9 Romantic Couple Trip Ideas For Your Next Getaway

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Planning a romantic getaway can be stressful. Use these romantic couple trip ideas to make your next romantic getaway one to remember.

couples trip ideas

Sometimes you just need to get away from the stress of life and a couple’s trip is just what you need. Escape work, the kids, the obligations. These couple trips will help you relax and reset together.

Since Nate and I have been dating, we always love to steal away some time for a weekend getaway or a longer trip for a romantic couple trip.

We’ll go over romantic couple trip ideas, relaxing couples vacation in USA, best vacation spots for couples on a budget, low budget vacation ideas for couples, secluded romantic getaways USA, and more!

This post is all about romantic couple trip ideas for your next getaway!

Couple Trip Ideas:

Romantic All-Inclusive

fun weekend getaways for couples couples vacations usa

The first thing that always comes to mind for me is laying out by the pool with drinks in hand. There is no better way to do that than with a romantic all-inclusive couple’s trip. This way you don’t have to worry about anything. Food and drink, all taken care of. There are spas on property for couple’s massages or facials. You can relax by the pool, snuggle in a cabana, rent a SUP for the afternoon, all without a care in the world. When we are truly trying to relax, a gorgeous all-inclusive property is one of our favorite ways to do that.

These are a few of our top all-inclusive properties around the world.

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Unique Desert Experience

cheap weekend getaways for couples

Maybe you are more of the adventurous type and sitting by a pool for days on end is not what you want at all. Find a unique desert experience is an awesome way to get away from the crowds and experience something entirely new together. These trips are especially great for winter to get out of the freezing cold. You will be able to 4×4, watch beautiful sunsets, roast marshmallows, and cozy up in a hot tub.

Some of our favorite unique desert experiences are:

Glamping Under the Stars

best couples trips

Glamping can give you that “roughing it” feel without actually roughing it. After a long day of going out hiking and exploring you will still be able to come back to a comfortable bed, shower, and enough room to stand! Glamping has come a long way and can range from a tent with a full bed to full-on luxury. There are many now that even have windows over the bed so you can truly glamp under the stars, like these Under Canvas Moab, Utah.

We cannot wait to try all of these glamping locations around the world.

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Camping on the Beach

affordable romantic getaways in usa

Camping is probably not something you should just try spur of the moment with your significant other but can be such a romantic trip if you are both into camping and aware of the conditions. Having to cozy up at night to keep warm and building a fire together is such an isolating experience to really get close. We love the idea of camping on the beach. Although it’s not super common, there are a few places that still allow you to do it!

Try Van Life Together

couples group trip ideas

Van life is all the rage ever since the pandemic hit. It has been a great way for couples to still travel with all the restrictions that were in place. Although it’s not for everyone, van life can be as romantic as you want it to be. Imagine opening up the back doors with fairy lights overlooking a beautiful sunset in Utah. You can use Harvest Hosts for free parking and a romantic visit to a winery. You can make picnics and get spontaneous by just driving in any direction. Being in such tight quarters may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we find the idea very romantic!

Here are some great van rental companies to try out before you commit full-time!

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Cabin in the Woods

relaxing couples vacation in USA romantic couple trip ideas

If fall is your season and cool air and warm fires are what you are looking for, a cabin in the woods is exactly what you need. There are SO MANY incredibly cute cabin rentals all over the world and even if you aren’t looking in the fall, every season is perfect for a cabin in the woods. You can make hot cocoa, curl up for movie night, watch the rain or snow outside, and truly relax.

These are some of the cutest cabins for rent I have ever seen!

Luxury Beach Escape

best vacation spots for couples secluded romantic getaways usa

Romantic couple trip ideas don’t always need to be cozy and quaint. Go big with your loved one. You deserve it! A luxury beach escape can be just what you are in need of and that is a perfect option! A big comfortable bedroom, a private pool, fresh seafood, and easy access to the beach are exactly what our dream romantic couple trip looks like!

If you are ready for true luxury, these are our dream luxury beach escapes:

Night on the Town

low budget vacation ideas for couples best vacation spots for couples on a budget

A fun change of pace for a romantic couple trip is a night out of the town! It can be so fun to get all dressed up with your significant other and go out for a fancy dinner. You can also try seeing a show, maybe comedy, theater, sports, or a concert. And ending (or starting) the night with drinks is always the right move. Maybe a classy cocktail bar, whiskey club, or even a speakeasy!

These are a few of the best cities (in our opinion) to go out for a night in the town.

European Rendezvous

first couple trip ideas

And last, but definitely not least, a European rendezvous. There is nothing more romantic than a European trip. Whether you are sailing in Greece or sharing spaghetti in Italy, there is so much romance in every corner of Europe. Maybe it’s the historic buildings or the cobblestone streets, the delicious food, or the fact that there seems to be couples everywhere. Europe is a dream couple’s destination.

You can’t go wrong with Europe but these are a few of our dream destinations for a romantic trip together:

This post was all about the most romantic couple trip ideas for your next getaway! I absolutely want to book all of these right now and cannot wait until we get to!

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