5 Romantic Date Ideas Washington DC for Every Couple

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If you are traveling to DC or live in town, these date ideas Washington DC are perfect for every couple! We love mixing it up with a fun date night like these.

date ideas washington dc

Washington DC is the place in the US that we have actually visited the most and every time we are always so busy trying to see as much as possible. At least once each trip, we try to slow down and have a romantic date night (or day). Over the years we have found that these 5 date ideas Washington DC are our favorites and are perfect for any type of couple!

We’ll go over date ideas Washington DC, outdoor date ideas in DC, Georgetown date ideas, fun date ideas Washington DC, and more!

This post is all about 5 Romantic Date Ideas Washington DC for every couple.

Date Ideas Washington DC:

Catch a Nats Game

fun date ideas washington dc

Going to a baseball game together is a fun way to get a change of scenery. Even if you aren’t 100% into baseball (or sports), your boyfriend might me! This is a great opportunity to get closer to doing something he loves and he’ll love sharing that with you. Plus, baseball games are so much fun! I love the camaraderie that happens at sports events. The best time for this is when the Nats score and the whole crowd cheers “N-A-T-S Nats! Nats! Nats!” We always love making a whole day or event out of a game. We’ll go early and sit out at Budweiser Brew House during batting practice, first. Then we’ll walk around a bit and watch the game. Always sharing nachos and ice cream at some point. And then after the game, we always head out to one of the bars across the street. There is the popular All-Purpose Riverfront that fills up quite a bit after the game, especially if they win. We also liked heading over to the Dacha Beer Garden (Navy Yard). They had snacks and great draft beer. If you happened to catch a day game for your date, then head over to Top of the Yard for a great sunset view after the game!

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Picnic in the Mall

georgetown date ideas

How much more romantic can it get than a picnic in the National Mall? If you time it right in the year, you’ll avoid the crazy crowds that take over the city but still get the lovely warm weather. We found around sunset in September was perfect for a picnic. We even saw some fireflies while we were out. There are a few different options for your picnic out depending on your desire to do it all yourself or make it as easy as possible.

For a budget-friendly and DIY option, try heading to Trader Joes to pick up some cheese and crackers for an easy charcuterie board. You can also make sandwiches and snacks ahead of time for a more filling meal.

If you are looking for a ready-to-go option for your busy schedule or lack of knowledge on cheese (like me!) there are options for you too. Since the beginning of 2020, there have been quite a few DC restaurants that offer picnic services. You can order ahead and get a full picnic spread. Try Officina or Neighborhood Provisions just to name a few. Of course, you can always just order some to-go food or delivery before you head out for your favorite meals!

No matter your option, you are going to need a picnic blanket, a speaker (for romantic music), some drinks, and maybe some bug spray.

Rooftop Night Out

outdoor date ideas in dc

If you’d rather get dressed up or just have a night out, there’s always a rooftop bar for sunset. DC has some gorgeous sunset locations for drinks. Depending on what you are looking for, there is likely a spot for you two! For the best views of sunset head to Top of the Gate at the Watergate Hotel. This is a gorgeous location overlooking the Potomac River. It’s quite fancy here so expect high-end cocktails and a more strict dress code. For a really casual scene with some awesome food options, head over to Hi-Lawn on top of the Union Market. You’ll have a sprawling view over the neighborhoods for sunset and can choose your favorite cuisine to bring up with you! Our personal favorite is the casual beer garden pop-up at the Kennedy Center, Victura Park. It’s so cute and all outdoors with plenty of drink options for everyone!

Check out this great guide to Rooftop Bars in DC from Washington.org

Museum Hopping

fun date ideas dc

My favorite thing about date nights is the fact that you can make it whatever you want. Whether you are looking for glamorous nights out or a nice Sunday afternoon, strolling through different museums. Of course, in DC the museum options are endless. With the gorgeous architecture, timeless artwork, and peaceful quietness, holding hands through a museum can actually be quite romantic. Whether you are interested in American history, natural history, air & space, The Bible, or the USPS, you’ll be able to find a museum or two to catch both of your fancies. Nate’s personal favorite was the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum. I personally loved the National Museum of the American Indian. Many of the museum options in DC are free as well, so this is a perfect option for a budget-friendly date!

Stroll Alexandria

date ideas washington dc

If you looking to escape DC for a bit, you don’t have to go too far. Just a short jaunt away is Alexandria, Virginia. This is a charming town with brick buildings, good food, and lovely walking paths throughout. Hopping on a water taxi will make this date all the more special. You can see the monuments towering above the tree lines as you slowly make your way down the Potomac River. Be sure to stroll along Old Town Alexandria’s Waterfront for a gorgeous view of the sunset over the water. For restaurants, try Blackwall Hitch for outdoor dining by the river. There’s also Chadwicks, BARCA Pier & Wine Bar, and Charthouse.

This post was all about 5 Romantic Date Ideas Washington DC for every couple. We hope you found something you can enjoy!

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