1 Month Europe Trip Cost Breakdown for Two People – Our Actual Expenses

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Discover the detailed breakdown of 1 month Europe trip cost for two people, including flights, accommodations, food, transportation, and activities, to help you plan your own European adventure.

1 month europe trip cost

In this blog post, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown of our actual expenses during our own one-month Europe trip. From flights to accommodations, food to transportation, activities to personal expenses, we’ll cover it all. Whether you’re a budget traveler or looking to splurge on certain experiences, our insights and tips will help you plan your own European adventure. So let’s dive in and discover the cost breakdown of a one-month Europe trip for two people!

We’ll cover our 1 month Europe trip cost, a 1 month Europe trip itinerary, the cheapest time to travel Europe, and more!

As a quick note, we are not backpackers. We rarely stay in hostels and are very cautious with street food. We like to save money where we can, but we certainly spend it on what is important to us.

This is not representative of what you will spend on a one-month European trip, even if you visit the same destinations for the same period of time or season. This is merely an overview of what we spent and some of our tips and reasons for the amounts. Please use it as a guide to your future month-long trip to Europe!

All prices listed are the total for two people, including any additional taxes and fees, unless otherwise noted.

This post is all about what our 1 month Europe trip cost.

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1 Month Europe Trip Itinerary

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cheapest time to travel europe

Our one-month trip to Europe was an amazing journey. We explored four countries – Spain, Italy, Czechia, and France – and immersed ourselves in their cultures, cuisines, and sights.

In Spain, we spent a week in Madrid and Barcelona. We admired the architecture, visited famous sights like La Sagrada Familia, and enjoyed delicious tapas and sangria.

Next, we headed to Italy for two weeks. We marveled at Rome’s ancient ruins and indulged in pizza and gelato. We went off the beaten path to Anguillara and enjoyed the beautiful lake and scenery. We traveled through Tuscany, Florence, and Milan. Cinque Terra was probably our favorite, with its colorful homes and perfect seaside sunsets.

Our trip ended with a week in Czechia and France. We explored Prague’s Gothic architecture and history for the first half of the week. Then, we spent our last four days in Paris, France. We wandered through the city, visited museums and galleries, and tried local delicacies.

Week 1: Spain

Madrid – 4 nights

Barcelona – 3 nights

Week 2 + 3: Italy

Rome – 4 nights

Anguillara – 2 nights

Tuscany – 2 nights

Florence – 3 nights

Cinque Terra – 2 nights

Milan – 2 nights

Week 4: Czechia + Paris

Prague – 3 nights

Paris – 4 nights

Total: 29 Nights & 30 Days

Cheapest time to travel Europe

1 month europe trip cost 2024
3 month europe trip budget

The high season for Europe is absolutely gorgeous but 100%+ crowded and expensive. If you are looking to travel through Europe and not spend an arm and a leg, I would recommend going during the off-season. It’s busiest through the summer from June – September. We personally visited in late October through early November. It was a bit chillier but still so pretty and so much less crowded! You could also try visiting in early spring to avoid the crowds and have higher hopes for warmer weather and more greenery. 

dive into each country's expenses

1 Month Europe Trip cost

Flights to/from Europe

Total: $1,025 round trip

Average: $512 per person round trip

We have traveled to Europe several times, and the prices for our flights have significantly varied depending on the time of year, destination, and airline. Typically, we opt for budget airlines and do not pay for upgrades or additional services such as meals or seat selection. Based on our experience, the top hubs to fly into from the US are London, Amsterdam, Rome, Madrid, and Paris.

For this particular trip, we flew from Los Angeles to London and then took a short connecting flight to Madrid, which cost $675 for two people. On the return trip, we flew directly from Paris, France, back to Los Angeles, which cost $350 for two people. These prices include any additional baggage, taxes, and fees.

Entry Fees

Total: $0

When we visited Europe, we didn’t need a visa or any other entry requirements. However, it’s important to note that these requirements can change frequently, so make sure to check the specific requirements based on your country of residence. As US citizens, we are allowed to stay in the Schengen Area for up to 90 days within any 180-day period. Therefore, a one-month trip through Europe is perfectly fine!


3 month europe trip itinerary
1 month backpacking europe itinerary

Total: $1,800

Average: $62 per day

  • Spain: $57 per day
  • Italy: $65 per day
  • Czechia: $82 per day
  • France: $80 per day
On average, we spent only $62 per day. We always booked private rooms with private bathrooms (if we could), which was easy to find on a budget during the off-season. All of these accommodations were well-reviewed hotels or Airbnbs, and we were perfectly happy with them. We picked clean places in a good area (either walkable or close to transportation and safe) and again, only if they had good reviews (super important). Now, our places weren’t always the most luxurious. The ones in Spain barely had windows but their locations were spectacular and we barely even spent any time in the room. 


Food & Drink

2 week europe trip itinerary
1 month europe trip cost reddit

Total: $2,000

Average: $66 per day

Average: $33 per person per day

Average per meal: $13-18 per person for dining out (including drinks and service charges)

  • $500 – Spain 7 days ($62 per day)
  • $1,100 – Italy 15 days ($75 per day)
  • $200 – Czechia 3 days ($66 per day)
  • $200 – Paris 4 days ($50 per day)

Overall, food in Europe is quite affordable. Italy stood out as the least expensive country. Regardless of your destination, you can find good places to eat for around $12-$17 per entree, even in nicer restaurants. On travel days, we often prioritize convenience over cost, so our expenses may be slightly higher than necessary. To save money, it’s best to eat where the locals eat and avoid restaurants with menus translated into multiple languages and photos of every meal.

One of our favorite meals in Europe is a simple combination of deli meat (salami or ham), cheese, and crackers or bread. You can also add olives or pickles and enjoy it with a bottle of wine. Surprisingly, this entire meal will cost you less than $10, and you can enjoy it anywhere, such as having a summer picnic under the Eiffel Tower or in your hotel bed as you try to recover from jet lag at 3:00 am. 

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Total: $1,210

Average: $41 per day

First, let’s discuss transportation between each destination, as it will account for the majority of transportation costs during this one-month European trip. Europe offers numerous options for traveling between cities and countries, thanks to its extensive train network, short distances, and the EU’s cross-border policies. Below, you will find the method, route, and cost of traveling to each city, while carrying all our luggage (2 carry-on size bags + 2 camera backpacks).

Intercity Travel

Average in the cities: $13 per day

When traveling within the cities, we relied heavily on public transportation. The public transportation systems in these countries were excellent and served as our primary mode of transportation. A short ride would typically cost around a dollar or two, while longer rides, such as from the airport to the city center, would cost closer to $15-$20 per person. Rather than purchasing cards, we often used our contactless credit cards at the turnstiles. However, there were a few instances when we needed transportation outside of the public transportation operating hours to opt for ride-sharing services or taxis. Uber was available in most places, and in Spain, we could use Cabify.

In Italy, we rented a car to explore off-the-beaten paths, such as visiting the lakeside town of Anguillara and a Tuscan farmhouse. However, renting a car turned out to be more expensive than anticipated due to the high price of gas (or petrol) in Europe. Additionally, there were tolls on most roads and highways. We selected the “avoid tolls” on most routes since the drive was prettier, but it’s often unavoidable. 


cost of trip to europe for family of 4
1 month europe trip itinerary

Total: $380

During our one-month Europe trip, we managed to keep most of our activities within a reasonable budget. Fortunately, many of the things we did were either free or fairly low-cost. However, there were a few notable expenses that stood out.

One of the highlights of our trip was attending a Barça game at Camp Nou in Barcelona. It was an unforgettable experience, but it did come with a price tag. We spent a total of $165 for two tickets to the game (not including transportation and food and beverage).

We also visited a few paid museums. We saw the famous sculpture of David in Florence for $45 and the Vatican’s many museums for $45, including the Sistine Chapel. Lastly, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to explore the iconic Colosseum and Roman Forum in Rome. The combined entry fee for both attractions was $45 for two people.

While these were our biggest expenses, it’s important to note that there were many other activities and attractions that we enjoyed throughout our trip that were either free or had minimal cost. Overall, we managed to have an incredible time in Europe without breaking the bank.

Top Activities for You


europe trip cost calculator

Total: $535

We visited Europe close to Christmas, allowing us to buy Christmas gifts for many of our friends and family during our trip. We were slightly unprepared for the cold weather and ended up purchasing a few warmer items along the way. As you will be traveling for a month, it’s important to consider things like toiletries, which may need to be replenished during your trip, especially if you are using travel-sized bottles. Additionally, don’t forget that you can always refill your toiletries at hotels.

We also included our laundry in this section. Since we were traveling with carry-ons for one month, we did need to do laundry a few times. We booked accommodations with laundry in-unit when we could, but we did have to go to a laundry mat three times. In total, it cost us around $55 for the month.

SIM Card

Total: $25

We highly recommend getting an e-SIM through Airalo. This allows you to purchase and set up the SIM card before you even visit the country, meaning you can have data when you land. You can choose the plan that’s right for you based on data usage and wherre you are traveling. Plus, you can top up at anytime. 

Alternatively, Vodafone offers a plan that includes data and a local phone number ($20), along with a SIM card ($5). This plan allows for usage throughout the European Union and includes some roaming outside of the EU (such as Switzerland or UK). To activate this plan, you must visit a physical store and take out your current SIM card (iPhones only have one SIM Card slot). 

Travel Insurance

Total: $90

Average: $45 per person (per month)

Every trip we go on, we always be sure to book travel insurance. And we always recommend it to our friends and family. That’s why we recommend you to protect yourself with SafetyWing. We rely on Safetywing to provide comprehensive coverage for all aspects of our trip. One of the key features of Safetywing is its trip insurance coverage. This ensures that we are financially protected in the event of travel delays, lost luggage, or trip cancellations. Additionally, Safetywing offers coverage for any injuries or accidents that may occur during our trip.

For a weekend getaway or a long-term adventure, SafetyWing has you covered. They cover medical accidents, lost luggage, emergency response, and natural disasters. AND it’s affordable!

Total 1 Month Europe Trip cost:

Total: $5,640

Average: $188 per day

Average: $94 per person per day

Total with flights: $6,700

For a one-month trip through Europe for two people, visiting ten different iconic European cities, the price was reasonable. If you compare it to the cost of living a normal life for one month while working a 9-5 job in the US, you are likely spending around the same amount per household anyway! We certainly were before embarking on our travels.

1 month europe trip cost

Our Total:

$5,640 for 2 people

Daily Total:

$188 per day for 2 people 

or $94 per person per day

Value for Money:

Tips to Save Money on 1 Month Europe Trip:

Although this price is not too high for one month of travel, there are certainly some ways to make it even cheaper.

  • Pick more affordable locations
    • Paris is certainly not the most budget-friendly option. If you still want to visit France, you could consider Bordeaux or Montpellier as alternatives. Eastern Europe also offers some stunning options, such as Albania or Croatia, at a much more affordable cost.
  • Travel slower
    • This itinerary involves a significant amount of movement. On average, you are changing hotels every 3 days. Traveling at a slower pace can help reduce costs. Transportation is typically the biggest expense, so reducing it would be very beneficial for your budget. Additionally, staying for longer periods often results in lower nightly rates for accommodations.
  • Take public transportation
    • While we enjoyed our stops in small towns in Italy with our rental car, we could have easily taken trains throughout the country and still visited some great destinations. If you can avoid ride shares, airport transfers, and rental cars, you’ll be able to save a lot of money.
  • Stay outside the city center
    • For most of these destinations, staying closer to the city center or touristy areas will generally be more expensive. However, if you are looking to save money, opting for accommodations outside the city center can help you cut costs while still benefiting from excellent public transportation options.

This post was all about what our 1 month Europe trip cost. We hope you enjoy your Europe trip to the fullest!

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