15 Tips You Need to Know For Your First Couples Trip

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Your first couples trip is soon and if you are excited but a bit nervous, don’t worry. These 15 tips for your first couples trip will help!

first couples trip

My boyfriend and I have been traveling the world for the past year and a half and we have definitely learned the best ways to ensure we have a good trip. It can be overwhelming, exciting, anxiety-inducing, and just plain fun to plan your first couples trip.

We’ll go over tips for traveling with boyfriend, the first vacation with boyfriend ideas, tips for your first trip as couple, and how to plan a weekend away with boyfriend.

This post is all about the must-know tips for your first couples vacation. 

Book The Right Kind of Trip

first road trip with boyfriend first vacation with boyfriend

From the outset, you want to be sure to book the right type of trip. Depending on you and your significant other’s personalities, you want to keep in mind what you want to do for your first couples trip. Whether you are looking for a romantic trip or an adventurous one, you want to be on the same page so you both are comfortable and know what you are getting into.

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Discuss the budget first

things to do on a romantic getaway

Depending on where you are at in your relationship you may have separate finances. Either way, you will need to be sure to discuss the budget and be on the same page and be comfortable with what you are spending. If you have separate finances, be sure to follow the lower budget of the two of you to not cause any discomfort or financial stress. If you set everything up ahead of time, you won’t need to discuss the finances too much while actually on the trip and you can focus on enjoying it!

Try a weekend trip first

weekend trip with boyfriend weekend trip with girlfriend

If you haven’t spent a lot of extended time together, try out a weekend trip first. It’s not too big of a commitment of time or finances and therefore a lot less pressure. You don’t need to stress about an easy weekend trip where you are both feeling out the waters and getting used to traveling together and be with each other for 24 hours a day!

Go Somewhere New

going on a trip with a guy i like

I highly recommend going somewhere that is new for both of you. This will allow you both to be excited and adventurous in a new place. And you won’t have to wonder about the last time they were there if they were having more fun than they are this time. Make a new experience for just the two of you and leave all comparisons at home. This is a time for your memories and ones you will likely remember for a very long time.

Keep The Conversations Light

traveling with my boyfriend first romantic trip together

Nothing can ruin a trip quicker than a fight. Be sure to keep the conversations away from those heavy topics that you know lead to disagreements. Instead, talk about your childhoods, fun memories from school, what your dreams are, etc. Don’t be like Chandler and Monica when they had their first weekend away. Travel can be stressful at times, but don’t take that out on each other!

Don’t Check Your Phone

couples first trip together first vacation with boyfriend ideas

It can be hard to actually step away from your phone and the world of social media, but you don’t want to spend your entire weekend together on your phones. Put the phones away and spend some quality time together. It sounds crazy but be bored together. Take a walk, play a game, or find a new restaurant. Just try to stay off your phone and keep all the outside drama and world away for a bit. It will all be there when you get back.

Do Stuff You Both Like

first trip with boyfriend what to pack i want to go on a trip with my boyfriend

You may have different interests especially when it comes to vacation activities. You may like hiking but your significant other may like ATV riding. Try to make room for both of your interests. It will bode well for your relationship to learn to appreciate and like what your significant other likes. Remember this is a trip together so if anything is too extreme (like deep-sea fishing) maybe save that for a separate trip.

Play good music to lighten the mood

weekend away with boyfriend ideas best romantic trip

Nothing works quicker to set a mood than music. Be sure to bring a speaker, we love our Bose Micro Soundlink speaker to pack light but still have good sound. You may be a bit nervous to spend so much time together and that’s okay! Music will hopefully help get you both comfortable and on the same page. It always seems to work for us. We’ll play romantic music over dinner and bump the DJ sets when we’re getting ready to head out on an adventure!

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Do something new together

first trip with girlfriend first vacation with boyfriend who pays

What better way to make new memories together than doing something for the first time. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, maybe a cooking class, a new cuisine, or a salsa dance club! You will get to experience the excitement, the surprise, the thrill of a new adventure together. It makes for awesome memories and a great way to grow closer together!

Book with mutual friends to break the ice

first vacation as a couple where to go

If you are nervous about the extended uninterrupted time together, that’s okay! It can seem like a lot of pressure going away with a new significant other. So take the pressure off and invite another couple to tag along! Try to pick the best mutual friends you have that won’t bring any drama or be too couply to make you uncomfortable. This way you can break the ice with some mutual friends and then take your time to separate and enjoy your time together.

Stay flexible

couple travel locations first trip after marriage quotes

Don’t let the stress of travel get to you on your first couples vacation. Every single trip we have taken, something has gone wrong. We miss a flight, it rains a bunch, there are new curfews in place, or our room isn’t what we expected and we have to move. It’s okay! Stay flexible and remember even if you spend the entire time hanging out in the hotel bed watching bad movies eating room service, you are still together and making memories. Stay flexible and be open to new adventures or changes in plans!

Don’t have crazy expectations

first trip together dating

Remember that life is not a romantic comedy, no matter how much we all want it to be. BUT you can romanticize your life as much as possible and specifically take note of the good things and romantic moments. You cannot expect you or your significant other to be perfect. They aren’t going to be suddenly different than all the other times you hang out with them. They may not take the cues perfectly but just be open about what you want from the trip and just be happy to be with them, even if it’s not that perfect weekend getaway you pictured.

Keep snacks on hand!

where to go for first trip as a couple first trip as couple

Nobody wants to be hangry and no one wants to deal with a hangry significant other. So bring snacks!! The more the merrier. And if you are flying somewhere stop by the grocery store quick and pick up some snacks for the room. It is so nice to be able to grab something when you’re hungry instead of always having to order something and wait.

Don’t forget to take photos

best first trip for couples our first trip together quotes

This is hopefully your first of many couples trips and you are definitely going to want to remember it! Nate and I did not take any photos from our first trip together and I honestly barely remember what we did. It’s such a shame because we travel for a living now and it would be so fun to be able to look back on that first trip and remember how it went. Take photos of each other and with each other. Selfies definitely count but ask a stranger to snap one or two too, if you can. No need for a full-on photoshoot, but it’ll be so sweet to look back on these one day.

Plan downtime

weekend away with boyfriend weekend away with boyfriend tips

It can be tempting to over plan your first couples trip together. You want to make sure it’s as fun as possible and you see as much as possible. But be sure to plan some downtime. You can layout on the beach or by the pool or plan to watch a movie. It’ll be nice to relax a bit on your trip and allow you two to talk and get comfortable not always doing something together. It can be tricky but definitely necessary!

This post was all about tips to help you with your first couples trip! I hope you enjoy your time together, share with us how it goes!!

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