also look to cover all of our travel insurance needs like trip delays, lost checked luggage, natural disasters, and emergency response. SafetyWing is the perfect option for all of these. It is charged as an easy monthly subscription service and can be set up on auto-renew. We have tried many different travel insurance policies and this so far is the easiest to use. Most importantly, they also offer all the COVID-19 coverage that you could need. Some countries, like Costa Rica, require travelers to have full coverage of COVID-19 and potential travel delays. The coverage includes coverage of testing if deemed medically necessary, quarantine expenses (to a particular limit), and any other medical expenses related to your illness.

Travel Booking Sites

I spend a good majority of time online planning for our travels: looking for flights, booking hotels, researching restaurants, and things to do. These are all the services that we use to do that research and book our final itineraries.

> Look indepth at how we plan our travel itineraries!


travel resources online

> Visit Booking.com to find your perfect stay!

Booking.com is always our first stop when looking for accommodations. I personally love the filters available (private bathroom, 9 stars) and the map is always easy to use. We have found the most charming hotels and met some incredible people. Once you book 5 stays in 2 years, you move up to a Genius Level 2 and that has gotten us tons of discounts, free upgrades, and complimentary breakfast on numerous occasions. It’s also nice to have all of our reservations in one place rather than on each individual website.


travel booking site

> Visit VRBO to find your home away from home!

We have been using home-sharing services since the beginning of our travels and love the options available there. This is by no means, a guarantee to its success because we have had our fair share of doozies, but once we have learned really what to look for in a listing, we have found great success. We love being able to find a home for extended stays on VRBO rather than just a hotel. It’s also great for when we meet up with friends and family! Airbnb does offer the same products and often has many of the same listings, and we have found there to be more options internationally with Airbnb but personally prefer VRBO’s company policies over Airbnb’s.

> Read our Top Tips to Save Money in Airbnbs

Get Your Guide

travel resources meaning

> Check out Get Your Guide for your next excursion!

Get Your Guide is a great site for tours! We have used them in South America and had some great experiences. They offer you options on tours from many different companies and give reviews and a number of reviews. This is the most important feature for us so we know we are booking the best possible tour. It can be more expensive than booking a last-minute deal on the streets but we like the fact that we can pay for a large payment via credit card rather than cash and we can see the reviews ahead of time. Also in the US and Europe, the rates are sometimes better than last-minute deals, especially during the high season! Lastly, Get Your Guide has been great with refunds. We had a sunset cruise scheduled and the boat never showed up. I was able to email them and get a refund within 24 hours.


travel websites

> Scroll through TripAdvisor to get your whole trip organized!

We often use TripAdvisor when planning trips. Our favorite feature is using it to find restaurants. Going off of other people’s reviews is helpful to find the best of the best in town. But it’s not just for restaurants. They have hotel listings, excursions, and top tourist attractions. It’s an overall great resource for travel planning. Be sure to take bad reviews with a grain of salt. Most people only write a scathing review if they are really mad. We tend to give more credit to the mid-range reviews and of course, the more reviews there are, the better average you will find.

Google Flights

travel resources for teachers

> Open Google Flights (in a private browser) to find the best deals on your flights!

We honestly use Google Flights 90% of the time. They have a great aggregate of the top budget airlines around the world and offer easy ways to search for the best dates. Since we aren’t always quite sure what our next destination is going to be, we often use the Explore feature to find the best deals on flights around a certain date or time frame. Hello, $16 flights from Amman, Jordan to Rome, Italy! Just be sure to use in Private Browser or Incognito Mode so they can’t track (as many) cookies. And also be aware that not every airline is on Google Flights (or any aggregate sites), like Southwest, Air China, or Thai Airways.


Flights travel resources

> Check out Skyscanner to track a flight’s price!

For the 10% of the times I am not using Google Flights, I will jump on Skyscanner to help find a better deal. I have only started using this site recently since not all flights are back to what they were before the pandemic. This site can help me find better deals when Google Flights is only showing really expensive options. I can also track a flight price on here easier than Google Flights, perfect for a flight route we know we have to take.


travel shopping

> Check out AwardHacker to find the best flights for “free”!

If you have miles or credit card points, you will want to check out AwardHacker to find the best value for your points. You simply enter the route you are looking at (and can include nearby airports) and it will list all the possible awards flights. It doesn’t include dates but it will list the lowest miles flight for that route. You can then click the link to go directly to the awards flight search on that airline and narrow down what dates are the best. This is helpful especially when planning new credit cards for gaining points or transferring points from a credit card to an airline.

COVID Controls

COVID travel resources

> Check out COVID Controls for up-to-date restrictions around the world!

This website has been extremely helpful for us in finding where we can travel and what restrictions are for every country. There are a few other services out there similar to this, but COVID Controls allows you to put where you have been (or will have been) in the past 14 days so you can see restrictions particular to those countries. If you are a long-term traveler or just planning on visiting multiple countries for your trip, this is especially helpful. They also tell you what the requirements are for entry (test, vaccine, QR code, insurance, etc). Just be sure to read the country’s listing you are interested in, rather than look solely at the colored map. Lastly, it will tell you what is open there like restaurants, events, shops, tourist attractions, etc. Of course, this isn’t 100% guaranteed correct information but it is a great starting point.


travel resources america

> Get started on Pinterest to get your travel inspiration!

Pinterest has become a huge part of my planning. I love being able to find itineraries and blog posts about our destinations through Pinterest. I can also do scouting for hidden gems and photography ideas. Making boards makes it super easy to go back and reference this information later. It’s also great for finding new location inspiration to even destinations you have never heard of!

Google Maps

best travel resource

> Get access to your free Google Maps account!

Once I start the planning process for a new destination, I will jump right into Google Maps. I will have a saved list for each destination and from there I will save all the locations for our trip. This helps me narrow down what we can or can’t do with the time we have. I will save restaurants, tourist attractions, hotels, airports, parks, and anything else I come across in our research. It helps for the day of planning too if we have more time, we can run over to another stop that’s nearby.

> Find out more about how to plan the perfect road trip with Google Maps!

Travel Subscriptions and Websites

More so than just the sites that we use to book and plan our travel, we have a ton of other sites and subscriptions that we use quite often.

Surf Shark VPN

Travel VPN

> Sign up for Surf Shark VPN to protect your online presence!

A VPN is a Virtual Private Network. This means that when you access a public server (like Wi-Fi in a coffee shop or hotel) you can reroute your traffic through a VPN. This protects the data you enter from hackers. It also allows you to access content that may be only available in certain areas (like Disney+ is only in North America). With a VPN you can change your location to anywhere in the world and be able to access the same content you would if you were really there. This is crucial when traveling and some services or sites are not available. It also helps keep all your Google searches in English, which is a huge plus! We love Surf Shark VPN because we don’t have problems connecting wherever we are and it’s a super easy interface. Plus there are tons of options to connect to!


travel planning

> Download Notion for free and get creatively organized!

Notion is my go-to travel planning (and life planning) resource. This interactive workspace allows you to creatively take notes, make databases, create templates, and so much more. I honestly always have it open and base everything I do on it. We use a calendar to set up our travel itinerary, travel bucket list, to-do lists, a version of my bullet journal, and our content calendar. It’s super customizable and there are tons of templates online to get started. You can also be connected on multiple devices so moving from computer to phone is easy. Although you do need internet to get updates or save changes, you can open pages prior to losing service and still be able to make edits, it will just save once it reconnects.

> Check out all of our free Notion Travel Itineraries!

Award Wallet

hospitality and travel resources


> Join Award Wallet & get organized (for free)!

With dozens of accounts at hotel brands, airlines, credit cards, and more, Award Wallet is perfect to collect all your login information and even run through your accounts to see your balances. We often forget we have points with a certain airline (like Southwest since it’s US-based) and it’s nice to be able to jump on Award Wallet to see what points we have to use and then start the planning process. It’s also where I go to check our frequent flyer numbers to add to our flights (or hotel stays).


free travel resources

> Organize all your travels with TripIt!

I only recently started using a free account with TripIt and I have no clue what in the world I was doing before this. TripIt has both iPhone and Mac apps making it easy to plan on the computer and switch to the phone when we are out. You can connect your email to the service and they will find any travel-related emails and add them to your itinerary. All flight confirmations, hotel reservations, excursions, train tickets, and more are usually added automatically. Only sometimes will I have to go in and forward over an email that comes through in a different language. I am also able to connect the TripIt itinerary to Google Calendar so I can everything in one place. It’s been extremely helpful for planning out our trips.

Google Calendar

travel planning resources

> Head to your Google Calendar!

All Gmail accounts come with the free Google Calendar and although it’s not perfect, I do love it. I am able to connect TripIt’s itineraries directly into the calendar. I can also add Holidays from the countries we are visiting to see if there is anything we should be celebrating! Google Calendar has a widget for iOS so you can easily see your schedule for the next few days. This has been helpful with our Birthdays Calendar! Google Calendar also works seamlessly with events in emails. I usually add our accommodations so I can see the full block (TripIt just adds check-in and check-out times) and ensure we didn’t miss a day of accommodations.

App in the Air

travel blog

> Join App in the Air (for free) to keep track of all your flights!

App in the Air is a great flight tracking app. I add all of our flights to the app and it keeps us updated on delays or changes in the gate. It also keeps a record of how many miles we’ve flown, which is a fun stat for us to see! We don’t use the other features on the app like booking flights or keeping track of hotel reservations as I use other services for both (see TripIt & Google Flights).

Google Drive

international travel resources

> Head to your Google Drive to get started!

Google Drive comes free with all Gmail accounts and is a free cloud-based storage and word processor. You basically get Microsoft Office and have access to it anywhere. This is where we store all of our important documents (copies of our passports, insurance policies, etc.). We have access to it from anywhere so we don’t have to have someone dig through an old file cabinet we might have if we need something important. This is also a great place to draft up documents, spreadsheets (for budget purposes), or even presentations if you need.


travel resources

> Check out Disney+ for all your streaming needs!

Yes, it’s crazy but we are human and watch “TV” still. Disney+ is our favorite streaming service because of its vast library. They not only have all the Disney favorites (which we love) but a huge repertoire of National Geographic shows and films. This has been perfect for watching before a new country or destination. And the best part is it’s only $7.99 per month so not a bad addition to the fixed expenses, especially compared to the other available streaming services. Just note, that you will need a VPN in order to access Disney+ while abroad and we have found Surf Shark VPN to be the best with the least trouble to access the platform.


travel resource

> Get Started with BetterHelp today!

BetterHelp is the modern way to see a therapist. This service has allowed me to see a therapist as I continue to travel to a new country every week. You can schedule appointments via video call, voice call, or even just messaging. You can also message your therapist anytime. I was matched with an amazing lady that I connected with right away. However, if you don’t like your match, you can easily request a change at any time. The best part is that it’s so much more affordable than other options and they even have ways to get discounted rates. Although they never diagnosis on the platform, which means it cannot be billed to insurance, it does allow them to practice online from anywhere in the world, which was a problem with another platform I had used. Mental health is extremely important and traveling is not always sunshine and rainbows so being able to speak with someone weekly (other than Nate) has been really fantastic.

Travel Finances

If you are planning on doing any sort of traveling, ensuring you make the most of the points you earn is important. The best way to “travel hack” is to sign up for cards with a large signup bonus. We outline our two favorite travel cards and both of these cards offer great sign-up bonuses making them well-worth the fees. We also discuss a few other travel financial must-haves.

Chase Sapphire Preferred

travel credit card

> Sign up for an exclusive bonus & earn 100,000 bonus points with Chase Sapphire Preferred!

The Chase Sapphire Preferred has an awesome signup bonus right now for 100,000 bonus points. These points can be used on over $1,200 worth of travel! The Chase Ultimate Rewards are currently the best in the business as they have such good value. Not only can you purchase travel (flights, hotels, etc.) through their portal but you can transfer these points to other travel carriers for even better value. Although this card is $95 per year, it doesn’t have any foreign transaction fees and offers 3x points on dining and 2x points on travel. We have found that the Ultimate Rewards have more than paid for themselves. We use this card 75% of the time since Visa is the most accepted credit card.

American Express Platinum

best travel credit cards

> Apply for the American Express Platinum Card and we’ll both be rewarded!

The Amex Platinum card comes with a hefty fee (currently $695 per year) but we have found the rewards more than makeup for it. The current sign-up bonus is 100,000 bonus points and you could potentially be targeted for more. This can be worth up to $2,000 in reward travel (if transferred to the best programs). You will also earn 5x points on flights booked directly with the carrier or Amex Travel. The real benefits come from all the extras though.

You receive a $200 annual hotel credit (through Amex Fine Hotels and Resorts or The Hotel Collection), $240 per year as digital entertainment credit, credit for an annual CLEAR membership, $200 credit in airline fees, $200 annual Uber credit, $100 credit at Saks, Global Entry or TSA PreCheck fee credit every cycle, Gold status at Hilton and Marriott (think free breakfast and upgraded rooms), trip insurance, car rental insurance, purchase protection, and more.

Of course, our favorite feature is the access to airport lounges. It comes with access to Centurion Lounges, Priority Pass Select, and Delta Sky Club (with Delta Boarding Pass). We have found a lounge at nearly every airport we have traveled to and it has truly been incredible. It completely changes the airport experience into one we LOVE.

Capital One 360 Checking Account

travel checking account

> Open your Free Capital One 360 Checking Account & get $100 for free!

While traveling you will need access to a debit card to pull out money at ATMs. We have a whole set of rules for using ATMs in foreign countries (sign up for our Travel Tip Tuesday Newsletter for similar tips). One of them is to be sure you have an ATM card that will cost you as little as possible. Although most US checking accounts are free and don’t have minimums, they do charge you a bank fee for using an ATM that is not associated with their bank. The Capital One 360 Checking Account does not charge you that fee. We have found some credit unions also reimburse you for the ATM fee. We like the Cap One 360 account as we can easily get a new card sent to us internationally if we lose it and we get a decent interest rate (for a US checking account).


travel website

> Join Mint to start tracking your expenses!

Before we started traveling, we saved up enough money to travel for a couple of years. We honestly feel this was a large part because of how we tracked our expenses. We knew where our money was going and was able to change our habits to ensure we saved enough to travel. Mint was the main way we did this. Mint connects to your financial accounts (bank accounts, investment accounts, credit cards, and loans) and automatically categorizes each transaction. You are able to set up rules and manually edit any transaction so you can get a clear picture of what you spend your money on. After the initial setup, we have been able to track our spending within the app for the past 3 years. We spend maybe 30 minutes a week, reviewing transactions and 30 minutes at the end of the month seeing how all of our spendings went. This has kept us on budget and ensure we don’t have any fraudulent charges! You can also set savings goals and check your credit score. Plus, it’s completely free to use.

Travel Gear

Now onto all the things, we can’t travel without. We currently carry around two checked suitcases and two carry-on backpacks. Although that is basically everything we own, it’s still quite a bit and I would like to cut it down even more. These, however, are the things we won’t be getting rid of.



> Buy on Amazon

We love our Thule Subterra Luggage! They are wheeled duffle bags really so they are easy to maneuver but also easy to pick up which we often have to do (cobblestone streets, high curbs, into cars, buses, etc.). These bags are also really durable. We have flown over 30,000 miles with them and they look brand new. Since they are duffle bags, they can easily be thrown or dropped and not break. Two of the 70cm (28″) sizes have been perfect for us and all of our things.

Carry On Backpack


> Buy on Amazon

This is the best possible carry-on camera backpack. We have gone through our fair share of bags and we both are completely in love with everything the PRVKE Travel Backpack from WANDRD provides. The Photography bundle comes with an internal organizer for lenses, hard drives, drones, and more. We love the fact that we can completely unzip the back or access from the side for our most important gear. It also has plenty of room on top for sweaters, food, and other accessories. We bring these on treks, city tours, and to the beach. The rain cover works great and kept everything dry on multiple occasions. There are also a few side pockets that make it really easy to access things quickly like batteries, keys, sunglasses, or wallets.

Shoulder Bag

travel essentials list
Source Kapten and Son

> Buy on Kapten & Son

This Kapten & Son Habo All Black Shoulder Bag has been my go-to bag for our everyday adventures. It’s perfect for traveling because it holds the essentials and is situated close to your body which is great for ease of access and for protection from pickpockets. I can keep my phone, small wallet, headphones, passports, boarding passes, hand sanitizer, pen, and power bank in it comfortably. It’s stylish and matches everything I have so I can use it every day.

Universal Adapter


> Buy on Amazon

This BESTEK Universal Adapter is the perfect power source for your travels. It comes with adapters for any plug in the world. With 3 three-prong plugs and 4 USB plugs, this will easily charge all of your devices at once including the extended Mac chargers. It also doubles as a surge protector so you don’t have to worry about your devices if the power goes out or you are connecting to a sketchy plug. It’s fairly small and is definitely worth it.

Power Bank


> Buy on Amazon

If you aren’t able to get to a wall outlet for a charge, which is often the case on big travel days or long tours, try out Anker PowerCore Bank. This power bank is a workhorse and can charge a phone 6 times. It’s a bit larger so this is great for camping trips or long treks. If you are looking for something smaller for a day bag, try the Anker PowerCore Slim.

AirPods Pro


> Buy on Amazon

We upgraded to the AirPods Pro this year and are in love with them. They are the best size for traveling because you can easily throw them in a pocket or day bag. The noise-canceling is insane on them and works wonders, especially on planes. They are also nice enough to wear to sleep if you have noisy neighbors or are on a busy street. Well worth the upgrade.



> Buy on Amazon

These RFID tags from Apple are great if you are already all-in on the Apple gear (like we are). We have Apple AirTags in each of our suitcases and backpacks. This makes it easy for us to track them down if they get stolen or lost. It also has been helpful for us to track them during layovers to ensure they make it on the plane with us. We can never be too cautious after our robbery, so we take the extra precaution to track our bags now too. They can also be used for keys or pet collars with AirTag Loops.

MacBook Pro


> Buy on Amazon

Since we are working often during our travels, we have both of our laptops with us. We both have the 2020 MacBook Pro 16″ – 16GB RAM. Nate edits video on his and rarely has any issues with speed or performance. We do have the slightly larger ones since we use them daily and figured we would rather carry a slightly heavier laptop for a more comfortable experience using them every day and it has definitely been worth it. Also, we could fit both of them in one laptop sleeve of the WANDRD without issue.

Snorkel Gear

Aqua Lung Snorkel
Source Leisure Pro

> Buy on Leisure Pro

We are big on traveling to warm destinations and love any chance we get to get in the water. Although our plans haven’t always gone according to plan, we are glad that we have our own snorkel gear. Now more than ever. You never know what you are going to get on tours and from snorkel or dive shops. We know ours are clean and well, ours. No one else’s mouth has been on it. We have the Cressi Frameless F1 Mask that comes in a small case which we are able to fit the Aqua Lung Nautilus Foldable Travel Snorkel into as well. Since my hair is all sorts of crazy, I also have the Cressi Neoprene Mask Strap Cover to make it easier to put on.

Teva Sandals


> Buy on Amazon

Teva sandals are the best of the best. I have been wearing mine at least once a week for over a year and a half and they are still in great shape. They are extremely comfortable and so stylish. They seriously have a million styles. We like to keep things simple so we can wear them more often and I love my plain black Teva Original Universal Sandal. They are great to wear in the water, to the beach, on a walking tour, or just about anywhere.

Rain Jackets


> Buy on Amazon

We are lucky that we don’t always wear our rain jackets, but we are so happy that we have them when we do need them. These lightweight jackets are perfect to throw over any outfit for any temperature. The Columbia Arcadia II Jacket for her is perfect with its pockets everywhere so you can still access what you need. The Columbia Watertight II Jacket for him is great with its roll-top hood so you can even wear the jacket if you don’t want the hood up.

Travel Towels


> Buy on Amazon

These are a new addition for us and they are already coming in so handy! Sand Cloud towels are made of 100% extra-soft Turkish cotton which means they are incredibly soft and dry super easily! They come in a million styles and are versatile so you can use them to dry off after the pool, as a beach blanket, table cloth, or a blanket on a cold night since it’s so soft.

Packing Cubes


> Buy on Amazon

It’s silly to even think about packing before packing cubes. Seriously, no idea how I used to do it. These Amazon Basics packing cubes make packing and unpacking a breeze. We each have our own color so we can grab what we need quickly. They come in different sizes and I now know exactly what goes where and I can pack all of our bags in less than an hour now. They don’t take up any more space in your bag, in fact, they make more space because they can compress your clothes together.

Camera Essentials

We are photographers and videographers by trade so we carry all of our gear with us. This is a general breakdown of our must-have travel camera gear.

> Check out a more in-depth list of our top travel camera gear!

Canon EOS 6D


> Buy on Amazon

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is a powerhouse of a body. We use this camera with the Canon EOS 24-70mm f/2.8 II Lens for the vast majority of our photography and for our cinematic video sequences. The lens has a low f-stop of 2.8 which allows for a really blurry, dreamy background, great for portraits and b-roll. The lens is diverse enough for travel where you can get a pretty decent wide-angle with 24mm and still zoom for shots to 70mm. It can film at 1080p 60fps which is what we most often use for our slow-motion b-roll. This is a large camera though with a large lens. It’s great if you are really serious about photography but can be cumbersome to carry around and figure out how to use it if you aren’t.

Canon EOS M50


> Buy on Amazon

The Canon EOS M50 Mark II is a lightweight mirrorless option that we use every day as our vlogging camera. Since the camera is not full-frame, we use the Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 lens (to get around a 16-35) and love it. It’s a great wide-angle for selfie-vlogging shots so you can still see the background. It’s small enough that we can throw it in a bag quick if we need to and it’s light so even I can carry it for longer periods of time. We usually have it on the Joby GorillaPod 5K which makes it easier to do a timelapse, get shots of both of us, and hold the camera just a bit further out in front of us. We could have the smaller ones, but we originally bought it for my camera (Canon 6D) which is much bigger.

Zoom Lens


> Buy on Amazon

We also have the Canon EF 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III Lens for the Canon 6D. This zoom lens has been awesome for getting that much closer to wildlife, landscapes, and even portraits. We are still learning exactly how and when to use it but we have loved carrying it around. It’s not the top-of-the-line version (Canon RF 100-500mm) and eventually, I am sure we will upgrade to that, but for now, this works perfectly for us.



> Buy on Amazon

Nate is certainly the drone pilot of the two of us, but I love the shots that we get from it. We have the DJI Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo and it has been perfect for our travels. It’s small enough to easily fit in the WANDRD bag with the controller, batteries, and charger. The range is far better than the Mavic Air 2 so we can fly it higher and farther away. It has tons of fail-safes, so even if you run out of battery in mid-air (yes that has happened) it will find its way back down as best it can.



> Buy on Amazon

The GoPro Hero9 Black used to be our main vlogging camera and it honestly worked wonders. It’s always our go-to if anything happens to our main camera. It’s great for rainy days and of course, water and extreme sports. The stabilization and waterproof come in so handy, so often. We have used it surfing, biking, and on dune buggies. We also love being able to just clip it up to an accessory and forget about it. This works great for chest mount on a hike, on a bike handlebar, or on a helmet while ATVing. Plus, the color is always fantastic and the audio is really good.



> Buy on Amazon

For all of our couple shots, we set up the Canon 6D on our Manfrotto BeFree Advanced Tripod with the TwistLock and Black Aluminum. We are able to take photos with the PIXEL Remote Shutter Button set on timelapse mode. The tripod is lightweight and fits perfectly in the side pocket of our WANDRD backpack. We also use the tripod for some of our transition shots in our vlogs.

Vlogging Mic


> Buy on Amazon

Our vlog microphone is the Rode VideoMic Pro+. Rode makes some of the best mics on the market and we love the Video Pro+. We were worried it would be too large on our smaller mirrorless camera, Canon M50, but it is not noticeable at all. The sound is way better than our previous mic, Rode VideoMicro where we often had issues with it being connected or reacting poorly to the wind. We still carry that as a backup since you do have to keep the Video Pro+ Mic charged. There are tons of settings on the mic to capture sound in different scenarios. We also use a generic Deadcat cover for the mic to block wind noise.

LaCie Hard Drive


> Buy on Amazon

We use the LaCie Rugged 5TB Hard Drives to store all of our footage. Once it comes off an SD card, we make sure it is always in two physical locations (ie two separate hard drives). We currently have one full hard drive and two with current footage on it.

Unfortunately, we have had issues with our hard drives in the past, it was completely our fault because we moved the hard drive while it was in use (the worst thing you can do to a hard drive). These guys can hold up quite well though when they are not in use and that is perfect for our travel lifestyle. We always carry one in each backpack in case anything were to happen with one backpack we still have a backup. And for quickly moving footage from one computer to another or for our most accessed items (final cuts of our YouTube videos), we use the SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD 2TB. It is lightning fast and super tiny. Plus there are no moving parts so no risk of breaking it.

Camera Subscriptions

Since we do work with photography and videography, we thought we’d share our absolute favorite camera-related subscriptions. It’s just a few for now since we are still on a pretty low budget but we honestly wouldn’t ever get rid of these 4 basic subscriptions.

Gear Insurance

travel gear insurance

> Check out Professional Photographers of America to protect your gear!

Most importantly is gear insurance. We actually had all of our gear stolen and were extremely lucky with getting covered with Airbnb. Now we have PPA insurance on all of our gear. This insurance not only covers us if our stuff gets stolen, but if we break our gear, it mysteriously disappears, or we have data loss all up to $15,000 in gear. We pay a monthly fee of $27.92 and an annual premium based on the cost of our gear for PhotoCare Plus. The PhotoCare Plus is optional and offers even more protection up to $100,000. We had to sit down and list everything we own with serial numbers and models but it was well worth it in case anything happens again.

Adobe Suite

camera resources

> Get your Adobe Creative Cloud subscription!

Adobe Creative Cloud has everything we use for our content editing. We use Premiere Pro for our vlogs and are starting to learn how to use After Effects. I use Lightroom Classic to store and edit all of our photos. Photoshop is our go-to for thumbnails, pins, and any text-based photo. We were originally paying for each service separately but since signing up for Lost Creator Academy we have been able to use the student discount and get the entire suite of 20+ apps for only $19.99. You can also get this deal if you are a university student or a teacher. Well worth it for all the products it comes with that we use daily.

Epidemic Sound

video resources

> Try your free trial on Epidemic Sound!

Epidemic Sound has been the source of all of our music on our YouTube videos. We are able to use this music copyright free and they have a great selection of music. You can search by genre, mood, or tempo making it easy to find a song that works for your project. They also have a great selection of sound effects that can be used copyright-free. For only $15 per month, it’s a great option to get copyright-free music that’s actually good!

Cloud Storage

cloud storage for travelers

> Sign up for your cloud storage with CrashPlan!

Now, for cloud storage. We already double up on our physical footage backups and we work to have a third backup online to access anywhere. Unfortunately, this is really hard to do while traveling due to the lack of great internet at all times, but we are trying to make do. We are currently using CrashPlan as our service. It’s a great site with unlimited storage for only $10 per month. We have honestly only backed up 7% of our hard drive so it’s not the greatest option for video, but really great for photography!

We also are using iCloud storage for all the footage taken on our phones. Currently, we are up to 200 GB and are paying $9.99 a month. Well worth it because I have to do nothing and it uploads everything every time it connects to Wi-Fi.

Keywords Research

keyword research

> Get your Keywords Everywhere account for all your keyword research!

Since we run a blog and a YouTube channel we are often looking for the best keywords. My go-to is Keywords Everywhere. It helps us find the search volume of keywords and related keywords to ensure we target the right search terms for our size and niche. This service is affordable at only $10 per 100,000 searches. Since it is a Google Chrome add-on, you can easily turn on or off the service whenever you want to use it. The 100,000 searches have lasted me over 6 months already and I am only halfway through the 100K. Definitely good bang for your buck.


We personally think that you are never too old to stop learning. There is always something new that we want to learn, whether that’s photography or video editing or how to better use our travel rewards. We are constantly investing in new courses and education for both personal goals and to grow our business.



> Start your one month free trial of Skillshare!

We love Skillshare‘s model. You pay an annual fee and you get unlimited access to 1,000s of courses. There are hundreds of teachers and topics and we could spend days getting lost in new courses. We personally have loved Daniel Scott and Phil Ebiner for photography and videography-related courses. And more recently we finished the Travel Hacking Course by Joshua Walter which gave a great overview of how to best use miles and points to get free travel!

Lost Creator Academy

travel training resources

> Dive into the Lost Creator Academy for all things creative!

The Lost Creator Academy is an extremely comprehensive course from Christian LeBlanc (@LostLeBlanc). He teaches everything from how to film better cinematics to photography tips to business email templates and everything in between. We have already learned so much from this course and met so many other creators in our space. Although a pricier course than we normally spend, it has been well worth it so far.

By Sophia Lee

education resources - travel blog

> Start the By Sophia Lee courses for your blog & Pinterest!

The Perfecting Blogging and Perfecting Pinterest courses from By Sophia Lee definitely changed the game for me. She taught so much about how she blogs and most importantly does keyword research. I learned a lot from her courses and was able to apply it across all of our channels. You can buy her courses individually or she offers a combo deal for slightly cheaper, $220 total instead of $120 each.

This post was all about the top travel resources we cannot travel without! We hope they were helpful to your travels, please let us know how! 

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