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Tulum is an extremely popular destination in Mexico and during the COVID era of travel, it is becoming more and more clear that private tours are the new way of travel. This is one of the best private cenote tours Tulum. 

private tours tulum

If you are traveling to Mexico anytime soon, we highly recommend Tulum and checking out a private cenote tour. We visited 5 different cenotes and this was BY FAR our best experience. The tour taughts us so much about how cenotes came to be and got to see some incredible spots we never would have even thought existed. 

We highly recommend taking a private cenote tour in Tulum and we highly recommend doing so with UWE Tours. 

This post is all about one of the best private tours Tulum. 

One of the Best Private Tours Tulum:

The Owner and Guide

Alicia and I have always believed that great experiences are a result of great people. Arturo, an owner of UWE Tours and our guide, was the perfect example of this. From the moment we reached out to book our tour, Arturo was very responsive and extremely enthusiastic. The booking process was seamless and the tour itself was jam-packed with great information and tons of fun.

The Ride

Tour Guide, Arturo, Driving to Cenote Sac Actun

When Arturo picked us up, we didn’t think the vehicle waiting outside our Airbnb was for us. It was simply too good to be true. Lucky for us, it was, and we were pretty psyched about that.

Arturo picked us up in GMC Denali. His SUV was in pristine condition and decked out as far as we were concerned. It was so comfortable and the nicest vehicle we have taken a tour in by far.

As Arturo mentioned, this was all part of the plan. He prices his tours competitively with other tour companies, but he wants to provide a luxurious experience. We have to admit, he is definitely pulling it off and we greatly appreciated him going the extra mile.

The Tour Itinerary

Cenote Sac Actun Entrance

Arturo and UWE carry out tours all over Quintana Roo including the plethora of Cenotes and the mystique Mayan Ruins.

On this day, however, we were heading to Cenote Sac Actun inside of Parque Dos Ojos. It was about a 45-minute drive from our Airbnb in Tulum, but as mentioned above, we did not mind the commute.

Tree Roots Stretching to Cenote Water

Nate Snorkeling in Sistema Sac Actun on Private Cenote Tour Stalactites on Celing of Sistema Sac Actun

To beat the crowds, we arrived right at the 9:00 am opening time. We walked down to the cenote where Arturo brushed us up on some fun facts and the history of the cenote. For example, the Sac Actun cave system is the longest underwater cave system in the world covering a length of 346 km.

After giving us an overview of what we could expect from the tour, we headed back up to the main cenote entrance where we “suited up” in our wet suits and snorkeling gear. While we did not anticipate needing a wet suit, but we would soon be thankful for Arturo’s recommendation. It was chilly. Finally, we were in the water and at…

The Fork in the Cenote

Alicia Looking Up at Opening in Sac Actun Ceiling on Private Cenote Tour Opening in Sac Actun Ceiling

Going left, you will find a great photo spot. You know, the ones where the light shines perfectly through the ground into the Cenote? You can see the buttery smooth rays of light and they hit you just right. It was a beautiful site to see.

When you go right, that is where things really get interesting. To go right, you are required to have a guide with you, and for good reason. Going right is where you can snorkel through the underground cave system.

Alicia & Nate in Sistema Sac Actun on Private Cenote Tour

Admittedly, it gets pretty tight as you swim further in. Sometimes we had to duck, and sometimes we had to turn sideways as we navigated the underground caves. It was so beautifully and eerily silent, you could hear the water drop from the stalagmites. We saw bats, we saw a friendly prawn, and we even saw a pretty gnarly spider. Alicia did not care for this and for the first time, I refused to remove the spider from sight. It was too much for me. More than anything, we were just in awe of all of the beauty we were surrounded by. We had never before experienced anything like this.

After a couple of hours of snorkeling, we were back at the Cenote entrance. For the first time, we saw others starting to enjoy the cenote. We had it all to ourselves and it was just perfect that way. With a few shivers, we climbed out of the water and headed back to the main entrance to rid ourselves of our gear. Showers were available, but we bypassed them.

The Best Tacos in Tulum

Tacos at Taqueria Honorio in Tulum Fresh Fruit Water at Taqueria Honorio in Tulum

Before this tour, we had been trying to find the best tacos in Mexico. Our efforts were fruitless until Arturo took us to Taqueria Honorio. The place was packed, but we were still seated within a matter of minutes. Since Arturo said he eats there about twice a week, we let him order for us. They were the three tastiest tacos we have ever had plus the most refreshing fruit water we have ever had. We were in and out in a matter of 30 minutes. After we visited Arturo, we ate there three more times while in Tulum.

Book Your Tour

A huge thanks to Arturo for a day we will never forget.

If you want to book one of the best private tours Tulum with Arturo and UWE, you can reach them on their Facebook page, by email, or phone at +52 984 806 4450.

This post was all about private tours Tulum. 

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