5 Must-Visit Bars in Kampot, Cambodia

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Kampot is a small, but amazing, city near the southern edge of Cambodia. It is home to many ex-pats and sought out by those exploring Cambodia. One surefire reason to visit is for the sunsets and cocktails and these are the best bars in Kampot, Cambodia.

bars in kampot

After a long day of exploring in Kampot, a nice laid-back drink is just what you need. These bars in Kampot are going to offer you the best cocktails in the area and are our must-tries. We love trying new drinks and local takes on the classics and these 9 bars are just perfect for that. 

This post is all about the best bars in Kampot. 

Best Bars in Kampot: 

1. Cafe Espresso Roastery

Kampot Pepper Bloody Mary at Cafe Espresso Roastery Espresso Martini at Cafe Espresso Roastery

It is hard to believe our favorite adult beverages were curated at Cafe Espresso Roastery in Kampot, seeing as their specialty is in the name, espresso. We cannot deny it, they crushed it on all levels: espresso, food, and cocktails.

Our goal was to get some work done and sip on some espresso. That all changed the moment we saw their Kampot Pepper Bloody Mary on the menu. We could not look the other away. Garnished with the most amazing piece of bacon we have ever had, half a pickle, a luscious tomato, and a piece of spicy lettuce, the drink was a meal. The drinks were deliciously spicy and infused with Kampot’s famous pepper. The best Bloody Mary we have ever had, hands down.

Another win for CER was their Espresso Martini. Before we knew CER existed, we tried an Espresso Martini at another well-reviewed bar. It was very good but quite sweet. When we were working for a second day at CER, we saw two Espresso martinis pass by us en route to another table. We both looked at each other, and without saying a word, knew we would be ordering one. This place has the best espresso we have ever had, surely the Espresso Martini would follow suit. We were 110% right, it was amazing, and hit the perfect balance of espresso notes.

Fortunately, they were closing otherwise who knows how many more we would have ordered. If you do have time for one more, we also recommend their Ginger Beer which is brewed in-house. Served with a beautiful frosty mug, with a twist of lime, it is a strong and refreshing drink.

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2. Sabay Beach

Espresso Martini at Sabay Beach Holy Smokes Cocktail at Sabay Beach

We were blown away by Saby Beach’s bar and restaurant. The food was brilliant, and every cocktail was crafted to perfection. We will never forget the breathtaking views and ordering their signature of signature cocktails, Holy Smokes. We had talked about ordering it for days and finally pulled the trigger late one evening. 

Typically we do not include the menu description, but they put a great deal of thought into it and it sets the tone for the drink. So here goes: It is time for you to be acquainted with a Smoke Bomb. Holy Smokes is a ballsy Old Fashioned served in a small bottle blessed by the sacred smokes of the Holy Ghost. Rye Whiskey, Bourbon, Cinnamon, Vanilla, secret bitters, and Bourbon barrel wood chip smoke. Here’s a monster coming your way, you ol’ dirty bastard

Let me tell you, we had very high hopes for this drink and even still, they surpassed them. When the drink arrived at our table, it was served on a black platter. The “small, blessed bottle” was corked and the cocktail glass was served upside down, billowing with smoke, the monster.”

The bartender swirled the cocktail bottle, which created a small cloud of smoke inside, turned the cocktail glass right side up, and started to pour the drink. It looked like the fog lifting off a pond in the morning.

When taking the first couple of sips, the smoke was still ever-present and the aromas were magical as the smoky old fashioned hit your taste buds for the first time. It called upon so many of your senses and made for such an immersive experience. Even after the smoke cleared, the smoky old fashion stood on its own as the best old fashion we have ever tried. 

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3. Aroma House

If you haven’t visited the Aroma House for their incredible food (kebabs and falafel), then we definitely recommend that you do, or just head over there for some incredible hospitality and great beverage selection.

They have a wonderful list of wines at reasonable prices, that pair very well with their delicious food. They also have a small selection of the ever-popular Kampot ciders (Strongbow, Magners, and Kampot), as well as the traditional Cambodian beer selection.

If none of that tickles your fancy, James, the owner, mixes some mean cocktails with the crowd favorites being the Espresso Martini, White Russian, and the Negroni. If James isn’t too busy, chat him up for a bit. He is absolutely hilarious and has a wealth of knowledge on Kampot, and just Cambodia in general. 

4. Twenty Three Bistro Kampot

Riels India Pale Ale & Fuzzy Logic Hard Lemonade at Twenty Three Bistro

The owner of the bar was great and took the time to walk us through his vast menu of craft beers, which he is clearly passionate about, as well as cocktail and wine options. We are suckers for craft beer so we knew we were in the right place when we saw his bar endlessly lined with bottles of craft beers, many of them brewed right in Cambodia.

The owner was truly an amazing host. He took so much time to ask what we liked in a beer and described the flavor profile of each beer he was recommending. Yet, there was no pressure. He concluded our information-packed conversation with, “but if you want an Angkor or Cambodian, beer (the least expensive beers you can buy in Cambodia), we have that too.” How could we pass up the amazing beers he described to us? We couldn’t.

I ordered a Riel Indian Pale Ale, and Alicia ordered the Fuzzy Logic Brewery Hard Lemonade. The IPA was butter smooth, and delicious, and the Hard Lemonade had a clean, crisp taste to it and was completely refreshing on another hot day in Cambodia.

What we didn’t get to try was his house wine, which he indicated was absolutely delicious. So if you are a wine lover as well, don’t hesitate to order a glass. Quite honestly, we wanted to sit in his bar all day and try recommendation after recommendation. Next time we are in Kampot, there will surely be a day where we do just that.

5. Catch a River Cruise

A sunset/firefly river cruise will run you around $5 per person. It typically comes with a free beer, but you can also negotiate two beers at that price. Alicia surprised me with this when we purchased the tickets. I had no idea.

When you board the boat, the downstairs is usually the bar area/dance floor. The top-level is where the best views are at. The first thing you will notice is the tables are on the ground along with a small pad for you to sit on. You see, the bridges you will be going under have about six inches of clearance. Therefore, it is important that you are very low to the ground. I kid you not, we literally had to lay down to go under them. It was hilarious and a ton of fun.

Once your free beers disappear, you can order more, or try out their cocktail menu. We had a Passion Fruit Cocktail which was huge and delicious and only $8. It was served in a glass pitcher and was accompanied by a small, empty glass pitcher, and two small shooter glasses. The order of the pour goes big pitcher to small pitcher to shooter glass. If you skip a step, you will spill it all over the place….enter Nate here. It was a disaster but made for a good laugh.

They also have food on the cruises. We had some chicken fried rice for about $3 and it was honestly very tasty. It was a great time and at the end of the night, it only cost us a total of $24 for everything. We would have gladly paid that just to cruise on the river for those 2 hours. 

This post is all about the best bars in Kampot. 

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