9 Cozy British Dishes – Best Food To Eat in London

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Discover the top food to eat in London. From sticky toffee pudding to bangers and mash, our guide unveils the city’s best culinary dishes.

Welcome to our guide on the top foods to eat in London. As a couple who has been traveling for over four years, we found ourselves for the first time in this bustling city, ready to dive into its diverse culinary scene. This guide results from our DIY Food Tour XX, where we’ve sampled our fair share of classic British dishes and drinks. If you’re planning a trip to London or just curious about its cuisine, join us on this delicious journey.

Please note that this post is purely based on our dining experiences in London. The city has a vast array of delicious food we didn’t try. So, while we highly recommend the dishes and restaurants listed below, we encourage you to explore and discover your favorites. Happy eating!

We’ll cover the top food to eat in London, full breakfast London, London food prices, and more!

food to eat in london

This post is all about the best food to eat in London. You don’t want to miss it!

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Food to eat in London:

1. Sticky Toffee Pudding

top rated food to eat in london

Life’s too short to skip dessert. Heck, life’s too short. Just eat dessert first. Especially this dessert. WOAH. Sticky toffee pudding is now one of my new favorite desserts the world over. This dessert is a sponge cake made with dates covered in toffee sauce and served with vanilla ice cream (or custard). We tried ours at Bangers & Mash, and it was phenomenal. I am actually super disappointed we didn’t try it until our last day because it’s that good. Warm with caramel flavors and so moist.

  • Restaurant to Try: Mother Mash

2. Fish & Chips

unique british food

Likely the most well-known dish from England – fish and chips. This fried fish and chips (aka potato fries) is commonly served with mushy peas (they are better than they sound!) here in England. You’ll mostly find the fish is cod, but it can also be haddock, skate, or pollock. It is definitely a nice flakey white fish. In the past, I’ve only ever had it with tartar sauce, but in London, you cover it with the salt and vinegar provided to eat it. This dish is so iconic to the English culture that it wasn’t even subject to rationing during WWII.

  • Restaurant to Try: Rock Sole Plaice

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3. Sunday Roast (+ Yorkshire Pudding)

yorkshire pudding london

The classic Sunday Roast is usually a set meal with a few meat and sauce options only served on Sundays. The plates are composed of roasted meat, gravy, Yorkshire Pudding, potatoes, and vegetables. They can get pretty expensive since the meat is often a large, slowly cooked slice. Many options were quite expensive, but we found a delicious spot at The Market Tavern with an Aged Beef Sirloin Sunday Roast for £22 ($XX). While the roasted beef was the highlight for Nate, I absolutely loved the fluffy Yorkshire Pudding. It’s a simple bread recipe with eggs, flour, milk or water. It was nice and crusty on the outside and pillowy on the inside. Dipped in the gravy, it was divine. We got one plate to share since they were so large.

  • Restaurant to Try: The Market Tavern

4. English Breakfast

This classic full English breakfast can be found almost anywhere you can get breakfast. It’s a massive breakfast feast of bacon, sausages, eggs, black pudding, mushrooms, tomatoes, baked beans, and toast. It has a similar history to most large breakfasts worldwide, where it was originally made to feed the laborers before their work day. You should definitely try the black pudding. It sounds rough since it’s a pork blood sausage, but it’s actually delicious, especially mixed with everything else!

The Breakfast Club is an extremely popular chain throughout London with an excellent English Breakfast. They are always busy and lines are long, but worth it. If you don’t want to wait, any breakfast spot will do. We ate at Balans Soho No. 34 and it was a great option.

  • Restaurant to Try: The Breakfast Club, Balans Soho No. 34
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5. Bangers & Mash

traditional london food

It’s just as fun to say as it is to eat. You’ll notice many dishes here in England consist of a lot of meat and potatoes. This is the epitome of that on one plate. Bangers are sausages, and mash is mashed potatoes, all topped with gravy. They are called bangers because, during the meat shortages in WWI, sausages were filled with alternate fillers. One of them was water, causing them to explode, aka bang, when cooked.

We stopped at Mother Mash to get some of their signature dish. You can choose the type of sausage, the type of mash, and gravy. We went with the classics and loved it. It was perfect for a cozy, salty meal. And then followed by the best dessert ever

  • Restaurant to Try: Mother Mash

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6. Sausage Roll

london food prices
fun food to eat in london

Another meaty dish is the sausage roll, which consists of a thick patty of sausage (no casing) wrapped in flaky pastry. We got ours at The Ginger Pig at the Borough Market. It’s massive, about the size of a hand, and stuffed with sausage. It’s a simple dish but a nice bite to eat between meals or for lunch on the go.

  • Restaurant to Try: The Ginger Pig at Borough Market
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7. Chip Butty

most popular british food

This is a fun one. And surprisingly, it has NO meat or fish! The Chip Butty is usually not on the menu and is either a hidden menu item or something you’ll have to craft yourself. It’s a sandwich made with a bun and chips, aka french fries. Carb overload. In the best way. You take a bun, stuff chips into it, and top it with whatever sauce you like. I ordered mine at Rock Sole Plaice, but they only serve it as a takeaway. The server was super nice and got me a plate of chips and a bun as side orders, and I made it myself at the table. Complete with ketchup. It’s late-night food and a good one.

  • Where to Try: Anywhere that serves chips (aka fries). We tried it at Rock Sole Plaice.

Drinks in London:

8. English Tea

food to eat in london open now

Do me a favor, and don’t leave London without at least having one cuppa. That’s the adorable slang term for a cup of tea in England. Tea is the most popular drink in the UK and sits in the top five for the highest tea consumption per capita XX. You can order it absolutely anywhere. We had a lovely tea pot for breakfast at Balans Soho No. 34. Note that when you order tea at a restaurant, it’s usually brought in a small pot with three to four cups.

I had a roommate in college from the UK, and she would always make tea for us. I learned how I liked it: milk, no sugar, and Twinnings is the best brand. I even got a Twinnings tea variety pack from another English friend. Be sure to pick one up while you’re there, too!

Another option is to go for the full experience and attend an afternoon tea. It’s an additional meal time between lunch and dinner, around 3 or 4 pm, popularized in the 1840s. It’s a set course (and set price) with small tea-sized (aka small) sandwiches, scones, and cakes. It’s a fun experience to get a bit dressed up for and you can even find some that serve alcohol, giving it an afternoon brunch atmosphere.

  • Where to Try: Anywhere!

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9. Pub Brew

food to eat in london
food to eat in london

Last but certainly not least, you must have a beer in London. Nate is over the moon about the pub culture in London. You can find a pub on nearly every corner, except a cozy small place with tables close together. You order at the bar and bring it back to your seat yourself. It’s low-key and relaxed. We could spend night after night chatting over a beer in a pub. London has many beer varieties and brands, so you’ll surely find one you like.

The self-proclaimed oldest pub in London is The Seven Stars, established in 1602. It was a tiny place filled to the brim with people. We sat in a corner chatting with some locals over a few local beers and loved it.

  • Where to Try: Any local pub, like The Seven Stars

This post was all about the most delicious dishes and food to eat in London! Bon Appetite!

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