10 Tips for Traveling Safely in 2021 You Should Know

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Traveling in 2021 is definitely a lot different than it used to be prior to 2020. We’re going to go over all the best tips for traveling safely this year so you feel comfortable and most importantly, SAFE!

We started traveling full-time in the midst of 2020 and over the last year, have learned a ton about how to best travel safely. Nate is much more of a germ guard than I am and he has really lead the charge on getting us the best system in place to ensure we are traveling safely.

We’ll go over the best tips for traveling safely, safety travel tips in 2021, domestic travel safety tips, how would you keep yourself safe while traveling, and more!

This post is all about the best tips for traveling safely in 2021 so you feel completely comfortable.

Tips for Traveling Safely:

1. Use Reusable Face Masks & Filters

Unfortunately, a lot of plastic waste has come from this last year ensuring that everything is clean and properly sanitized prior to use. We love using our Weddingstar 3 Ply Washable Face Masks since many places still require masks for entry (like baseball games, public transportation, and grocery stores!). These masks are the perfect fit for both Nate and me because they have an adjustable nose cover, elastic ear straps, and provide full coverage below our chin. They also come with a filter pocket that perfectly fits these PM2.5 Activated Carbon Filter Replacements. This gives you that added layer of protection, especially important in crowded areas like public transportation.

2. Use N95 Masks on Planes

Even though we love our filtered masks, we do resort to the use of KN-95 Face Masks (the KN-95 differ from the N-95s because they aren’t medical-grade but as close as you can get). With airlines filling their planes to full capacity, you could be sitting next to or even between strangers again (still so weird to think about!).

3. Carry an extra face mask in your bag

There have been a few times where I was pretty sure I lost my face mask. You take it off to eat or drink and you leave it on the seat, it falls out of your bag, who knows. Having an emergency backup is perfect for those situations so you can still enjoy the rest of your time out and not resort to attempting to use your shirt or something. Remember some places still do require you to wear a mask for entry.

4. Always have hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a daily standard for most of us now. We are always sure to have a bottle or two on us and easily accessible so we can itch our face or eat some candy. Our new favorite hand sanitizer is the Purell Advanced Hand Sanitizer Pump Bottles. Easy to fit in a pocket, fanny pack, or side pocket on the backpack.

5. Use anti-bacterial spray on high touch surfaces

We love carrying around the Honest Company Anti-Bacterial Sprays with us when we know we are going to be touching something that may not get regularly cleaned. A perfect example of this is for bike handles on city rental bikes. While in New York, we rented these bikes to get around (instead of the crowded subway system) and sprayed down the handles and brakes to just be one step safer.

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6. Clean your phones

This is honestly always a good idea, regardless of the year. Your phone collects so many germs throughout the day from where you set it, what you touch, your purse, the air, if someone else touches it. It’s pretty gross and I truly don’t want to know the numbers. But at the end of the day, we always take our phones out of their cases and wipe them down with the Honest Company Anti-Bacterial Spray. Since it’s not made for glass per se, we always go over it with any Optical Lens Glass Cleaner and a good quality Microfiber Cloth.

We also clean our cameras (just don’t spray the lens, batteries, or any open plugs), headphones, and bag if we use anything while we’re out and about.

7. Don’t book tickets for events you’re uncomfortable with

Travel is very different now and you need to know what you’re comfortable with. Some events or tours are taking all the proper precautions and allowing plenty of space for social distancing and low contact activities. Be sure to know what you are booking ahead of time. You may not want to book a tandem skydiving trip if you are nervous about being close to others. Some baseball games have vaccinated sections which is great, but there is no social distancing in these sections so be aware of that.

> Check what events are going on in your area!

8. Bring your own utensils for takeout

Another downside to the increased sanitation of our world is the increase in take-out containers and utensils. If you order room service you will get it in taking out. And with plenty of restaurants closed for dine-in, delivery or take is a very popular option. We always bring our XX utensils with us to cut down whatever bit we can on the waste from single-use plastics like straws and utensils. These are easy to carry in their pack and so much sturdier than the plastic, bamboo, or paper options you will likely get from the restaurant.

9. Get Vaccinated

I know this can be a bit of a controversial topic of conversation for 2021. But really, if you are looking to be as safe as possible this is the best option to ensure you stay as safe as possible. It is completely free in the US and likely even has a few freebies that come along with it depending on where you get it (free donuts, train passes, or game tickets!).

10. Don’t Think About It

This is honestly the most important tip for traveling safely in 2021. You can easily fall into the trap of pouring over the data and scaring yourself silly. That is definitely a path we fell down in the beginning of last year and it made us paranoid about everything we touched and everywhere we went. It was no way to live and now we take the proper precautions and keep our mind off the germs.

This post was all about tips for traveling safely in 2021. I hope you found these tips useful and helpful to your new travels this year. Stay safe out there!

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