Ultimate Guide to all the Genting Highlands Activities 

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Discover the ultimate guide to Genting Highlands activities, from thrilling theme parks to exquisite dining options, and plan your perfect getaway.

This comprehensive guide will explore the myriad of activities available at Genting Highlands Resort. Just an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur and nestled 6,000 feet above sea level, Genting Highlands offers a diverse range of attractions, from theme parks and casinos to shopping malls and exquisite dining options. Given it’s higher elevation, you’ll even be able to wear a sweater at night! With so many attractions, you could easily end up staying for a weekend. 

We’ll dive into the specifics of all you can do at Genting Highlands. Trust us, you won’t be bored. So whether you’re excited about the outdoor theme park or many other experiences, we’ve got you covered!

We’ll cover Genting Highlands activities, Genting Highlands outdoor theme park, Genting casinos, shopping, and more!

Genting Highlands Activities - Rio ride

This post is a guide to all the Genting Highlands activities you can do!

Genting Highlands Activities:

genting skyworlds theme park

Genting SkyWorlds is the outdoor theme park at Genting Highlands, our main reason for visiting the resort. We love a good theme park. We had heard such good things about Genting SkyWorlds. I am happy to report they are correct. Honestly, this park blew us away! All the rides were well-themed with famous movies and had a good aspect of surprise and adrenaline. The food was really good and affordable. And the park was really not crowded. We even got to see some entertainment!

I am happy we stayed the whole day since the weather shuttered some rides. We had this happen multiple times throughout the day while we were there, but never for an extended period. They closed Ice Age’s Acorn Adventure roller coaster and Terraform Tower Challenge most often. 

There are nine themed worlds (based on popular movies) with 26 rides and attractions, ranging from kid-friendly to extreme adrenaline. The park also offers plenty of dining options which is surprisingly good!

To get tickets to Genting SkyWorlds, you’ll want to book ahead of time. You can actually buy them at the ticket booths in front of the park, but they are more expensive!

You can save money by booking them online before your visit and easily having them ready on your phone. To enter the park, you simply scan the QR in the GetYourGuide app (or from your email). We had both tickets on one phone and had no issues.

Prices will be different depending on the day of the week. Sunday through Thursday is the low season for 126 RM ($26.75), and Friday and Saturday are the peak season for 156 RM ($33.12). They also consider the eve of Malaysian Public Holidays and the day of the holidays as peak season.

One unique aspect of their ticketing is that the child tickets are based on height rather than age. Children are considered anyone under the height of 110 cm (~3 ft 7 in).

The Genting SkyWorlds park is also closed on Tuesdays. This could be a good day to do other stuff in the Resort area or a good day to arrive!

Book your tickets to Genting SkyWorlds Outdoor Theme Park ahead of time! 

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Dining at genting skyworlds

highland malaysia

A handful of dining options are inside the park, so you won’t need to leave for lunch or snacks. The Lakeside Market in Central Park hosts a food court with various international options and drinks. They have tons of seating both indoors and outdoors overlooking the fountain. 

We got dumpling noodles and beers and sat inside at a picnic table to get out of the rain. Everything was surprisingly good for a theme park! 

You can also find a full-service restaurant with Trattoria Il Lago for Italian food and plenty of grab-and-go options. We loved the crispy, filled churros from Peaches’ Cocoa Connections in the Ice Age since they were made fresh for each order!

genting skyworlds attractions

genting highlands theme park
genting skyworlds malaysia

Since this is an amusement park, there are obviously a ton of attractions here. The main ones are the adrenaline rides, but you can also find kid-friendly rides, a play area, an obstacle course, and a few arcades. 

We found the rides to be top-notch. They were very well-themed, high-adrenaline with tons of surprises, and there was a good variety of 4D rides and roller coasters. Overall, we were able to ride eleven different rides thanks to the VQ system and short standby queues. 

The Mad Ramp Peak was not open yet when we visited; as of this writing, it is still not open. The Alpha Fighter Pilots was closed for maintenance, and the Terraform Tower Challenge was intermittently closed, with long wait times. 

PRO TIP: be sure to pack light since you can’t bring bags onto most of the rides. We brought a backpack but had to put it in a locker for the entire day for a fee of 60 RM ($12.75).

Ride Reviews

Here’s an outline of all the rides we rode at Genting Skyworlds:

  • Night at the Museum: Midnight Mayhem—This is a fun, interactive 3D ride based on the Night at the Museum movies. You compete in various games against your seatmate. There is great theming throughout (even the queue) and really good technology to actually be able to compete. No one was on this ride all day, so we could just walk on.
  • Invasion of the Planet of the Apes—This impressive 4D ride based on the Planet of the Apes actually had me screaming! I loved this ride’s theming, length, movement, and story-telling.
  • Independence Day: Defiance—The storytelling was amazing here. They even had an actor in the queue as part of the ride set-up. Great 4D ride
  • ESD Global Defender (VQ mandatory)—A wild spinning ride in which you actually control which way you spin and how much. I liked the aspect of control, so I didn’t end up nauseous at the end.
  • Acorn Adventure—An indoor/outdoor roller coaster. Great theming and good adrenaline with tight spins and bigger drops.
  • Samba Gliders—A fun, hanging roller coaster with great views over the park if the weather is good.
  • Ice Age: Expedition Thin Ice
  • Sid’s Rock ‘N’ Slide
  • Blue Sky Carousel
  • Rio Carnaval Chaos!—Classic spinning tea cups where you control the spin!
  • Bigweld’s Zeppelins—Another classic ride where you go up and down in a circle. It’s definitely meant for kids, but I loved it because you got to control the up-and-down motions!

VQ Reservations

VQ stands for Virtual Queue and is a “FastPass-like” service for the park’s top rides. Most rides also have a standby option, but some are VQ reservations only. This is free service that is offered to help mitigate waiting times on their most popular rides. We found it super easy to use and helpful in ensuring we could get on as many rides as possible!

To use the VQ system, you will need to download the SkyWorlds Mobile App. Before heading to the park, download and set up your account using the app. The app provides extensive information on hours, weather, and potential closures. It also has an interactive map of the park to help you navigate. Be sure to upload your tickets to the app by scanning the QR codes to enter the park via the app and, most importantly, use the VQ reservation system. 

The app also has a Group feature to link multiple tickets to easily get VQ reservations for everyone simultaneously. Once your tickets are linked, you can select the desired attraction via the list or map and confirm your place in the Virtual Queue. It will confirm a time slot for you to return. You can then enter the VQ line (separate from Standby) and scan the QR code in the app.

PRO TIP: We could still use the QR code after the allotted time if we missed it. No guarantees this will continue to work, but it did for us!

Entertainment at genting skyworlds

genting highland tour
genting highlands trip

Oftentimes, you won’t find much in the entertainment sector at lesser-known theme parks. This was NOT the case for SkyWorld’s theme park, however! You can find a water and light show at the Lake of Dreams in Central Park. This will only go on if the weather is good and happens throughout the day. The Lakeside Market has a good view of the fountain.

There’s also an indoor show in Ice Age, Sid’s Playhouse Ice Age: Time Warp. You will need VQ reservations to watch this one. 

You can also find various shows at the Central Park Gardens. We got to see the Beatles! 

genting highlands night activities

Now if an outdoor theme park isn’t enough for you, you can also find an indoor theme park in Genting Highlands, the Skytropolis Indoor Theme Park. This is a much different park than the outdoor park and feels more like a carnival. It’s open in the afternoon and evening from 2pm until 9pm (Monday through Thursday) or 10pm (Friday and Saturday). The park is closed on Sundays. This was a perfect activity to do after a day of shopping or for your arrival day.

genting casino

You have a few options for this park. First of all, you don’t need a ticket to enter the park, but you pay for each ride individually (like a carnival). The rides are based on a ticket system where you can pay for a set number of tickets and use those on each ride or purchase the unlimited pass to ride as much as you want.

PACKAGE ALERT: If you are interested in visiting both of the theme parks (indoor & outdoor), you can purchase a package deal. They do not need to be used on the same day.

skytropolis attractions

things to do in genting

Overall, this park is much more kid-friendly. There are over 20 different rides ranging from sky trains to drop towers and bumper cars. There is really only one high-adrenaline ride, the Super Glider roller coaster. Since we had the unlimited ride pass and there was never a queue, we probably rode this one around a dozen times because we liked it so much.

There are a few additional attractions that are available for additional fees. There is a full arcade game area located within the park. To play, you will need to put credits on a game card at one of the machines. You can then use the game card to play any of the games in the arcade. We played the game of chance Spin the Wheel and competed on the basketball games.

Genting Highlands Mall - SkyAvenue

genting highlands to do
genting highlands nightlife

Don’t worry! If you don’t like theme parks or adrenaline rides, there is still plenty of Genting Highland activities for you. The Genting Highlands Mall, SkyAvenue is a perfect place to start. This sprawling five-story mall (the tallest in Malaysia) is host to more than 100 stores (from Uniqlo to Rolex) and dozens of dining venues. 

It’s a perfect place to wander, shop, and eat. We did all three. Be sure to check out the dining venue Malaysian Food Street with a host of affordable, local options in the style of a traditional hawker market (inside the mall). We also really liked the Highline area. They had some great indoor/outdoor restaurants and it was nice to get outside for a bit here. Lots of restaurants and bars and gets pretty crowded later in the evening.

Skyavenue Entertainment

genting highlands mall

Within the SkyAvenue Mall, you’ll also find various forms of entertainment. Their main attraction is the SkySymphony. This massive art installation sits four stories high with over 1000 globes. They play a themed light and sound show with the globes every hour (or every two hours, depending on the season). It’s free to watch and is especially fun for kids during the daytime shows with animated characters. 

You can also find a movie theater, Bona Cinemas, playing new releases in IMAX or D-Box theatres (with customizable moving seats!). The movies list the language in which they are played and have many English options. Just note that there likely will be subtitles in another language!

Other Attractions at Genting Highlands

With the three main activities covered (SkyWorlds, Skytropolis, and SkyAvenue), we’ll dive into some of the additional attractions they have at Genting Highlands. There really is so much to do here!

indoor zipline

best time to visit genting highlands

Above the Skytropolis indoor theme park is the Eagle Landing Zipline. This is an indoor zipline that flies you over the theme park. It’s affordable at just 45 RM ($9.55) per person, with discounts for more group members. Unfortunately, this was closed the entire time we visited for an unknown reason. We would have tried it out if it had been open. 

Genting Snow World

Unfortunately, Genting Snow World has been temporarily closed according to their website. 

Located inside the SkyAvenue Mall is a Ripley’s Adventureland. This is a classic entertainment venue seen in tons of tourist destiations. This location has five different attractions within the “family playland.” You can purchase different combo packs. These are usually geared towards families and kids, so we did not opt to explore. Although they do have an Infinity Room and a 4D Trick Art Museum that could be fun for taking photos or video in! 

Genting Bowl

You can also find a classic bowling alley inside the SkyAvenue Mall. You can rent a lane for a game for 12-14 RM ($2.50 – $3.00) based on the day of the week. Shoe rentals are also available for 4 RM ($0.85) per person. This is an old-school, well-lit bowling alley with no food or drink available inside. It could be fun if you’re traveling with kids, but we decided to skip it since we couldn’t get any snacks or drinks while playing.


Gambling is probably the number one activity to enjoy at Genting Highlands for most people. You’ll find a few casinos throughout the SkyAvenue area, including SkyCasino and Casino de Genting. 

We don’t gamble, so we can’t give you any further information, but we can tell you they were popular! There were lines of people going in, even at 10 am. They are a bit removed from the mall area, and you must go through a dedicated entrance. It’s unlike Las Vegas, where there are machines and tables everywhere. If you don’t gamble, you won’t even realize they are there. 

Arena of Stars Concert Venue

Be sure to check the Arena of Stars event calendar for any upcoming shows. The concert venue has hosted the likes of Elton John and John Legend. It’s an indoor venue holding 45,000 people.

Chin Swee Caves Temple

genting hill

If you are taking the Awana SkyWay Cable Car to Genting Highlands, you’ll first stop at the Chin Swee Caves Temple. This large park holds a 15-meter-tall (49 ft) Buddha, a nine-story pagoda, and views over Malaysia from 4,600 feet up. The temple is free to visit and open daily from 6 am to 10 pm.

Genting Highlands Premium Outlets

Before heading up the hill to Genting Highlands, you’ll find the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets. These outlet stores includes many well-known brands like Nike, Coach, and Polo Ralph Lauren. The shopping mall is located outside and includes a large food court. It is located at the bottom station for the Awana SkyWay.

This post covered our ultimate guide to all the Genting Highland activities.

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