17 Thoughtful Gifts for Someone Traveling Abroad This Year

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Get the best, most thoughtful gifts for someone traveling abroad with this list of 17 ideas!

gifts for someone traveling abroad

Traveling abroad can be an exciting and life-changing experience, but it can also be overwhelming and stressful. If you know someone who is planning a trip overseas, consider giving them a thoughtful gift to make their journey smoother and more enjoyable. Whether they are backpacking through Europe, visiting family in Asia, or taking a solo adventure in South America, there are plenty of practical and thoughtful gifts that will help them along the way.

In this blog post, we’ve curated a list of gift ideas for someone traveling abroad. From compact and versatile backpacks to noise-canceling headphones and personalized maps, these gifts are sure to be appreciated by any traveler. Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend, family member, or colleague, this list has something for everyone. 

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This post is all about the most thoughtful gifts for someone traveling abroad.

Gifts for Someone Traveling Abroad:

1. Lightweight Backpack

A backpack is a traveler’s best friend. It’s a thoughtful gift because it’s compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry around. Plus, it can be used as a carry-on, so your friend can avoid baggage fees and keep their important items close by. These are great high quality bags so theft won’t be a problem!

2. Travel Adapter Kit

This is a thoughtful gift idea because it helps your friend stay connected while traveling without having those gaudy massive universal adapters. These keep it easy to plug things in and stay protected during power outages!

3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Long journeys can be exhausting, and noise-canceling headphones can help your friend get some peace and quiet. This can be great for travel days on planes or trains or for hotels with thin walls or loud roommates.

4. Travel Journal

A travel journal is a thoughtful gift because it helps your friend document their adventures and memories. It’s a great way to encourage them to reflect on their experiences and share them with others.

5. Water Bottle with Built-in Filter

Staying hydrated is important when traveling, and a water bottle with a built-in filter ensures that your friend has access to safe drinking water. 

6. Polaroid Camera

A camera is a must-have for capturing memories while traveling. Getting a polaroid camera is a great way to add those photos to their journal, or a printer to print their phone photos. 

7. Portable Charger

A portable charger is a thoughtful gift because it helps your friend stay connected and avoid the stress of a dead phone battery. It’s a practical item that they’ll appreciate having on hand.

8. Multi-purpose Scarf

A scarf is a versatile accessory that can be used as a blanket or pillow on long journeys. These are super useful for any traveler and match nearly any outfit.

9. Local Guidebook

A guidebook is a thoughtful gift because it helps your friend prepare for their trip and get the most out of their experience.

10. Collapsible Water Bottle

A collapsible water bottle is a simple thoughtful gift that is easy to pack and store when not in use. Plus, it helps your friend stay hydrated while traveling.

11. Lightweight Travel Towel

We absolutely love these Turkish towels! These are lightweight, dry quickly, and are super soft. It’s great as a beach towel or blanket!

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12. Travel-sized First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a perfect gift for any traveler. It helps your friend be prepared for emergencies while traveling. It’s a practical item that can provide peace of mind and these are some of the rare cute ones!

13. Compact Speaker

Having a speaker on hand like these small ones helps make friends easily while traveling. Everyone loves listening and dancing to music together!

14. Personalized Map

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15. Empowering Bags

These handmade bags are a super cute gift idea for someone traveling abroad. Tell them they are amazing everytime they do their makeup! 

16. Adventure jewelry

Get them something they can wear every day with these adorable travel-related adventure pieces. 

17. Night light

Honestly, I know this sounds like a weird one, but this is such a thoughtful and helpful gift for someone traveling abroad. They are so useful when trying to learn your hotel room or new apartment and using the bathroom at night. 

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