17 Incredible Road Trip Tips For Couples For The Perfect Getaway

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Planning a road trip with your significant other this summer? Then you need these 17 road trip tips for couples to help you have the perfect getaway (without killing each other).

road trip tips for couples

This summer is the perfect time for the ultimate road trip for couples. It can be daunting willingly getting into a car with your significant other for hours upon hours for days! Don’t let it worry you this time though. This post will go over the best road trip tips for couples, road trip conversation starters for couples, road trip ideas for couples, and more!

We have been on our fair share of road trips and have learned a lot of these tips the hard way. That’s why we want to share them with you before your trip!

This post is all about the best road trip tips for couples to have a perfect getaway! 

Best Road Trip Tips for Couples:

Pick a Destination Together

road trip ideas for couples near me

By picking a destination together, you can both be happy and excited for the trip overall! If you both agree on your trip plans, it already starts out the trip on the right foot. Plus if something happens later, there is “no one to blame” on who chose the trip. Being on the same page for any situation is always helpful!

Take turns with the aux

We don’t play by the “driver gets aux” rule because Nate is always driving. We are pretty low-key people but we both can get over the other’s choice of music after long enough. We don’t set times for each other because we generally have a similar taste in music but we will ask for our song choices on Spotify if we have them throughout the day. Try not to keep score and just play fair.

Travel during Good Weather

road trip relationship test first road trip with boyfriend

This may seem like a strange road trip tip for couples but we seriously recommend it! Traveling in the freezing cold or the blazing hot can make you so irritable and then getting in a car for hours upon hours with a loved one is just a recipe for disaster. Plus there are more stressful situations when traveling by car in extreme weather so ease the stress and travel during the best weather you can. Obviously, you can’t control the weather and it shouldn’t ruin your trip but do your best to not travel through South Dakota in the middle of the winter.

Know your role

best road trip destinations for couples road trip conversation starters for couples

Nate gets incredibly bored if he is not driving and I am way better at giving directions. So we both know our role and stick to it. I navigate and Nate drives. I legit did not drive once for our 21-day road trip across the US and we were so happy we did it that way. Of course, if you both like driving or hate it, switching is a much better option. We knew that if we switched driving, Nate would read a direction wrong or I would take a turn too fast and there was just more room for arguing. I also know this is true in most of my family’s relationships and one person will do the driving and the other will navigate and plan! It seems to work for all of them too!

Have snacks

how to make a couple road trip fun

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not nice when I am hungry. That’s why before our trip, we went to Costco and stocked up on Goldfish, granola bars, trail mix, and cookies. We also always had water and energy drinks. It helped us so much to just be able to reach into the back seat and grab some snacks at any time! We highly, highly recommend having snacks in the car. Fewer stops and fewer chances for hanger.

Play road trip games

road trip with boyfriend

It can get pretty boring on the road, especially when driving on flat land (like Florida). Playing some road trip games can be a fun way to liven up the mood. We love to play the Road Side ABCs Game because it lasts hours and hours. This is where have to find each letter of the alphabet in order & at the beginning of a word on a sign. A: Collins Ave; B: Bishop Court; etc. We sometimes play against each other or together depending on our mood. There is also Punch Buggy, Yellow Car, Zitch Dog, and the State Plate Game!

Let Them Sleep

best road trip tips for couples-1

Sometimes you just need a nap on a road trip and having to drive during those times can just be the worst. But if you let them sleep you know they are going to wake up more refreshed and ready for the rest of the day! We were waking up at sunrise every day of our trip and I would always fall asleep during the day and Nate was so kind to let me take my nap and continue on our day. I just always made sure they were short and he had good music going while I napped. And I never fell asleep at night. I didn’t want to make it harder on him at night or make it dangerous for the both of us.

Allow Spontaneity

best road trips for couples near me best road trip destinations for couples

Road trips never go according to plan. There is so much room for change whether it’s an awesome stop where you stay an extra day or new recommendations from friends along the way. You likely are not going to be able to plan everything perfectly for your trip, nor should you try. You should over plan but understand you won’t get to everything and allow room for even more to be added! Trying to stick to a schedule perfectly is going to add stress and potential unnecessary arguments. Remember you are looking to make memories with your loved one and sometimes the best memories are the ones you didn’t plan.

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Stop Often

couple road trip quotes

Getting out of the car to stretch is so helpful for everyone! Whether you are stopping at a roadside rest stop or a kitschy attraction, it is best to find as many stops as you can along the way to get out and stretch. It also doesn’t hurt to go to the bathroom during these stops to avoid any desperate situations later on. Just remember it doesn’t have to be the most marvelous stop ever, even a McDonald’s break will do!

Stay off Your Phone

When we get bored, we turn to our phones. But when you are on a road trip, do your best to stay OFF YOUR PHONE, especially if you are driving! This is a once-in-a-lifetime moment for you! Even if you go on road trips every week, you will never be on this exact trip with these exact memories. Don’t lose them to the same old scroll on your phone. Take this time to play fun games or learn more about each other or just sing your hearts out. The best stuff comes from being bored.

Fill up Gas at Half A Tank

road trip essentials for kids couple road trip quotes

Filling up the tank every time you get to half a tank will eliminate a lot of the stress of road trips. It allows you the freedom to find the best prices or the nicest facilities. It also prevents any moments in the middle of nowhere where you have an almost empty tank of gas. We found that once we started filling up the tank halfway, we had a lot less stress about gas and were able to get out of the car more!

Getting Lost is Part of the Fun

road trip with girlfriend best road trips for couples near me

Driving in unknown cities or towns can be stressful and confusing. And likely, you are going to get lost at some point so it’s best to come to terms with it now. There is no reason to blame each other for getting lost as that really won’t help anything. Staying calm and just trying your best to find the right route again is the best option. And honestly, was it even a road trip if you didn’t get lost?

Still Do Weekly Date Nights

road trip with girlfriend places to go on a road trip with your boyfriend

We are strong believers in weekly date nights where you step away from work, phones, and chores. The two of you just spend some quality time together. This can be over a picnic in the back of the car or a fancy dinner out. Just be sure to keep up the tradition even on a road trip and find a fun stop that would make a perfect date night!

Get the Car Serviced Before You Go

If you are taking your own car, this is a big one! You should definitely have your car serviced before you go. You’re going to be putting a lot of miles on it and it is best to be safe rather than sorry. Usually, when you get your oil change, the company will take a general overview of your car to make sure everything is up to snuff. The last thing you would want on your road trip is a maintenance issue that could have been prevented!

Keep Your Workout Schedules

road trip conversation starters for couples

Working out is such a good way to release tension in your body and in your life, especially in a relationship. If you already have a workout routine, try to stick to it as much as you can. If you have a gym membership to a national chain, try and find them in the towns you are visiting. Most roadside hotels will have a small gym but you can always run, do yoga, or bring some travel workout equipment. If you have a pretty jam-packed schedule, be sure to include hikes, bike rides, or even swimming!

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Keep the conversation Light

There will be plenty of time for conversations on your trip so do your best to keep the conversations light. This is not the time to bring up the big conversations in your relationship. There is no place to go so you both will just end up fuming and having to sit only feet from each other. This is supposed to be a fun road trip for you and your significant other, so try your best to make it even better by having fun conversations. Ask questions about their childhood or reminisce on fun trips you have done together before!

Agree, Agree, Agree

best road trip for couples

There is nothing that will bring up a fight quicker than disagreeing on something. Seriously it could be anything and it can somehow turn into the biggest thing. The best way to stay away from arguing is to just agree. If your boyfriend wants to stop at some strange stop, just say yes. And if your girlfriend wants to take pictures, again. Just say yes. It will be worth it in the end. Of course, if it is too dramatic, let’s have a bit a discussion but for the small stuff, just agree.

This post was all about the best road trip tips for couples so you can enjoy your couple’s getaway! 

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