4 Benefits of Using Instagram for Business as a Travel Creator

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Instagram has become increasingly more and more popular in the last decade and is now practically essential for any business. Today, we’ll talk about the benefits of using Instagram for business as a travel creator.

benefits of using instagram for business

Instagram is no longer just for sharing photos of your food or pets with friends. It has become an e-commerce hub and if you own a business, no matter the industry or products and services, you likely need to be on Instagram as your business.

As full-time travelers, we started The Passport Couple as a place to share our work. We want to outline all the ways it has helped us and the benefits of using Instagram for business specifically as a travel creator.

We’ll go over the benefits of using Instagram for business, why use Instagram for business, why is Instagram important for business, and more!

This post is all about the benefits of using Instagram for business for travel creators.

Benefits of Using Instagram for Business:

Grow a Community and Meet Friends

importance of instagram in digital marketing

This has been our all-time favorite part of growing our Instagram channel. It is such an amazing benefit of using Instagram for business because you are growing your group that stands by you and supports you through thick and thin. These are your die-hard fans. When you have questions or uncertainties you can reach out to this community (no matter the size) and people are going to be willing to help you. When you are ready to start a new venture (start a blog, make YouTube videos) your biggest fans will help support you. And when you are finally ready to sell a product this community will be there for you.

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We have met so many incredible people through Instagram and some of them are even going to be friends for life. We actually chat with them every single week and ended up spending a month with them when we had only planned on a few days!

Check out @SchoandJo on Instagram!

Help People

why use instagram for business

Everyone has unique perspectives and experiences especially when traveling. We always love hearing about our friends’ experiences when traveling. Instagram is no different. It is a space for us to share our perspectives and experience and help others with their travels. It also is a space for us to encourage others to live a life they want to live.

Find your own perspective and voice and share your story! People will want to hear it because most people are not traveling where you are traveling or as often! Whether you share itineraries, encouragement to live a life you want to live, travel tips, or money tips. There is so much you know that people want to know about.

Gain Opportunity for Unique Experiences

why is instagram important for business

This goes hand in hand with growing an awesome community. When you have a community on Instagram it acts as a giant group of friends. And sometimes friends may have some unique opportunities arise that they want to share with you.

One awesome example of this was from Kara and Nate @karaandnate. They are definitely a much larger community both on Instagram and YouTube. But they were able to reach out and ask what’s best to do in Indiana and they ended up getting pit passes to the winner of the Indy 500! It was such a unique and epic experience that never would have happened without their Instagram account and community.

Even though we are a much small account, we were still able to leverage this and get invited to a unique camping experience in the forests of Cambodia during our few months there.

Make Money

benefits of instagram for students

Last, but certainly not least, Instagram is a great opportunity to make money. And you do NOT need a large audience in order to be successful at making money online. With only 200 followers we were able to get a job with a cooking class in Siem Reap and a Jeep Tour through Angkor Wat. As we have grown now to around 3,000 followers, we are able to partner with hotels and tour companies as we travel.

With Instagram, there are plenty of ways to make money. Anything from creating content (videos and photos) for brands to promoting products on your channel to selling your own products (like presets or ebooks).

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This post was all about the benefits of Instagram for business as a travel creator. I hope you found these benefits relevant. Once you are set up on Instagram, be sure to give us a shout on DMs @thepassportcouple!

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