15 Perfect Small Gifts for Travelers

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Travelers can be hard to shop for because they only can carry what they can carry. I rounded up the 15 perfect small gifts for travelers that will actually be useful for them!

small gifts for travelers

As a full-time travel couple, we are very limited on what we can bring along with us on our travels. We especially know the importance of small travel items. That’s why I gathered our 15 favorite small items that will make for perfect small gifts for travelers in your life!

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This post is all about the best small gifts for travelers.


Small Gifts For Travelers:

Luggage Tags


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Every traveler needs them and likely they need new ones. With frequent travel, luggage and luggage tags can get beat up. These bright luggage tags not only help identify bags as they come down the carousel but can help find their way home if they get lost along the way!

Passport Covers


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Passport covers are like phone cases for travelers. They show off a bit of your personality and protect your most valuable asset. You kind find tons of designs on Amazon to match their style. They even have water-resistant passport covers, perfect for your more adventurous or accident-prone travelers! This new passport cover design even has a spot for their vaccine cards to stay safe and easy to access!

Travel Wallet


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This travel wallet holds everything a traveler can need quickly on a travel day. It’s long enough to hold boarding passes without accidentally ripping them. It’s also large enough to hold a phone and pen for those customs forms! Plus, this is RFID-blocking so they can keep all their information safe!


Travel Necklace


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Any female traveler will love a beautiful travel-related necklace. This compass necklace is in good taste and simple design so she can wear it everywhere. It is also sterling silver so she doesn’t have to worry about water damage from the ocean or showers!

Anti-Nausea Bands


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This is a great practical gift for nauseous travelers. If they often get motion sick or seasick, this high-tech anti-nausea band will help them immensely. They can keep them handy in their day packs and throw them on for boat rides, buses, off-roading, and even just high-altitudes! They also have these super simple anti-nausea wristbands that anyone can use and carry!

Reusable Face Masks


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Masks are still required in a vast majority of the world for international travelers. These reusable face masks will keep them prepared and hopefully help cut down on the waste created by single-use masks. They come in a ton of styles and fit most faces with nose bends and ear tighteners.


Filtered Water Bottle


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These Grayl Filtered Water Bottles are a fantastic small gift for a traveler. They likely already have a backpack that can hold a water bottle on the side so this will fit right in. Not only will they be able to cut down on plastic use with water bottles but this filters out waterborne pathogens, particulates, heavy metals, and many chemicals. A perfect gift for adventurous, outdoorsy travelers or those traveling internationally where tap water isn’t safe to drink.

Reusable Utensils


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This simple reusable silverware kit is great for travelers. Often times they may be making food on the road to their next destination and this will come in extremely handy. It’s also perfect for delivering food instead of cheap takeout plasticware. These have come in so clutch for us over the past few months and we couldn’t imagine traveling without them! This one includes a fork, spoon, knife, chopsticks, 2 straws, and a straw cleaner all in a compact carrying case.

Travel Sun Hat


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These Wallaroo sun hats are perfect for travelers in sunny destinations. They have a ton of styles from bucket hats to wide-brim sun hats. They are UV protectant so even if you can’t have sunscreen on all day, you can protect your face and neck. And the best part? They are packable!


Chest Bag

travel essentials list
Source Kapten and Son

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This is my go-to travel bag. The Habo Chest Bag is perfect to hold all my travel essentials close by so I can access them easily on travel days. It’s close enough that I reach it quickly but stays out of my way when carrying a backpack or running to catch a flight. Shoulder bags in general are great for travel as they are harder to grab off your shoulder and you can keep your phone out of your pocket with them.



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The new Apple AirTags are perfect for travelers. They take up no space at all and they allow you to track where your bags are from your iPhone at any time (as long as your phone has internet access). Having one in your day bag, backpack, and the suitcase is perfect especially on travel days. You can look up instantly where everything is.

Phone Case


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A good sturdy phone case is essential for any traveler. When a person is moving around as much as a traveler is, there are bound to be some phone drops along the way. The Speck iPhone cases have been incredibly sturdy to keep up with my clumsy hands. And they aren’t too bulky. I barely notice it’s on when throwing it in my purse or pocket. They come in a variety of colors but I always have a soft spot for the clear to see the phone’s color through the back.


International Adapter


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This is the king of kings for international adapters. The BESTEK Universal Adapter has 4 USB plugs and 3 three-prong plugs. It’s great for travelers with lots of tech like computers, cameras, phones, speakers, tablets, watches, and more! It doubles as a surge protector so you don’t have to worry about faulty outlets in the middle of nowhere.

Travel Coffee Press


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If your traveler loves coffee, they will love this gift! This AeroPress travel coffee press is perfect for making a good cup of joe on the road. Did you know that most countries in Asia predominantly drink instant coffee? If I had a better option, I most certainly would take that! It also doubles as a mug and lid so it’s self-sustaining, all you need is coffee!

Portable Wash Bag


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This Scrubba portable wash bag is perfect for off-the-grid adventurers. Getting laundry done while traveling can be an especially big chore when you are in a new city every few days. With this bag, you can load your clothes, add water and laundry detergent and churn the clothes against the washboard. It only takes a few minutes and folds up to the size of your palm! It’s not the easiest option, but can be helpful for campers, RV travelers, or those with little ones!

This post was all about 15 perfect small gifts for travelers they are going to love!

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