Ultimate Guide to Istanbul Vialand Theme Park

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Discover the thrill and excitement of Istanbul Vialand, the largest amusement park in Turkey, with this comprehensive guide covering everything you need to know.

Vialand is the largest amusement park in Türkiye. It’s located right in the heart of Istanbul, making for a perfect addition to your Istanbul itinerary.

The complex hosts not only Vialand Theme Park but also Vialand Parkur, Vialand Mall, and Vialand Palace Hotel, making it a great overall entertainment destination. It was originally opened in 2013. It is also sometimes known as Isfanbul, and I don’t know why. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about Istanbul Vialand.

We visited for a day trip to fully experience the rides and attractions at Vialand Theme Park. We are two adults with no children and visited in November with minimal crowds.

This post will cover everything you need to know about Istanbul Vialand Theme Park, including Vialand ticket prices, Vialand opening hours, Vialand roller coasters, and more.

Istanbul Vialand

This post is your Ultimate Guide to Istanbul Vialand Theme Park.

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Istanbul Vialand

How Long to Visit Vialand

istanbul vialand tema park
vialand tickets

Some theme parks require multiple days to explore fully. Vialand Theme Park is not one of those parks. Depending on how busy the park is, it can easily fit into one day or even a half-day. With 32 rides ranging in intensity, you’ll likely be able to ride all the rides you want in one day. However, with the additional shopping center and Parkur area, you could easily make it a nice weekend trip.

When to Visit Vialand

istanbul vialand avm
istanbul theme park

Vialand Theme Park is located in Istanbul on the European side of the Bosphorus Straight. This is a similar latitude (distance from the equator) to New York City, a helpful reference point for weather year-round. 

I recommend visiting Vialand Theme Park in spring (April – June) or autumn (September – November). Though you could visit in summer, the weather can get hot (around 85ºF) and humid (70% and up). If you can, avoid visiting in winter since it can get rather cold in Istanbul. December to February also marks the rainy season for Istanbul, with occasional snow. With an outdoor theme park, many rides can close during inclement weather.

Regardless of which season you decide to visit, you should visit the park during the week. Although it closes earlier than on the weekends, it is far less crowded, so you can ride more of the rides with less waiting!

Getting There

Vialand Theme Park is located about 12 kilometers north of the city center of Istanbul and is relatively easy to get to. There are a few different methods of getting there.


If you rent a car in Istanbul, you can drive there as there is dedicated parking for the theme park and mall. The outdoor parking lot is located on the east side of the complex and offers easy access to the Vialand Theme Park, Parkur Park, and stairs up to the mall and hotel. Parking is free. As for driving there, it’ll take you anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on traffic. 

Public Transportation

You could take public transportation to and from Vialand, like we did. It wasn’t the smoothest since we had to transfer trains and walk 10 or 15 minutes to get to the park. We didn’t find the bus timetables reliable on Google Maps, so we decided to take the tram (T5). It was a pretty ride, and we got there after an hour. There are bus routes that offer less walking and take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. 


You could also take a taxi directly to Vialand. The cost will depend on traffic and cost anywhere from $20 to $50. It will be the same time as driving – around 30 minutes to an hour. You can use Uber to hail a taxi, which will give you an estimated cost before your ride, but you will have to pay based on the meter from the driver.

They will likely drop you off in the mall drop-off area. You can walk through the mall area to a secondary entrance to the theme park near the castle.

Packing List

You’ll want to pack light for your day at the theme park since you’ll likely be carrying it with you all day. They do have storage lockers available available for a fee. These should be located near the entrance. If you carry your stuff around, you can easily hold your bag on most rides, or they have a small storage area on the side to put your stuff in during the ride.

There are a few things they don’t allow into the park. Since you must go through security (metal detector and manual bag search) before entering, I would leave the restricted items at the hotel. You cannot bring any food or drink inside the park. They don’t allow any projectiles (frisbees, balls, anything meant to be thrown easily). 

We had no issue bringing our camera gear inside, including our main DSLR camera, lens, small handheld tripod, and microphones. We also brought an Insta360 with the selfie stick. They do not allow selfie sticks on the rides but had no issue with using them around the park otherwise.

Here are a few of our favorite theme park items:

  • Phone Charger: you’ll likely be taking lots of photos while here, so be sure to bring a backup battery pack to find your way home at the end of the day.
  • Polaroid Camera: There’s nothing more nostalgic to me than Polaroid photos, and a theme park is a great place to capture some of those memories!
  • Small Backpack: I have been loving carrying a smaller backpack around. I can easily keep my phone, wallet, charger, camera, and anything else we may need in a hurry. This fits on the rides easily and is lightweight, so it won’t be a burden to carry all day.

sim card

You should have some sort of internet or data while in Istanbul. It makes life much easier to look at maps or translate conversations. We always use Airalo’s e-SIMs for our phone data. You can set everything up on your phone before leaving for Istanbul. They have different size options ranging from 1 GB to Unlimited. And if you are traveling to more than one country, you can get a regional package to cover you the entire time. The app provides easy payment options, top-ups, and a data meter.


You likely won’t need any cash while at Vialand specifically. They took credit cards for everything we encountered including the ticket office, all food and beverage inside the park, and the few stores we shopped in inside the mall. The only reason I would foresee you needing cash would be to tip any service workers. If you do need an ATM there are quite a few located inside the Vialand Mall.


Since Vialand Theme Park is so close to the main part of the city you don’t need to stay near the theme park in order to make the most of your time. We stayed at the DoubleTree Sirkeci near Old Town and were able to easily travel back and forth with plenty of time at the park.

However, if you want to make it a weekend getaway, they have the Vialand Palace Hotel on site. This 4-star, all-suite hotel is directly connected to the mall. It boasts good reviews on Google Maps and TripAdvisor, so I would book here if you want to stay in the area.

Vialand Tickets

vialand istanbul

Adults: $55

Children (3-18): $55

Children (0-3): Free

There are a few different ways to get your tickets to Vialand Theme Park. You can purchase them on arrival at the ticket booths at either entrance to the park. I would recommend, however, booking ahead of time via GetYourGuide. This way, you won’t have to worry about rate changes or them selling out. The total price was actually cheaper than if we booked it at the park. We had a lot of trouble with our payment trying to book online directly with Vialand but it worked with GetYourGuide. Once we had the tickets on our phones, we just had to stop by the ticket booth to get physical tickets printed. There was no line at the ticket booths, so it was a quick detour.

Prices for adults and children (3+) are the same. As of the writing of this post, they do not have a seasonal or fluctuating rate.

When we visited, we paid a total of $53 per person and booked these on the same day as our visit via GetYourGuide.

Powered by GetYourGuide

You are allowed re-entry with any ticket. We never attempted it, but their website states that you need to inform the gate agents before leaving that you want to return. Just be sure to keep your ticket!

Additional Ticket Options

Since Vialand offers more than just the theme park, there are a handful of other ticket options available.  Here’s a quick breakdown of each of the other ticket options:


Parkur Vialand is a separate attraction from the Vialand Theme Park. The tickets are included in the package options. Your Vialand Theme Park entry ticket will allow you to enter the Parkur area but won’t include any attractions, and there is nothing else to do unless you just want to watch. You can purchase tickets for each attraction individually for $5 or an all-inclusive pass for all six for $30. The all-inclusive is the same average for each individual, so it would only be worth it if you plan on doing at least one of the attractions more than once.


You can purchase a fast pass wristband to enter a separate line and board rides quickly. The FastPass is included in the top package level. You can also purchase the wristband separately at the ticket offices or souvenir stores inside the park.

The FastPass is accepted at Vialand LSM Thrill Roller Coaster, Vialand Water Coaster, Vialand Family Roller Coaster, Vialand Rapid Ride, Vialand Drop Tower, Vialand Aladdin, Vialand 360 Plus, Vialand World Tour Boat Ride and Vialand Family Swinger rides.

As we visited in November, we did not purchase the FastPass, and there was no need for a faster queue. The most we waited was one or two rounds for a ride.


You can pay for most everything separately or purchase one of their package options. The packages are expensive but offer a good value compared to their individual prices. It is the same price for kids 3+ and adults. 

  • Vialand entry ($55 value)
  • Parkur (all courses) ($30 value)
  • Zindan&Safari ($10 value)
  • 1 Photo (we never saw any photos or photographers)
  • Vialand entry ($55 value)
  • Parkur (all courses) ($30 value)
  • Zindan&Safari ($10 value)
  • 1 Photo 
  • Upside Down House (currently closed)
  • Zipline ($36 value)
  • Hamburger Menu ($8 value)
  • Vialand entry ($55 value)
  • Parkur (all courses) ($30 value)
  • Zindan&Safari ($10 value)
  • 1 Photo
  • Upside Down House (currently closed)
  • Zipline ($36 value)
  • Hamburger Menu ($8 value)
  • FastPass
  • Ice Cream ($3 value)

Dining at Vialand Theme Park

dining at vialand

There are few dining options within Vialand, but there are enough to easily get through the day. In fact, we were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. Since you can’t bring food or drink into the park, you will need to either eat inside at one of the restaurants or plan to leave the park for lunch and re-enter afterward.

We personally ate at Viking Burger. We ordered a cheeseburger meal that came with fries and a soda. They had some picnic tables just outside, so we could sit and eat there. The best part was that they didn’t provide much wrapping or disposable trash. The burger and fries were good and large enough for one person to be satisfied for lunch. Total was $7. 

There is a newer spot available in Once Upon a Time Istanbul Street (Bir Zamanlar Istanbul Sokağı) that is not on the official Vialand map. They serve popcorn, potato sticks, packaged snacks, and other simple fried foods. It was good and affordable. 

There is also Bloom Cafe, Burger King, and Gaga Cafe with various food and drink options. More stalls sell packaged snacks, drinks, and ice cream throughout the park. As far as we could tell, there were not many vegetarian meal options but plenty of snacks. And no alcohol was sold inside the park.

There are many additional restaurants, cafes, and fast food options, including a full food court, inside the mall area. We left the park at closing time and went to the food court for dinner before returning to our hotel.

What to Do at Vialand


istanbul theme park vialand
istanbul lunapark vialand

The main thing to do at Vialand Theme Park is to ride all the attractions! There are over 30 attractions at Vialand, ranging from kiddie rides to high-adrenaline roller coasters. As two adults who love themed rides and roller coasters alike, we enjoyed their selection of rides. We don’t have kids, so I am unsure if the rides are appropriate for kids based on age and height. We have already written a full review of all the Vialand rides.

Vialand Parkur

There is an additional area of the theme park known as Parkur. You can enter this area with a normal Vialand Theme Park ticket. However, you must pay an additional fee per attraction in this area. Each attraction is $5, or you can purchase the all-inclusive pass for $30, which is included in each package option. These attractions are perfect for the physically active adrenaline-seekers. They include a Net Course, High Ropes Course, Trampoline, Tubby Slide, and a Climbing Wall. We did not opt to try any of these as some say they can take around two hours.


istanbul vialand hotel

There is some live entertainment at the park. They have an outdoor amphitheater for performances. We didn’t find any schedule or listings for shows, and when we visited in November, there was no entertainment. They say they have more going on in both the theme park and the mall during peak season.


istanbul vialand theme park

There is a mall attached to the Vialand Theme Park with over 200 shops, so shopping is no issue. The mall is a mix of indoor shopping areas and a few blocks of an outdoor pedestrian-only shopping area. The outdoor area is really cute with some outdoor cafes, popular shops, and a double-decker trolley that will take you around.

If you are looking to buy some Vialand-specific souvenirs, they have a souvenir shop inside the theme park. It’s at the park exit so you’ll have to walk through it before leaving. We usually pick up small souvenirs like postcards, magnets, or stickers. However, it was mostly a selection of toys and stuffed animals.

Dungeon & Safari

These are two additional attractions that lie outside the theme park, in the Jungle section of the mall. We did not do either attraction, but here’s what we could gather on them. They are $5 each to enter but are included in all the Vialand package options. Zindan (Dungeon) is a walkthrough dark ride. It’s a haunted house with various animatronics. The Safari is a dark ride with an interactive aspect. They have a pointer device that interacts with the screen as you travel through the ride.

This covered everything you should need to visit Istanbul Vialand Theme Park! Have fun and screen extra hard for us on all the rides!

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