This is How We Afford to Travel the World Full-Time

afford to travel the world

Before we started this adventure, we were constantly asking ourselves “how do people travel so much?” We’ve since made that a reality and this is how we afford to travel the world full-time (spoiler alert: you can too!).  Nate and I have traveled full-time with no home base for 3 full years. We have been able to […]

35 Top Questions to Ask When Renting an Apartment Abroad

35 moving abroad questions

free download We’ve gone through the long and overwhelming process of renting an apartment abroad. We asked hundreds of questions and these are the essentials. Download this FREE sheet of all the questions you need to ask before renting abroad! Our Email Subscribers get exclusive access to this free printable and more! By signing up […]

How Much Does it Cost to Visit the Vatican – One Day Trip

how much does it cost to visit the vatican

Vatican City is technically a city but also a country and worth a visit. It’s an easy day trip from Rome and we’ll answer: how much does it cost to visit the Vatican for one day? At only 0.44 square km (0.17 square miles), the Vatican City is the world’s smallest country. And it’s completely […]

We Moved Abroad Q+A

moving abroad q+a

We moved abroad! These are all the questions you sent in and we answered everything as detailed (and honestly) as we could!  We’ve been traveling full-time for the last 3 years. That’s three years of living out of a suitcase, having no home address, and finding a new grocery store every week. While travel is […]

One Week in Mexico City – Cost + Itinerary

one week mexico city

Traveling to Mexico City should be on everyone’s bucket list. There is so much to offer here from culture to food to history, one week in Mexico City is perfect to see it all!  We have visited Mexico before but knew that Mexico City was completely different. And we were right! It was amazing and […]

What a 2 Week South Korea Trip Cost

south korea trip cost

South Korea is a perfect destination for some amazing food, the sweetest people, tons of culture, and even some modern twists. This is what a 2 week South Korea trip cost us! We visited South Korea for over two weeks and loved our entire trip there. Even though, we did have a pretty unexpected blip […]

What our 2 Week Trip to Laos Cost

trip to laos cost

Laos is one of the most underrated countries in Southeast and we LOVE it! This is what our trip to Laos cost us with some helpful tips on how you can do the same. Our trip to Laos was 2 weeks long and we traveled to 3 of the major cities to explore. We’re going […]

Notion Pre-Travel Checklist

notion pre-travel checklist

free download This comprehensive and free Notion Pre-Travel Checklist is fully customizable! Keep all your to-do tasks in one place so you can leave for your next trip with peace of mind! Includes things to do anytime before your trip, 1-2 days before you leave, and if you have a home, a checklist before leaving home! Our […]

1 Month In Vietnam Cost

1 month in vietnam cost

If you are thinking of traveling to Vietnam, you need this information on what 1 month in Vietnam cost us. We spent an entire month in Vietnam and tracked all of our expenses (our favorite expenses tracking app). After one of our favorite trips in Southeast Asia, we thought we’d share exactly what it cost […]

Here’s Exactly How to Travel For a Year On Any Budget

how to travel for a year

If you have ever dreamed of traveling the world for an extended period of time, I am here to tell you it’s possible. You can travel the world for a year on any budget, and we’ll show you how. We’ve been traveling the world full-time for the last two and a half years. We have […]

Long Term Travel Pre-Trip Checklist

long term travel pre-trip checklist

free download This comprehensive and free Long-Term Travel Pre-Trip Checklist has everything you need to do before you set out on your travels. We know exactly what’s important and what’s not, so let’s get started! Our Email Subscribers get exclusive access to this free template and more! By signing up for our weekly newsletter, you will get […]

Long Term Travel Packing List

long term travel packing list

free download If you are planning to travel for an extended period of time, even planning to travel for a year or full-time, this long term travel packing list is for you! Our Email Subscribers get exclusive access to this free long term travel packing list and more! By signing up for our weekly newsletter, […]

10 Practical Tips Guaranteed to Help You Save Money for Travel

how to save money for travel

Everyone dreams of laying on the beaches of the Maldives or 4x4ing through the jungles of Costa Rica. Whatever your travel dreams are, you can make them happen. These are 10 tips to help you save money for travel. We know travel is not cheap. In fact right now, travel is rather expensive. But no […]

5 Best Bank Accounts For Travel to Save You Money

best bank accounts for travel

There are tons of options for banking out there and these are some of the best bank accounts for travel to save you money. Banking while traveling is so different than banking while at home. These bank accounts cover all the bases to ensure you have the best banking experience even while halfway around the […]

15 Helpful Long Term Travel Tips for Beginners

long term travel tips for beginners

If you are thinking about traveling long term, you need to first see these 15 long term travel tips for beginners. We have been traveling full-time for the last two years and have learned a ton. When we first started traveling, we had absolutely no experience. After lots of trials and tribulations, we have a […]

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