Protect Yourself: The Top 3 Long-Term Travel Insurance Options

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If you plan to travel long-term, having the right insurance coverage is important. These are the best long-term travel insurance options available.

long term travel insurance

After trying several long-term travel insurance providers over our three years on the road, we’ve learned a ton about long-term travel insurance.

While many standard travel insurance policies only cover trips up to a certain length, long-term travel insurance provides coverage for extended periods of time.

If you plan to travel long-term, having the right insurance coverage is important. Choosing one of the long-term travel insurance providers on this list can help ensure you’re protected no matter what happens during your trip. Remember to carefully review the policy details and choose the coverage that best fits your needs and budget. With the right insurance, you can focus on enjoying your travels without worrying about the unexpected.

We’ll cover long-term travel insurance plans, XX, and more.

THIS POST WAS ALL ABOUT THE top long term travel insurance providers and everything you need to know about them!

Why You Need Long-Term Travel Insurance

Long-term travel insurance covers many situations that could arise during extended trips. This can include medical emergencies, trip cancellations or interruptions, lost or stolen luggage, and more.

When you’re traveling long-term, there’s a higher chance that something unexpected will happen. Long-term travel insurance can help give you peace of mind knowing that you’re protected no matter what happens.

What is Different About Long-Term Travel Insurance?

Long-term travel insurance is different from standard travel insurance in several ways. For one, these policies are designed to provide coverage for more extended periods of time, which means they may offer higher coverage limits and more comprehensive benefits.

Additionally, long-term travel insurance may cover pre-existing medical conditions, which standard policies may not cover. This can be particularly important for travelers with ongoing medical needs who still want to travel the world.

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How to Get Long-Term Travel Insurance

Getting long-term travel insurance is generally a straightforward process. You can typically purchase coverage online from a variety of providers. Before buying, it’s essential to read the policy details carefully to ensure you’re getting the coverage you need. Some policies may have certain restrictions or limitations that could impact your coverage, so reviewing all the details before deciding is important.

Another important consideration when choosing a long-term travel insurance policy is the length of coverage. Some policies may only cover travel up to a certain length, such as six months or a year. If you plan to travel for longer than that, you’ll need to find a policy that offers coverage for the full length of your trip or find a way to renew service without any lapses in coverage.

Are you covered for your next trip? Whether you’re planning a quick weekend getaway or a long-term adventure, SafetyWing has you covered. From medical emergencies to lost luggage, they’ll take care of it all. Plus, they even offer emergency response and natural disaster coverage – pretty cool, huh? 

Best Features of Long-Term Travel Insurance

Some of the best features of long-term travel insurance include:

  • High coverage limits for medical expenses
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions
  • Trip interruption and cancellation coverage
  • Emergency medical evacuation coverage
  • Mandated quarantine coverage

These features can help ensure that you’re protected in a wide range of situations, from minor illnesses or injuries to major emergencies that require evacuation.

3 Best Long-Term Travel Insurance Providers

SafetyWing is a popular choice for long-term travelers and has been our top choice for the last two years. They offer one of the most affordable packages with a wide range of coverage, including medical expenses, emergency medical evacuation, and trip interruption coverage. One of the best things about SafetyWing for long-term travelers is that you can purchase coverage for up to 364 days and pay monthly instead of an up-front sum.

IMG Global is another excellent option for long-term travel insurance. They offer several plans that cover various situations, including medical expenses, trip cancellations, and lost or stolen luggage. They have plans that even include pre-existing medical conditions and coverage for preventive care. One thing to note is that IMG Global only offers coverage for up to 180 days, so you must purchase additional coverage if you travel longer.

Allianz is a well-known insurance provider that offers a variety of travel insurance options, including long-term coverage. Their plans typically include coverage for medical expenses, trip interruption, and emergency medical evacuation. One downside of Allianz is that their plans can be more expensive than other options on this list but may offer even more coverage.

This post was all about the best long-term travel insurance providers.

THIS POST WAS ALL ABOUT THE top long term travel insurance providers and everything you need to know about them!

THIS POST WAS ALL ABOUT THE top long term travel insurance providers and everything you need to know about them!

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