The Most Unforgettable Tulum Jungle Tour

tulum jungle tour

As time has gone on, Alicia and I have realized we love to incorporate adventure into our travels. We have tried our hand at zip lining, ATV rides, and more. With that said, never have we ever had so much action packed into one day until we took a tour with Edventure Tours. The Xtreme […]

Private Tours Tulum | This Is The Best Private Cenote Tour in Tulum

private tours tulum

Tulum is an extremely popular destination in Mexico and during the COVID era of travel, it is becoming more and more clear that private tours are the new way of travel. This is one of the best private cenote tours Tulum.  If you are traveling to Mexico anytime soon, we highly recommend Tulum and checking […]

Working Out While Traveling | 15 Easy Ways to Workout While On Vacation

working out while traveling

Trying to stay in shape is a challenge when you are in the comfort of your city and home. I promise you, it doesn’t get any easier on the road, but there are ways to set yourself up for success. Below you will find our tried and tested ways to make sure you stay in shape while traveling.

13 Hacks You Need to Know Before Visiting Angkor Wat

visiting angkor wat

Visiting the largest religious monument in the world and not sure where to start? Us too! That’s why after our trip, we decided to make a guide of the hacks you need to know before visiting Angkor Wat.  Visiting Angkor Wat is definitely a bucket list experience for many and should be for you too! […]

How To Take Photos At Angkor Wat | 5 Insider Tips to Save You Time and Frustration

how to take photos at ankor wat

Visiting Angkor Wat is definitely an experience you are going to want to remember. This is how to take photos at Angkor Wat.  Since Angkor Wat is an extremely popular historical and active religious site, there are some rules that need to be followed when taking photos. We love recording our memories through pictures but […]

Pandemic Stories | 5 Reasons We Stayed Abroad During a Worldwide Pandemic

pandemic stories

The Coronavirus pandemic hit the world pretty hard. We had just started our world-wide adventure and we had to make a tough decision. This is one of many pandemic stories and why we stayed in abroad in Cambodia during the worldwide pandemic in 2020. After only 5 weeks of full-time travel and almost everyone else […]

5 Best Options for the Easiest Transportation from Airport

transportation from airport

Booking a trip comes with a lot of planning: where to stay, what to do, and when to go. One thing I always seem to overlook until the night before is planning our transportation from the airport to the hotel! We gathered our best tips together to ensure you can make the best choice for your trip, even if it is the night before.