The Ultimate Self-Guided Rocky Tour Philadelphia for Fans

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After watching the Rocky movies, you’ll want to visit some of the iconic Rock spots on this DIY Rocky Tour Philadelphia!

rocky tour philadelphia

Nate has been obsessed with the Rocky movies ever since he was a kid so this was a dream come true to finally visit Philly. We did our research and visited all the stops we could find. These are the best of the best but do note that not all of them are in great areas.

We’ll cover our self-guided Rocky Tour Philadelphia, Rocky statue Philadelphia, best Rocky tour Philadelphia, and more!

This post is all about the best self-guided Rocky tour Philadelphia!

Rocky Tour Philadelphia:

Rocky Steps

rocky balboa statue location

Location: Philadelphia Museum of Art

The iconic Rocky steps! These are located on the southeast side of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. You’ll see tons of people running up the steps just like Rocky did. At the top is a small plaque on the ground with Rocky’s converse footprints where he stood. There is also a larger-than-life Rocky statue located at the bottom to the right of the steps (when facing the steps). It’s a great spot and feels just like it does in the movies! We got lucky and we even got to see the movie screened on the steps of the museum while we were there!

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City Hall

rocky statue philadelphia

Location: Philadelphia City Hall 

Rocky runs past city hall during the training montage at the crack of dawn. Unless you are going to get up that early, it definitely does not look like that when we visited. The streets are so busy and there are tons of people. But City Hall itself is a great stop and the building is extremely impressive!

Italian Market

yo philly rocky film tour

Location: Italian Market 9th Street 

The Italian Market has changed quite a bit from the movies. It was shown as an open-air market with fires burning in trash cans and it is certainly not that anymore. You can find some open-air market vendors selling fruit and fresh food but you’ll also find plenty of restaurants and air-conditioned shops. It truly is all Italian though!

Riverside Park

rocky steps scene

Location: Kelly Drive Bouldering Wall

This scene in the park during the training montage is located at the Kelly Drive Bouldering Wall. The boulder has since been shaved down to allow for a pathway to be put through but the backdrop is all still the same. It’s really a gorgeous park too and only a 20 minute walk down to the Museum of Art. You’ll pass a few other cool spots like Boathouse row and Fairmount Water Works (no relation to Rocky).

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Rocky’s Apartment

rocky balboa tour philadelphia

Location: 1818 E Tusculum St

Now for the more authentic experiences in the Kensignton area of Philly. Rocky’s Apartment is located at 1818 E Tusculum St and is still someone’s home. It’s a 15-minute drive from the Museum but it feels like a world away. This is not the safest or cleanest area of Philly so be aware of that before you visit. We walked around with all of our camera gear and felt completely safe the entire time but we were on high alert. We witnessed several drug deals while we were in this area (at 7:00 am on a Wednesday). I would not bring kids or dogs to this area due to a lot of used needles on the ground.

As for Rocky’s Apartment, it does look exactly the same. It even has the numbers on the brick just like in the movie. Even with the surrounding area being a bit shocking, Nate was ecstatic to be right there where Rocky was. You can walk down the street and see a few other locations like the corner where Frank Stallone and others were hanging out.

Paulie and Adriane’s Apartment

Location: 2822 Rosehill St

The apartment is located just 7 minutes walking from Rocky’s place to Paulie and Adriane’s place. We loved that all the locations were actually close to each other, just like in the movies. We walked this and were perfectly fine. Be aware that the homeowners at Paulie and Adriane’s place do want their privacy and ask that you don’t take photos or video outside their home. We simply walked by to experience it and moved on.

You’ll also pass the old bar, Lucky Seven Tavern, on the corner of Ormes and Somerset. It’s no longer there but you can imagine it being there with the old bridge in the background.

Micky’s Gym

best rocky tour philadelphia

Location: 2147 N Front St

This was one of the cooler stops since it looks just like it did in the movie. The odd-shaped building is used for the exterior shots of Micky’s Gym. There was even some graffiti on the building saying “Mick’s Gym” and some boxing gloves. And the fact that everything was so close together was really cool. It added a bit of realness to the movie.

Pet Shop

Location: 2146 N Front St

The Pet Shop is another location that is no longer there. This fact always upset Nate. He feels like all of these locations should be museums to Rocky but he really really loves the movies. It’s pretty cool to see that the Pet Shop was just across the way from Micky’s Gym.

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This post was all about the best self-guided Rocky tour Philadelphia! If you love Rocky as much as Nate does, we hope you love this DIY Rocky Tour Philadelphia!

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