31 Gifts for the Frequent Flyer They’ll Actually Use

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Do you have friends or family that fly often, whether for work or pleasure? These are some great gifts for the frequent flyer that they will actually use!

gifts for the frequent flyer

The frequent flyer can be hard to shop for but this comprehensive list of gifts for the frequent flyer will help you! As full-time travelers ourselves, we know what is actually useful and luxurious for frequent flyers everywhere.

We’ll go over the best gifts for the frequent flyer, xx, and more!

This post is all about the best 31 gifts for the frequent flyer they’ll actually use.

Gifts for the Frequent Flyer:

Carry-on Suitcase 

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Frequent flyers love efficiency and this carry-on suitcase allows them to skip the baggage lines and head straight to the lounge. This Samsonite Carry-On Suitcase is the perfect size and weight to make all carry-on requirements and fit enough for a short trip or weekend.

Carry-on Duffle

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Some people like their duffles better than a suitcase for ease of carrying. This carry-on duffle bag is the perfect option for them. It has separate pockets for your shoes and an exterior pocket for any accessories you need quickly.

Carry-on Backpack

gifts for frequent flyers
Source: WANDRD

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If your frequent flyer travels with a lot of tech like cameras and computers, the PRVKE Travel & DSLR 31L Backpack is the best of the best. It has separators to hold all gear without scratching or moving. It has perfect exterior pockets for batteries and headphones and it has a sleek design that works as a carry-on.

Carry-on Toiletries Bag

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This toiletries bag and bottles are perfect for going through TSA. Each bottle is 3 oz and the bag is clear and less than a gallon to meet TSA requirements. It makes it easier to bring your favorite hair skincare products with you on a carry-on.

Personal Item Bag 

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It’s a dream of mine to travel light enough to only need to carry one personal item that fits nicely under the seat and not have to deal with the overhead compartment. However, even if they don’t travel light and they bring a personal item and a carry-on, this CLUCI Briefcase is perfect! It’s stylish and will go with any outfit, has enough pockets inside that your important things won’t get lost, and has room for the necessary accessories.

Shoulder Bag

travel gifts for her
Source: Kapten & Son

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My favorite travel day essential is my Kapten & Son Habo shoulder bag. It works perfectly for the frequent flyer because the bag keeps their most important items close and easily accessible. Gone are the days of searching through your bag for your passport, wallet, or boarding pass. And you no longer have to keep your phone or headphones in your pocket, making TSA even easier.

Eye Mask 

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It is a necessity to sleep on long-haul flights. Usually, they turn the cabin lights down, but when the person in front of you has their reading light on the person next to you is watching movies, it’s best to just shut out the world with this cute eye mask.

Neck Pillow 

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Everyone knows the horrible head bob that happens on planes. Well, this Memory Foam Neck Pillow will fix that. It also fixes the problem of trying to carry it around the entire day at the airport with a handy packing bag for your backpack or purse!

Cozy Cardigan

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Source: Revolve

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Planes can be cold and even if the destination is warm, this cozy sweater will help. It’s lightweight to make carrying easier and is easy to take on and off (no pullover sweatshirts please). Plus, it’s cute.

Compression Socks 

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Long-haul flights can be brutal for your body. These Physix Gear Sport Compression Socks will help keep your blood flowing properly and prevent swelling in your feet and ankles. Also, your feet will be nice and warm on those cold planes.

Travel Scarf

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Source: Revolve

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This Fringe Blank Scarf works in multiple ways in that it will keep not only your neck warm but can double as a blanket too. You can also pile it up and use it as a pillow!

Passport Cover 

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Frequent flyers know the importance of keeping your passport safe. A passport cover is a perfect way to do so. It will help keep it safe from spills, tears, and bends. Some have RFID blocking abilities and picking one for each person’s personality is always fun!

Travel Document Organizer 

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These Travel Document Organizers make life easy. They can hold your passport, boarding pass, test results, credit cards, cash, and a pen for filling out customs forms. They are cute and don’t take up too much space. And the best part is that they keep all your information safe from hackers through RFID blocking technology.


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Getting away from technology is hard but when you are 10,000 feet in the air with no data, it can be the perfect time to take some time to reflect on your travels or life in general. This Lined Journal Notebook comes in a ton of colors and is the perfect companion for any type of frequent flyer.

Reusable Water Bottle

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Source: Hydro Flask

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It’s necessary to stay hydrated on planes but purchasing water in airports or on airplanes can be expensive. Although you can’t bring your own water to the airport, you can bring an empty water bottle like the Hydro Flask Standard Mouth. Most large airports have water refill stations that work perfectly for reusable water bottles. Also, your frequent flyer likely has lounge access and they can fill their water up there as well.

Reusable Coffee Mug

gifts for travelers stuck at home
Source: Hydro Flask

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There aren’t usually coffee refill stations in the airport, but frequent flyers with lounge access will be able to use the coffee machine to bring a cappuccino or black coffee on the plane with them. If there is no lounge, they can simply use this Hydro Flask Coffee Mug at a cafe and save on a bit of their waste.

Carry-on Cocktail Kit 

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This fun gift is perfect for someone going on vacation soon or who loves their gin and tonics or a good old-fashioned. These Cocktail Kit Sets keep all the bottles under TSA-approved size and come with all the fixings to make a proper cocktail in an airport or on a plane (just add a small bottle of liquor). Each kit makes 3-6 cocktails, so it’s perfect for a whole trip!

Luggage Tags 

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These Colorful Luggage Tags will help identify any bag as it comes down to the baggage claim. It will also keep all the relevant information for a lost bag right in plain view.

Digital Luggage Scale 

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These Digital Luggage Scales are so helpful for when they are returning from a destination with more than they came with. It’s lightweight and will help accurately weigh luggage so they’re not repacking at the check-in desk.

Luggage Locks 

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These TSA-Approved Luggage Locks will help not only keep your suitcase safe from anyone opening it, but it will keep your suitcase zipped! These are the perfect gift for the frequent flyer in your life.

Portable Charger 

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A portable charger is essential for any traveler but frequent flyers will definitely appreciate this that much more. For long travel days with layovers and long flights, this Anker Portable Charger will come in especially handy for phones, headphones, tablets, and everything in between.

Power Adapter 

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For international travelers, this BESTEK Universal Travel Adapter works wonders. It has 3 three-prong plugs (great for laptops) and 4 USB plugs. It is a surge protector so no need to worry about power outages and it has an adapter for any plug type around the world.


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This is a recent purchase of ours that has actually been super helpful for travel. Apple AirTags are perfect for keeping tabs on your luggage, carry-on, and personal item throughout the travel day. Maybe you have a layover and want to check if your bags made it, you can check your iPhone and see exactly where they are.

AirPods Pro 

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The AirPods Pro is perfect for any frequent flyer. They are noise-canceling and work wonders on planes! They also have a transparency mode for in-flight announcements. AirPods are wireless and come in a charging case that is small enough to fit in a pocket (or scarf pocket).

Noise-Canceling Headphones 

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If your frequent flyer is more into over-the-ear headphones, there are plenty of options for that as well. These Sony Noise Canceling Headphones are noise canceling and are lightweight. They also fold up for easy storage. They come with a cord for in-flight entertainment and provide Bluetooth for personal tech.

Apple Watch 

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The Apple Watch Series 6 has been a super helpful travel companion. This watch will not only tell the time but can hold your boarding passes for easy scanning and remind you when it’s time to stand. Something that can be easy to forget while traveling. You can also control your music or podcasts from here and keep track of your steps when running from terminal to terminal.

Travel Laptop 

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A lightweight and small but mightly laptop is just what a frequent flyer is looking for. Although the price tag is hefty, you are getting some awesome value from the 2020 Apple MacBook Pro. The new M1 chip is perfect for high processing power like gaming or editing video. It is small enough that it fits onto tray tables and light enough to easily carry around all day. And it has a fantastic battery with about 20 hours, the longest ever.


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For all my readers out there, you know no one can travel with all the books they’d like to read. That’s why Kindle Paperwhites are amazing. They have a soft backlight that won’t hurt your eyes but will allow you to read in a dark plane. It also has incredible battery life to allow you to read all day. Lastly, you can fit thousands of books in your pocket. Plus, you can gift the Audible subscription to give access to 1000s of books on demand.

VPN Subscription

> Buy on Surf Shark VPN

A virtual private network (VPN) subscription is a great gift for a frequent flyer. Especially if they travel internationally often. VPNs will re-route your traffic to come from a different location. SurfShark VPN keeps your sensitive information secure and allows you to access content not available in your area (i.e. Netflix).

Google FI account

best gifts for travelers 2021

> Buy with Google

This is another great gift for international travelers especially. Google FI provides a cell service for a flat monthly rate with access all over the world. You won’t need to get a new SIM card in every country but rather your phone will just connect to the best provider and you pay a flat fee.

Priority Pass Membership

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Lastly, you can gift the best of the best to your frequent flyer with a Priority Pass Membership. This membership will give them access to 1300 lounges all over the world. There is a Priority Pass lounge in most major airports around the world. These lounges make flying not so bad with free Wi-Fi, complimentary snacks, meals, drinks (yes even alcohol), nap rooms, showers, and even spa treatments! Be sure that they don’t already have this, because why fly if you don’t have access to this?

This post was all about the top 31 gifts for the frequent flyer that they’ll actually use! We hope you found something for your frequent flyer and if you have any more ideas, drop them in the comments below!

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