15 Awesome Couple Travel Goals for 2022

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A new year is upon us and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about all your goals! For us, it’s always our travel goals and this post will cover all of our favorite couple travel goals for 2022!

couple travel goals

It has been a long and hard few years with travel becoming first non-existent and then plain difficult. But with a new year, we can all put our hopes in the right place and I have a feeling that travel will be back in a BIG way this year.

While you start your planning, take a look at these 15 awesome couple travel goals that you and your significant other can strive towards. Check out the last one for some awesome long-term goals!

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This post is all about 15 awesome couple travel goals for 2022!

Couple Travel Goals for 2022

1. Write a bucket list together

couple goals quotes spontaneous things to do with your boyfriend

I am a big list person so having a list of fun and awesome things to do together is my favorite. Your bucket list can be anything you want it to be, big or small. Take ideas from the rest of this post and add all your dream trips, excursions, animal encounters, and more! It’s your bucket list and it should have some really fun and exciting trips for you and your significant other to do together.

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2. Go to an outdoor concert

This is something that can be done anywhere! Outdoor concerts take place all spring, summer, and fall in locations all over the world. Whether you chase your favorite band, a genre you can dance to, or even just an iconic venue (like Rock in Colorado) this is a perfect couple travel goal that you both will love! We went to a Zac Brown Band concert a few years back in San Diego and loved setting up our picnic blanket and dancing under the stars!

3. Visit each other’s hometowns

couples bucket list ideas

This can be a fun way to reintroduce travel into your life. By visiting family you haven’t seen in a while and visiting all the old hometown spots. Make it more than just a visit to your parents, instead find the cool viewpoints, best food, and maybe a cool activity (hiking, bike rides, a museum).

4. Ride Bikes on the Beach in California

married couple bucket list

If you are planning a trip to the US this year, think California. From the gorgeous Northern California coast to sunny San Diego, you will be sure to find something you both like. One of our favorite things to do is ride bikes in new places, but we have yet to do it along the coast in San Diego!

5. Take a Road Trip Across the USA

couple travel goal

For an even bigger trip in the US, consider one of the many awesome road trips in the US. Depending on how much time you have, you could road trip across the whole country or just take a part of a larger road trip around your hometown and make it your own. We personally loved our time on Route 66 and would totally want to do it again in warmer weather sometime! (link road trip with boyfriend)

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6. Have a Picnic in Paris

couples bucket list book

This is such a dream of mine. To ride bikes through Paris and picnic along the river with the Eiffel Tower in sight. With the endless variety of pastries, wine, and cheese, Paris does make for the perfect setting for a romantic picnic. Plus you could spend weeks in Paris with countless other things to do.

7. See the stars in the Wadi Rum Desert

couple travel bucket list couple bucket list

There is nothing more romantic than camping under the stars with your loved one. If you want to go all out, check out the insane desert of Wadi Rum in Jordan. This vast desert is perfect for stargazing as there is essentially no light pollution. It truly felt unreal looking up at such a clear night sky.

> Check out these perfect for stargazing accommodations in Wadi Rum

8. Admire one of the World Wonders

travel bucket list for couples ultimate couple bucket list

With 7 World Wonders out there, it’s hard to not want to see one of them. For us, we want to see all of them because they are all really miraculous. Pick one and plan a trip around it. Peru has tons more than just Machu Picchu, as does Brazil, Mexico, Italy, Jordan, India, and China! You really can’t go wrong with any of them.

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9. Eat Gelato in Italy

2021 couple bucket list 2022 couple bucket list

As it turns out, gelato is my favorite dessert (maybe my favorite food) in the whole dang world. And the gelato in Italy is beyond your wildest dreams. If you are planning on traveling, might I recommend a wonderful and delicious way to travel? Just eat your way through Italy and you will be a full and happy camper.

10. Visit a new country

love travelling quotes

Most of these recommendations recommend a trip to a different country, but making a plan together to travel somewhere completely new is fun. Be sure to choose a place that neither of you have been to before so all your experiences will be new together!

11. Learn to surf in Costa Rica

wanderlust couple travel quotes 100 couple bucket list

Traveling to a new country is always an adventure but planning to learn a whole new skill together is even more adventurous. If you are going to learn to surf, you might as well do it somewhere as beautiful and perfect for surfing as Costa Rica.

12. Sleep in an overwater bungalow

One of our long-term travel couple goals is to stay in an overwater bungalow. Although these became popular in the Maldives, they have started to pop up all over the world, like Fiji, Tahiti, Jamaica and so much more!

13. Book a spontaneous trip

couple bucket list app bucket list for couples

We haven’t built up the courage to do this quite yet, but one day, I would love to book a spontaneous trip. You can’t exactly head to the airport and book the next available ticket, but you can book a flight online last minute and still get the same rush!

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14. Fly Business Class

couples summer bucket list 115 bucket list ideas for couples

It doesn’t get more sophisticated than flying business class to your next vacation. Although their prices run quite high, you can find ways to get them for much cheaper. Try booking or upgrading with credit card points or even tracking flight deals through Hopper or get notifications with FareDrop.

15. Quit your jobs and travel the world

bucket list for couples book relationship goals

This last one is the biggest kind of couple travel goal you can have together. You both quit your 9-5 jobs and just travel the world. If you want to travel for 6 months through Europe, see the world over the course of a year, or even make it open-ended and travel indefinitely like us. It’s fun and motivating to set goals like this and if you really want to make it happen you can.

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This post was all about 15 awesome couple travel goals for 2022! We can’t wait to hear some of your ideas!

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