9 Exciting Restaurants in Kampot For The True Foodie

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Located near the southern coast of Cambodia, Kampot is a popular tourist spot and a paradise for foodies. After eating our way through Kampot’s best menus, here are the Top 9 Restaurants in Kampot.

restaurants in kampot

If you are planning on traveling around Cambodia, Kampot should definitely be on your list. There are plenty of amazing restaurants in Kampot to eat well for weeks! We wandered into town for a week and ended up coming back multiple times throughout our time in Cambodia. 

These restaurants in Kampot cover lunch and dinner and of course dessert. We chose these restaurants based on amazing food, incredible service, and most of all the owners that we got to meet along the way. 

This post is all about the best restaurants in Kampot.

Restaurants in Kampot:  

1. Aroma House

restaurants in kampot restaurants in kampot

Aroma House Cafe is one of a few Mediterranean restaurants in Kampot and is located near the Durian Circle. James is the owner of the restaurant and is one of the friendliest people we have met. He took a ton of time to talk with us about our travels and gave us many tips for our next destination, also saying we could reach out at any time if we had any questions or need further recommendations.

When dining, you will surely notice a chicken running around the restaurant named Lui, who James indicated is their marketing manager 🙂 Lui is very friendly and doesn’t mind if you give his back a scratch or two.

As James T-shirt would suggest, “Why have abs when you could have kebabs?” the restaurant specializes in kebabs, falafel, and wine. We ordered the Chicken Kabab (Shawarma). Prepared with sliced chicken breast, cabbage, tomato, cucumber, onion, pickle, hummus, tahini, and a tasty garlic sauce, it was every bit as amazing as it sounds. We demolished it in record time and looked back to our second menu item, the French Fries Beef Plate which was a mountain of beef kabab, mozzarella, garlic, tahini, and onion. Again, a phenomenal choice, one James said one customer ordered nine days in a row.

We finished the night with some after-dinner drinks, a White Russian, and Espresso Martini. Perfectly crafted by James, we thoroughly enjoyed each drink. So the moral of this story is, the food is great, but the hospitality is even more impressive. If you can, visit this restaurant early in your trip as James will fill up your itinerary with great information over dinner.

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2. Cafe Espresso Roastery

restaurants in kampot restaurants in kampot

We visited Cafe Espresso three times in just one week and the only reason we didn’t visit more was simply that we left Kampot. It is an amazing cafe operated by a warm and kind Australian family. When it comes to espresso and delicious food, they have it down to a science. Definitely one of our favorite restaurants in Kampot.

When we were seated at our table, a large glass bottle of ice-cold water, and two small steel mugs, were delivered to the table. This was very much welcomed. In most of our experience in Cambodia, we have had to request water (some places also only sell bottled waters). Alicia fell in love with their Flat White and ordered it multiple times. I, per the owner’s recommendation, quickly became hooked on their v60 pour-over (which for presentation purposes, they carry out at your table). To our surprise, coffee biscuits were served with each of our drinks. I loved dipping them in my espresso and eventually convinced Alicia to give me hers as well.

A quick note aside, the owner recommended the v60 pour-over for getting work done (check), and the Aeropress for traveling days. We thought this a great tip!

On our second visit, we dipped into their food menu. I had the hen egg breakfast and Alicia had the Reuben sandwich. On the third visit, more food, we could not help but try their loaded fries with pulled pork. All food was excellent and time permitting, we would have loved to have explored more of their menu.

On the adult beverage side, we are obsessed with their Kampot Pepper Bloody Mary’s and their Espresso Martini. 


3. Simon’s Tandoor Indian Restaurant

First off, the service was amazing. We arrived at around 6:00 pm and wondered why such a well-reviewed restaurant was so empty. Then 7:00 pm rolled around and the place was packed. 

Upon seating you, they bring you papadum crackers and chutney sauces to accompany them. They were delicious and after a long day of exploring, we devoured them.

For dinner, we ordered butter chicken curry, plain naan, and garlic cheese naan. They offered rice, but we rarely order anything that you can’t eat on naan. The butter chicken was incredible, the plain naan delicious, but the garlic and cheese naan was out of this world. Even Alicia liked it and she doesn’t typically like naan with cheese on it. We liked it so much, we used the small amount of curry leftover to order another plate of garlic and cheese naan. We quickly scooped up the rest of the curry with it and had no qualms about eating what remained of the naan on its own.

In the end, we were sooo stuffed and our tab was a modest $17 for all of that food. Needless to say, we will definitely be back.

4. Twenty Three Bistro Kampot

Twice Baked Cheese Souffle at Twenty Three Bistro Fuzzy Logic Hard Lemonade on the Rocks at Twenty Three Bistro

The best way we can describe Twenty Three Bistro is by saying it is fine dining, but in an environment of a relaxed bar with the price point to match.

The owner of the bar was great and took the time to walk us through his vast menu of craft beers, which he is clearly passionate about, as well as cocktail and wine options. We are suckers for craft beer so we knew we were in the right place when we saw his bar lined with bottle after bottle of craft beers, many of them brewed right in Cambodia. I ordered a Riel Indian Pale Ale, and Alicia ordered the Fuzzy Logic Brewery Hard Lemonade. The IPA was butter smooth, and delicious, and the Hard Lemonade has a clean, crisp taste to it and was completely refreshing on another hot day in Cambodia.

The drink recommendations were perfect. As a result, we asked for his input on what entree we should order. He started by saying that all of their food items are different from what you typically find in Cambodia. We ended up ordering the Twice Baked Cheese Souffle, which has been their most popular dish since the restaurant’s inception. Neither of us had ever had such a Souffle and, wow, have we been missing out. It was mouthwateringly rich and we savored every moment of it. 

5. Nom Tom Bakery

Bread and Pastry Display at Nom Tom Bakery

We were so excited when we discovered this cute and quaint little Belgium bakery on wheels. Even though is technically mobile, Nom Tom Bakery parks in the same place every day, near the Fishmarket restaurant (you can even find it on Google maps). They are open Tuesday – Saturday, from 7:30 am – 1:00 pm, OR until they sell out of all of their delicious loaves of bread, pastries, sausage rolls, croissants, and more. If you want your pick of items, we highly recommend you get there at the opening time.

When we visited, it was during the pandemic, and even still, they had very little left when we were there late morning. Fortunately, we got our hands on one of their delectable Raisin Roll. 

6. Ciao

Gnocchi with ragu sauce at Ciao Ravioli with pork and tomato and mozzarella sauce at Ciao

We cannot emphasize this enough: Make sure you pay a visit to Chef Diego at Ciao. You will feel as though you are dining in an Italian home for dinner because, well, you are! While the restaurant now resides on the patio of Chef Diego’s house, it was once a simple stall on street-food row (street 277 near the Old Market) where he cooked pizzas one at a time in a modified dustbin. All menu items are made from scratch, and fresh (like just milked the cow yesterday to make the ricotta cheese), even if that means using a WWII-era pasta machine, which he does.

The pizzas are the star of the show, and a must-try, but so is the rest of the menu which consists of home-made gnocchi and pasta, topped with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. One would think, with the quality of the food served, the price tag would match, but it doesn’t. The prices are very reasonable which gives you the green light to try even more of the menu (even if you can’t eat it all). Ciao is authentic in every sense of the word you will be very happy that you tried it.

7. Sabay Beach

Fried Tofu at Sabay Beach Sunset over View of Preaek Tuek Chhu River at Sabay Beach

We actually stayed at Sabay Beach during our time in Kampot. We enjoyed the property overall, but the true gem is the restaurant and bar overlooking the Preaek Tuek Chhu River. The balcony is open so your view is picture-perfect. You cannot find a better place to watch the sunrise or set beyond the mountains. Add to that, their cocktails, food, and service are top-notch.

The team always greets you with a warm welcome, and checks in often to make sure your experience is unparalleled. Cocktails range from $4.50 for house spirits, and specialty cocktails from $5.50 to $7.50. If you have the opportunity to order the Holy Smokes Specialty Cocktail, do not hesitate to do so. 

Our favorite dishes were the “Healthy” breakfast, Sabay Bacon Burger, Polish Kebab, Fried Tofu, and the Ginger and Honey Chicken. We split all of our meals as the portion sizes were plenty for the two of us. On a quick note, the restaurant serves different french fries depending upon the meal you ordered. If you can, always request the Sweet / Purple potatoes (they come with the Sabay Bacon Burger). Also, there is a dipping sauce that comes with the Sweet / Purple potatoes that you should request in lieu of ketchup; you won’t regret it.

8. The Fishmarket

Dining Area at The Fishmarket Fish & Chips at The Fishmarket

This building is both beautiful and rich in history. It has served as an actual fish market for “fish exchange” among local fishermen, as well as host to a state-owned radios station for nearly fifty years. Now, the open-air restaurant boasts picturesque views, great cocktails, and a wonderful menu of food.

When we walked in, we looked towards the back of the restaurant and thought we were looking at two canvas paintings of Prek Tek Chhouu River with beautiful mountains in the backdrop. Turns out, that is just the actual view from their patio. If you can snag a seat on the patio, you simply must. The views are extraordinary and there aren’t too many places better to watch the sunset, let alone enjoy some cocktails and food.

We slid in around 6:00 pm for sunset and during their 5:00 pm-7:00 pm happy hour. We indulged in a few $.75 draft beers. Presented with the beers were some of Cambodia’s famous beer nuts, seasoned slightly different at every restaurant, but nonetheless, always delicious. We gobbled them up and asked for more.

For dinner, we ordered the battered fish and chips. The fish was absolutely amazing and we have yet to meet fries we didn’t love to eat.

While we don’t typically leave room for dessert, we made room for their homemade chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream. The cake came to the table warm, with the vanilla ice cream already melting on top. It was rich, balanced, and totally flavourful. We nearly, just nearly, ordered another piece, but wiser heads prevailed. This is a must-see spot when you are in Kampot and makes for a great date night.

9. La Plantation

View of La Plantation Pepper Farm from La Plantation Restaurant Eggplant Lok Lak at La Plantation

Yes, this is the famous pepper farm that many visit while staying in Kampot or Kep. While many go for the free tour of the pepper farm, or the water buffalo tour, or both, they also have one of the best restaurants in Kampot there.

When you are first seated, they bring you these amazing banana chips with salt and Kampot black pepper. They are completely addicting and we could have honestly eaten them all day long. At that time, they also drop off the menu, which is admittedly tiny, to the tune of two entre options: Black Pepper Eggplant Lok Lak and Black Pepper Beef Lok Lak. Even still, Lok Lak is a traditional Khmer dish, which relies heavily on black pepper seasoning and also comes with a black pepper sauce. You can’t find a better place to try such a dish. We opted for the Eggplant Lok Lak, and it was positively delicious and the portion size was huge.

They also had ice cream infused with their famous pepper. We tried the vanilla with red pepper after a day in the hot Cambodian sun and it hit the spot.

On top of the great food, you can’t beat the view of the pepper farm, and water buffalo, especially if you are there close to sunset. If you want, you can also snag some of your very own Kampot pepper which is for sale at the restaurant.

This post was all about the best restaurants in Kampot.

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