5 Tips on How to Improve Instagram Profile You Can Start Today

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Instagram has proven to be a powerful social media channel for small businesses and creators around the world. These tips on how to improve Instagram profile will help you ensure you are getting the most out of your Instagram profile.

how to improve Instagram profile

Your Instagram profile is so important for making a good first impression. When a potential new follower visits your account, these are the first things they are going to see. By having a good profile, you can make a good impression and potentially gain a new follower, fan, or even friend!

We have worked on crafting our Instagram profile for the past year and a half and have found a ton of results in the following tips to improve Instagram profile.

We’ll go over how to improve Instagram profile, how to make Instagram profile attractive, Instagram profile ideas, Instagram business profile, and more!

This post is all about the best tips on how to improve Instagram profile. 

How to Improve Instagram Profile: 

1. Use a Creator Account

instagram analytics how to use instagram anayltics

By turning a personal account into a free creator or business account you will gain access to so many additional resources and additions to your profile. It is simple to turn your profile into a creator account and with it, you will be able to see analytics on your posts and account as a whole. These can be extremely helpful to you as you start to partner with brands and as you continue to test what content works best for your audience. You will also be able to add contact information directly to your profile as well as a job title (photographer, creator, etc.).

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2. Update Instagram Handle

improve instagram profile

Your Instagram handle is how the Instagram world is going to identify with you. It needs to be something recognizable and identifiable. We have a few simple rules we tried to hit with our Instagram handle.

  1. Related to Your Brand

    • This is especially important for small businesses but also works if you already have an established blog or different social media presence. You want people to be able to tie your brand together with your Instagram account easily.
  2. Explains your Niche

    • If you don’t have a brand name or are working to find one, we suggest making a handle that is easily identifiable for your niche. For example, if you are a foodie account you want to be sure you have “foodie” or a related word like “yummy,” “delicious,” or “cook” in your handle so people know what they are getting into.
  3. Easy to Spell

    • My goal was to have easily recognizable words that if someone heard (in an interview or we met someone) they would be able to easily type it out as it was supposed to be. This makes it easier for you and easier for them!
  4. No Added Punctuation

    • Adding punctuation just adds one extra step in someone trying to find you. It really is not a make-or-break as there are plenty of accounts out there that are huge with punctuation in their name. We just tried to keep it as easy and simple as possible for someone to search us by name or tag us in a story!
  5. No Numbers

    • This goes hand in hand with punctuation, adding a number (especially in place of a letter, like 0 for O) is just another potential barrier to someone finding you. And we try to avoid as many of those as possible.
  6. Easy to Remember

    • Having an easy-to-remember handle is perfect for so many reasons. People can tell their friends about you, you can tell people you meet, you can say it in an interview and more. Easy to remember means hours later, someone can think of it and easily type it into their search bar to find you. This means you want easy to say words, words people already know, something that flows together, and maybe something catchy.

3. Utilize your Name

Aside from your Instagram handle, you also have a name line on your Instagram profile. This line of text is searchable so you want to be sure to use this as best as possible. If you are a person or couple you will want to include your names somewhere on your profile. This name line is a perfect spot for it if you plan to use your names regularly. If you are a business, you can use your full business name. We also have some room so we added our niche. This is a great idea for when people are searching on Instagram for a specific niche like an Austin-based photographer or a new coffee company. Adding these keywords in a searchable element of your profile will increase your chances of being searched and found!

4. Take a Relevant Profile Picture

Instagram Profile Picture

Your profile picture is your first look into your brand and profile. It can be seen with every post, story, and comment throughout Instagram. It is an important feature of your profile and selecting the perfect one can be a bit tricky at times. You’ll want to be sure to follow a few general guidelines to help pick the perfect photo.

  1. Be Visible 

    • This is especially important if you are a face behind your brand or a creator. You want to show who you are. You want your face to be visible to the camera and preferably smiling (only if that is on-brand for you, though!). If you are a person in your posts and your stories, you want to also be a person in your profile picture. An alternative to this is to have a logo! If you have a logo for your brand that is identifiable, use that! A great example of this is @thetravelingnewlyweds.
  2. Be On Brand

    • Everyone’s brand or personality is different. You want to be sure to be reflective of your personality in your profile picture. If you mostly take light and airy photos, your profile picture should reflect that. If you mostly talk about funny stories with colorful photos, your profile should reflect that. It should fit into your feed without standing out too much.
  3. Don’t Change too Often

    • We try to keep our profile picture the same for longer periods of time. We maybe change it 2-3 times a year. This will allow people to identify your comments, feed posts, and most importantly your story with ease. We find that we get fewer views on our story immediately after changing it as most people identify what stories to watch by clicking on the familiar profile photo.

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5. Use as Much of Your Bio as Possible

Instagram profile

You get 150 characters to explain you and your account to your audience and you want to be sure to use as much of it as possible! Utilizing your bio by adding your niche (if it’s not in your name), your purpose, and a call to action will help convert followers to business clients! If you are a small business, you want to be sure to include your hours of operation, a link (you only get one!) to your store or website, and of course contact information. In your bio, you could include some additional details about how you are a sustainable swimsuit company run by women only or other unique facts about you and your business!

Bonus: Plan a Cohesive Feed

cohesive instagram feed
A great example of a cohesive feed is @leaguetravels.

And last by not least, the bonus tip. Plan a cohesive feed. Your feed is part of your profile and where most eyes go when they land on your account. It can be a make or break for a new follower to be intrigued and scroll more, follow immediately, or just go back and leave. You want your photos to look cohesive with similar edits, intentional placement (don’t post 3 photos of the same outfit, location, and background in a row). You want it to reflect who you are and what your goals are. Travel accounts should have travel photos, not photos inside your home all the time. Fashion accounts should have outfits and not landscape shots. Stay consistent with your brand and cohesive so your audience and potential audience know what they are looking at.

This post was all about tips on how to improve Instagram profile! I hope you found it helpful! Be sure to message us on Instagram for any questions you have, @thepassportcouple. 

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