Long Term Travel Packing List

long term travel packing list

free download If you are planning to travel for an extended period of time, even planning to travel for a year or full-time, this long term travel packing list is for you! Our Email Subscribers get exclusive access to this free long term travel packing list and more! By signing up for our weekly newsletter, […]

10 Practical Tips Guaranteed to Help You Save Money for Travel

how to save money for travel

Everyone dreams of laying on the beaches of the Maldives or 4x4ing through the jungles of Costa Rica. Whatever your travel dreams are, you can make them happen. These are 10 tips to help you save money for travel. We know travel is not cheap. In fact right now, travel is rather expensive. But no […]

5 Best Bank Accounts For Travel to Save You Money

best bank accounts for travel

There are tons of options for banking out there and these 5 are some of the best bank accounts for travel to save you money. Banking while traveling is so different than banking while at home. These bank accounts cover all the bases to ensure you have the best banking experience even while halfway around […]

15 Helpful Long Term Travel Tips for Beginners

long term travel tips for beginners

If you are thinking about traveling long term, you need to first see these 15 long term travel tips for beginners. We have been traveling full-time for the last two years and have learned a ton. When we first started traveling, we had absolutely no experience. After lots of trials and tribulations, we have a […]

Top 10 Things to Do in Panama City, Panama

things to do in panama city panama

Panama City is a huge hub of tourism in Central America and a beautiful city with so much to do. These are the top 10 things to do in Panama City, Panama (plus 2 bonuses!). We spent a few weeks in Panama City when visiting and fell in love with the charm of Casco Viejo, […]

The Best Travel Credit Card Benefits for Long Term Travel

travel credit card benefits

If you are looking to get a new travel credit card for long term travel, be sure to look for all the best travel credit card benefits on your card! When we first started traveling, it was hard to know what benefits would actually come in handy. We didn’t really know what to look for […]

3 Gorgeous El Salvador Black Sand Beaches You Have to Visit

el salvador beach

El Salvador may not be on your radar for a gorgeous beach vacation, but it should be. These are 3 gorgeous El Salvador black sand beaches you have to visit. We honestly didn’t know what to expect when visiting El Salvador. We knew it was a world-class surfing destination and that was about it. It […]

17 Incredible Cartagena Things To Do For the Perfect Trip

cartagena things to do

If you are planning a trip to Colombia, Cartagena should definitely be on your list! These are the 17 best Cartagena things to do for your stay in this beachy, colonial town on the Caribbean coast.  After being in Colombia for nearly two months, we finally made our way to Cartagena, the beachside gem of […]

Best Travel Credit Cards for Long Term Travel

travel credit cards

These are the best travel credit cards for long-term travel to ensure you earn as many points and benefits as possible! After traveling full-time for the last 2 years, we have fine-tuned what credit cards work the best for us. These three cards are the perfect match for anyone looking at long-term travel. They will […]

8 Best Hilton Diamond Status Benefits

Hilton Diamond Status Benefits

There are so many awesome Hilton Diamond status benefits and we’re going over all of the best ones! We have both been Hilton Honors Diamond members for the past 4 years and always try to take full advantage of all the benefits that come with Hilton Honors Diamond status. We’ll cover the best Hilton Diamond […]

10 Things You Should Know About Long Term Travel

long term travel

If you are thinking about long-term travel (6 months or more), then these are the top 10 things you should know about long term travel before starting! Long term travel is one of those dreams that so many have at some point. If you are looking to make it a reality, it is possible! But […]

8 Easy Tips to Save Money for Travel this Year

tips to save money for travel

Travel should be on everyone’s bucket list and in order to do more of it, you need to save money for travel. These are our 7 easiest tips to save money for travel this year. After working in 9-5 jobs and rarely seeing each other, we decided we needed a change. Saving money for travel […]

Notion Travel Journal Template

Notion Travel Journal

free download Start documenting your travels in your favorite organization app, Notion with this free Notion Travel Journal! This template is fully customizable and can include anything you want to document like the weather, new experiences, and the small things that happen that you won’t easily remember! Our Email Subscribers get exclusive access to this […]

15 Awesome Couple Travel Goals for 2022

couple travel goals

A new year is upon us and it’s the perfect time to start thinking about all your goals! For us, it’s always our travel goals and this post will cover all of our favorite couple travel goals for 2022! It has been a long and hard few years with travel becoming first non-existent and then […]

8 Best Route 66 Attractions New Mexico

route 66 attractions new mexico

You’ll find some of the perfect Route 66 stops here in New Mexico. These are the 8 best Route 66 attractions New Mexico. New Mexico has some awesome stops as you travel along Route 66. Whether you are coming from Chicago or from Santa Monica it has some great places to stay the night and […]